Size Does Matter!

size-matters.jpgContrary to what you may think, may have heard or often times might see; I am here to let you know that “Size Does Matter!”  That’s right I’m talking about the length of your….. Blog!  Okay, now that we have got all of the details out of the way; I am going to share some brutal facts:

  • If your blog is to long, few people will read it; especially me.

  • I will scan a blog and if it is to long, I will find something else to read.

  • There are some great bloggers, whom I have removed from my reader because their posts are always so long, “Bless their heart!”

  • If your posts are consistently brief, concise and to the point; you may earn the right for your readers to “Every once and a while,” read a longer post.

  • If my post is ever to long; feel free to read someone on my blogroll.

There are a lot of great blogs to read and a lot of work to be done; so please don’t write a dissertation.  In the spirit of Bill O’Reilly; keep it pithy.  BigIsTheNewSmall: the Bigger your blog becomes; the Smaller your posts should be. 

Are you turned off by long blog posts?  Do you struggle with keeping your posts pithy?  Any examples… share your thoughts!

  • JW

    I am turned off by consistently long blog posts. Now, I’m the first to admit that sometimes I get carried away on my site…trying to do better. I have actually taken some people out of my reader because their posts are too long. I think if a blogger has a long post that they want to put out there, then they should break it up and make a series out of it.

  • I’m trying to keep mine short even though I have so much to say!!! I’ve been doing series and continuations of certain themes. Although, those are probably too long, too 🙁

  • i am what i am.

    sometimes it’s short.

    sometimes it’s not.

    take it or leave it. 🙂

    i say that in all kindness.

    i am just kind of to the point today. 🙂

  • If it’s a good read, a long blog is awesome – it’s like a great book, you want more!! Bring ’em on!! Especially some of the blogs I’ve been lucky enough to find through Keri Austin’s blogroll; they are simply inspiring and often times, exACTly what I’ve been needing to hear!!

  • short is best

  • Scott Williams

    JW- I agree, we all like to rant sometimes. I try to have a limit on the page length in my word document.
    Cindy- You have been quite pithy the last two days. I’m finished! LOL 😉
    Anne- You have defined the whole earned the right of your readers. You could right a book or a sentence; we just like reading your stuff! I like the to the point!
    David- Yes, Yes, Yes!

  • There’s an interesting but scary connection you can make with Ego and size. (smirk)

    Actually, I think it’s more like this: Blathering on and on and on has to do with TOO MUCH ego, thinking that people will keep paying attention to You, as if you (or what you have to say) is/are all that important.

    The next question is whether or not post size has anything to do with Love. IF it has to do with ego, it almost Certainly impacts Love, as love requires Humility.

    I’ve blathered on enough for today.

  • Interestingly, Seth Godin recently had a “long” post, and though he’s earned my respect, I couldn’t make it through. In the context of reading blogs, I just can’t change my mind over to “feature-length novel”.

  • We try our best to keep our posts short-and-sweet, although sometimes they are neither.

    Worse than a long post – comments that go on-and-on-and-on…

  • I confess to the long blog at times. I’m learning that sometimes I can say the same thing typed on a billboard that I could in a chapter of a book. Jesus was great at getting to the point, wouldn’t you say. However, sometimes, I just go on and on. Still learning from my Master I suppose.

  • Oh my Gawwwd! I saw your title and thought, “Oh, know… he’s gone off the deep end!” Nice and catchy!

    I totally agree! I NEVER read long posts! I try to always keep mine short and to the point. Too many words are unnecessary!!

  • Scott Williams

    Greenup- You raise an interesting question about comments! What’s the thought, Chime in1 Seth has definitely earned the right to have long posts.
    Scott- On and on and on and on should be off!
    Natalie- Amen; thanks for the insight!
    Anna- Title is everything! Thanks for educating me on the spacing….

  • Another thing I’ve wondered about or wanted to try: a “folding” editor. The concept behind this is that it essentially turns your document into a table of contents, and you can expand or “unfold” chapters of interest.
    If you really have a lot to say, “hiding” some of the content for those who are really interested could be useful, and better than making a whole series of posts on a topic.

  • Shorter is better until you have earned a reader base that cries for more.
    Scott I love your blog, great content, bullet points, catchy, fun, & you could go a little longer, I think you have earn it!

  • actually….

    a blog post should be….

    as long as it’s good.


  • Scott Williams

    Greenup- I like that idea; my stuff is to random for anyone to want to read more.
    Clif- Thanks, I might just do a week of bullet points next week.
    Anne- I think your comment is either funny, sassy, uhhh….. “A blog post should be….As long as it’s good”, kinda like the Stephen Cole talent show picture that you commented on.

  • It takes more skill to write a long blog and keep your readers attention. So make it good or keep it short.

    By the way, does this give an alibi for those that never read the Bible cover-to-cover…? Hmmm…

  • Oh! I’m so on board with this. Thank you, Scott, for encouraging the simple. Get to the point, then get out of the way.

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  • It depends.

    Good point Pastor Chilly.

  • Scott Williams

    Chilly- I agree that it takes more skill; you have to earn the right for most people to check out your skilz…. bow-hunting, nunchuck… Alibi LOL
    Gina- Amen
    SolShine- It depends on your readers and your skilz. I personally feel that Pithy is better! Thanks for the comment!

  • jimmy paravane

    I hate to disagree..oh, who am I kidding? If people are invested in you, they like constant updating of short posts. If they’re invested in your content, they probably want more of it. Different strokes and all that.

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