The First Black President

obama.jpgThere are several things that people say you shouldn’t talk about and I am going to talk about all three of them: Race, Politics and Religion.  These subjects can get kinda’ sticky, because people are just uncomfortable going there.  I have friends in the blogsphere who have been obliterated for appearing to support particular causes or candidates….   This can be a slippery slope especially as a pastor and leader of a congregation.  Okay blah blah blah, disclaimer, disclaimer. 

I’ll share some of my brief history and political experience because I know that God used those seasons to prepare me for what I’m doing today.  I have been a lobbyist, political activist, national political delegate, advisor to gubernatorial candidate, political consultant…….  In other words “Been there, done that!” 

You can mark it down on your calendar and take it to the bank; Barack Obama will be the next President and First Black President.  I don’t want you to get confused and think that I am supporting Obama; as a matter of fact, as of right now I will tell you straight-up that I am not voting for him.  I could have several series of posts about “Why Not”; however that’s not my agenda, purpose or season.  Here are the “Obama” momentum facts:

  • Obama spanks Hillary in Iowa
  • Bush, Gore and Kerry all won the Iowa Caucuses
  • According to polls, a large percent of the U.S. is Anti-Bush and ready for change
  • Republicans don’t have a chance this election, due to Anti-Bush sentiment
  • Obama attracts a broad demographic of voters
  • He’s talking moderation red state/blue state, republican/democrat
  • He has the sexy, Hollywood, articulate and minority factor…
  • He’s got the “O-Factor”, that would be Oprah

If you want to see part of Obama’s victory speech, you can see it here. Wow, I didn’t think the day would come this soon; in which I would say that we will have a Black President.  Not only will we have a Black President; I won’t be voting for him. 

Are we going to have The First Black President?  Share your thoughts!  Wow that’s a loaded question!  If you don’t want to go there; simply comment “No Thanks!”

  • I figure we will have our first black president and I think it’ll really change things…some for the better, some not. But I don’t think that’s because of his skin color. I think it’s because he’s 180 degrees different than Bush. I don’t care about the color of his skin…I just don’t agree with all of his beliefs and the things he lobbies for.

    Oh well. I survived Clinton for 8 years 🙂 Maybe our interest rates will get better with him, lol.

  • Thanks so much, Scott, for sharing your thoughts and talking about the ‘unmentionables’. 🙂 I completely agree with you and all the above comments. I probably won’t vote for him either, but guess we just have to trust God’s plan, even though it makes me anxious about our country’s future.
    I had know idea about your political background – I’d love to hear stories sometime!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. 🙂

  • Scott – thanks for being bold here. I don’t think it will hurt your readership! (Is that a word?)

    I’m hoping you’re wrong here (even though I hear that you are “all-knowing”. Again, not because he is black, but because he says he is a moderate, yet his belief system yells “radical liberalist”.

    I’m still holding out hope!

  • Obama is impressive. I’m not too sure that anti-Bush sentiment would have as much sway in the upcoming election as some people think. Despite people not liking what Bush does, there are still tons of people who’d rather elect a conservative who will stop illegal immigration, stop abortion, reduce gov’t, end income tax, etc. The change that Obama and Clinton propose is superficial and the general election will expose that.

  • tony

    Oh Scott – don’t throw the American public to the wolves just yet! Three months ago I would have said that no one could beat Hillary, one month ago I changed my mind.

    I’m not giving up on having a republican pres. elected and I hope other Christians won’t either. We need to campaign, campaign, campaign for our next pres. so we have a chance of getting the best available and protect our freedon of religion in the US.

  • It’s funny how a lot of Christians are more concerned about who the next president will be than kids going to bed hungry or the low self-esteem of teens in our country.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am interested in our political process.
    I just feel like we wait on voter results to determine what direction our lives will go to.

    Let the church be the church!!

  • Scott, I think are you are probably correct. However, Hillary has a TON of cash, and the Clinton machine has already started. Also, there is a good chance that Clinton can once again be the ‘Comeback Kid’….taking New Hampshire. Wow, this is fun. My rookie opinion is Obama will beat any Republican…but Edwards and HIllary will struggle, and would not pull the swing voters.

    I too do not agree completely with Obama, but I do not agree completely with any of the candidates. However Obama is very inspiring, visionary and a very easy guy to follow. There is something inside of me that loves seeing America support a black President…that is a great thing for sure. I am loving this time of year, and the next 4 weeks will be a blast!

  • no thanks!

  • Scott Williams

    Cindy- Don’t count on the interest rates. 🙂
    Libby- We will have to chat!
    Robin- Amen, I always enjoy your thoughts! As of this morning it looks lik,e it might be helping readership. LOL
    ScottM- Tell us how you really feel.
    Tony- I know, it is still early; however this is rare. Hillary brought the women out the only problem is Obama got their votes. Women are intersted in this election in record #’s.
    David- There is a balance; I think we need to be educated, not just wait.
    Storch- I agree with you about it being great to see Americans support a Black candidate; not only support, but they are fired up. Hillary is done and Obama is inspiring. He just doesn’t inspire me! 🙂 This is definitely going to be a crazy election! Thanks for the comment!
    Patrick- I feel you bro. 🙂

  • Great Post. I am definitely a little more worried about him than before. I didn’t discount him, but the Clinton machine is quite powerful. Needless to say, the most important thing I saw last night were young voters showing up in great numbers. They didn’t vote the way I would hope for, but this is a great day for the church to see I think. We need young people from 18-30 to feel a voice in our churches. That was the victory I took with me from last night.

  • Scott,

    I’ve worked with you long enough to know that if you say something is going to happen… it probably will… enough said. (“I’m all knowing, Anna… when are you going to figure that out.”)

