A Champion Knows When To…..

lebron.jpgA champion knows when to pass, when to shoot, when to sit back and when to just flat out take charge. I was watching the NBA Finals several weeks ago and realized that’s what separates Lebron James from the Michael Jordan’s and Magic Johnson’s. Don’t get me wrong I think Lebron James is a stud kid and can be the next Michael Jordan. Lebron does a great job of engaging his team mates and passing the ball very similar to Magic Johnson and he’s has shown signs of flat out dominance, especially when he scored that last 25 points for the Cavs in an earlier playoff victory. The reason Lebron is not a champion and the Cavs did not compete in the finals, is because he does not know when to just flat out take over, and that’s one thing Michael Jordan did know how to do. This applies to organizational leadership as well, we must know when to shoot (make a decision), when to pass (delegate), when to sit back (allow employees to develop) and when to take charge (cast vision and take the organization where it needs to be). If we want to be champions in our particular roles, we have to¬†Know When To…….

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