The Annoying Cell Phone Person

cell-phone.jpgIt is extremely annoying to hear someone’s cell phone ring during a church experience, the movies, a formal speaking engagement, weddings …….. Come on; just turn the thing to vibrate or silent. More importantly just turn it on vibrate all of the time, because no one really cares about those goofy ring tones except for you. Your phone is generally in your pocket, your purse or on your hip, so vibrate really makes sense. The really annoying ring, is that ring that gets louder and louder and louder and louder. Here is the funny thing about “The Annoying Cell Phone Person,” they prompt those of us who have some decency to check our phones even though we always have ours on silent or vibrate. Next time someone’s phone rings in church or the movies watch everyone else check theirs. In the spirit of love please check yourself, your spouse, friends and co-workers and encourage them not to be “The Annoying Cell Phone Person.”

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