Transformers “Good & Evil"

transformers.jpgMy wife and I took our two boys to see Transformers this past weekend.  It was definitely not what I expected, however I was pleasantly surprised.  What I expected to be a animated movie or cartoon turned out to be an amazing action filled battle of good vs. evil and a classic love story all rolled into one.  You had the Transformers the “Good Guys” and the Decepticons “The Bad Guys” battling.  I thought that there was some cool irony as it related to the evil Decepticons and how they were very similar to the clever, crafty, deceptive and dangerous nature of the “Master of Deception” Satan himself.  I am certain that if you decide to see this movie, you will enjoy the rich imagery, action and life metaphors that can be extracted from the story.  As a matter of fact, I am going to go and see it again, by myself, just for life application sake.  Oh, did I mention that the nerdy kid ended up with the hot girl.

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