Friday Drive-by (5)

Let me shoot you some random bullets!, NW Oklahoma City Campus

  • We are hosting “The Big Show” tonight which is an event to honor our volunteers, we could not do what we do w/out them!
  • Last week of Supernatural looking at Angels
  • God is really blessing our campus w/ some serious growth


  • Alabama needs to beat LSU
  • OSU needs to beat Texas
  • ASU needs to beat Oregon
  • OU will beat Texas A&M and Coach Fran will get fired
  • The Seattle Supersonics need to leave Seattle and land in Oklahoma City
  • I want to say the Colts will beat the Patriots it will be tough and it depends on whether Harrison plays 

Questions that make you go hmmmm!

  • When flying, why do we wake up from a good nap for a 1oz. snack and a 4oz. drink?
  • Why is it illegal to give homeless people food or money in Denver?
  • Why do ATM’s charge you a fee to get your money?


  • Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.  Winston Churchill
  • You see things and say ‘Why?’ but I dream things that never were; and say ‘Why Not?’  George Shaw
  • We should not live life or do things Just Because; instead we should live life and do things Because.  Scott Williams


  • Do you take your Bible with you to church?  Share your thoughts!

 Have a great weekend!

  • I definitly wake up for the snack and sip of diet coke…i don’t know why either.

    Denver wants the hopeless people to move away and go somewhere else. Dallas also has a similar policy. When they started it many homeless moved elsewhere.

    ATM’s are a bummer. I avoid them at all cost (unless I’m putting money in). Compass Bank is a chain with a unique policy…they reimburse other banks ATM fees. (And don’t build any of their own…they think it’s cheaper to provide the service of ability of using all ATM’s, without them having to build, buy, or upkeep their own…i like that).

    I like to take my Bible with me to church. Sometimes even if the words are the screen I’ll want to read what’s being shared in context, or the scripture might make me think of something else I want to look at. I’d rather have the accessibility to look at it then rather than forgetting or having it distract me for the rest of the message.

  • bible?…never leave home without it

  • Anna

    I think it’s interesting when Craig, pointedly says, before he starts each message, “For those of you who brought your Bibles, turn with me to…” I always feel a little guilty when he says that because I don’t ever have my Bible… I think I’ll start taking it with me into the auditorium… I always learn a lot when I read from my own set of scriptures…

    Some good thoughts, Scott… I think we had a good night tonight. I had fun!

  • OSU didn’t beat Texas. It still stings.

    No bible. Guess I’m just spoiled.

    ATM fees? You’re paying that $ for the convenience of not physically going into the building and annoying the bank teller. Saves them the annoyance and you the anguish of upsetting their day by entering the building in the first place.

  • Scott Williams

    RC- Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, there is definitely some intentionality for the cities w/ these types of policies. 🙁
    David- LOL
    Anna- I agree w/ you on the Bible! 🙁
    Gina- I agree w/ you and Anna on the Bible, defintely spoiled and need to change! Is it the curse of Bevo or what. I look for Gundy to go off again. 🙂

  • Hook ’em. They truly showed their Texas Longhorn greatness by coming from behind from yet another incredible deficit. What a team!!!

    Boston College lost if that helps 🙂

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