  • Gore and Kerry won Iowa… how did that turn out for them?

    American’s are sick of Bush… is he running again?

    Mark it down: There’s no chance Obama gets elected.

  • Of course, technically, Obama is just as “white” as he is “black.”

    Okay, I’m done!

  • I’m not sure that God has completely lifted his hand off of America… nor do I think our nation is as liberal as portrayed by the media. Morality, character and conviction still matters to most of us.

    America may not like Bush now, but remember, even when we were told the country hated him, it still reelected him. Bush may not be an eloquent speaker but he has done everything he said he would do. Or, at least, attempted to…

    Huckabee surprised a lot of people winning Iowa – IF God is truly with him, that advantage may truly be enough to still win in America.

    Black, white – male, female – we want God’s will. Let’s give God the credit He deserves…

  • Scott Williams

    Pastor Potter- Young people and women. He has attracted them all. Thnaks for the comment.
    Anna- LOL, We will see!
    Chris- If my memory serves me well both of those defeats of Gore and Kerry were nail biters. Bush’s approval rating was not as low during the last election. Bush isn’t running and he wasn’t running in 06′ when America spoke and the Republican Party lost a huge number of congressional seats. I hope you are right my friend, but don’t be surprised. Oh, and I didn’t even mention that oprah does have some clout; especially w/ women. She has never publicly supported a candidate.
    Patrick- grin
    Chilly- I definitely want God’s will the question is “Can the American populus, vote outside of his will?” Hmmmmm…. I agree w/ you about “W!”

  • I am really hoping that Sen. Obama is our next President and watching his win and that incredible speech he gave last night, I am feeling a little more than ‘hope’.
    I agree, things will change with the ‘first black president’ and some will be good, others bad. I feel that after 8 years of arrogance and secrecy in the White House, President Obama will bring a air of dignity to the office. not only here in the homeland, but internationally too.
    My one worry, there are alot of ignorant people out there that will be literally taking shots at Obama as he gets closer to the office, even more when he gets there. 1. he will need to chose his VP very carefully. 2. I know he is (read his book), but he will have to not only depend on the protection of the Secret Service, but the Hand of God as well.

    Viva la Obama!

  • i think i’m voting for him if he gets that far…i’m a registered red stater. i need to do more research on huckabee, as he is the only republican i might consider. i liken this to jackie robinson taking the field for the first time in the majors and ali being loved by white america. it is an incredible growth opportunity for america. of course i voted for jesse in the 88 primary when i thought he was legit. i have not voted democrat since clinton 92.

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  • Scott Williams

    John- He’s a great speaker, he relates well to people. He has a bit of an MLK flavor! One thing that I did like about him is speech he was talking about his wife and said “Give it up for Michelle Obama.” Wow! A president that says “let’s give it up” that’s cool.

    Michael- It will defintely be a significant moment in the World’s History; however bitter sweet for me! It will open doors, eyes, hearts….; maybe it will open the doors for a Watts/Obama in 2012! 😉 I’m just saying! 🙂

  • It’s about FRICKEN time we finally get the “white boy” out of the oval office and have some diversity. I say this because I am one of those “white boys” and it’s time for a change–PLEASE!. I don’t want to hear people’s mamsey pamsey responses such as, “I just want the best person for the job to be in office.” In a racialized society such as ours, we must be intentional about culture and leadership. Because of racism and “white privilage” – white men in particlar need to be intentional when it comes to issues such as culture/race/equality – because we do live in a racialized society, its set up for white men always to be in postions of power. I am voting for Obama! Scott, nice to meet you – Great Blog! Peace!!!

  • “Scott Williams refuses to vote for the first black president!” Can’t you just see the headline? (grin)
    I think it’s going to be an Obama/Edwards ticket, if not an Edwards/Obama ticket. Here’s a slogan for Obama; “A vote for Hillary is a vote for yer momma’s candidate, you momma’s boy!” What? It could work…
    The level of anxiety on here over a democratic candidate winning is almost as high as my anxiety over any republican candidate winning. Especially Huckabee! Just what we need, a smarter version of G.W. I can be snarky if I want! It’s politics. (grin)

  • Are we going to have a black president?

    It is entirely possible…

    I was really surprised by the support for Obama…honestly I didn’t think he had much of a chance…

    I was convinced if Colin Powell would run last election, we might have our first black president…

    I think it is scary to think about Obama’s presidency, but I am all for a black president…just not Obama… but who knows eh!

  • Scott Williams

    Jamey- I appreciate your boldness!
    Jimmy- You’re back, I always appreciate your comments.
    Avery- Colin would be great, I don’t think his wife is down w/ the whole first lady thing. You have to teach me that blockquote stuff. Do a line for line blockquote for dummies, I’ve tried several things w/ no success. 🙁

  • You have to teach me that blockquote stuff. Do a line for line blockquote for dummies, I’ve tried several things w/ no success.

    Scott e-mail me ( and I’ll give you the skinny…I don’t have your email address..

    It won’t work if I type the code on here…

  • Scott, I’ve got a personal question for you. Email me? (

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  • Not that any of you are saying this, but I don’t like thinking we’ll have a black president just because he’s black. That’s like voting for a woman to be president just because she is a woman. If they have the credetials, experience, and values that I want in a Pres. and happen to be black or a woman then they get my vote.

  • Scott Williams

    Natalie- I agree w/ you, I don’t think that you should vote for a presidential candidate for the color of their skin only; however I will have to admit Obama will get some votes for that reason alone, as Hillary will similarly get votes just because she is female. Thanks for the comment!

  • Scott-I agree with your previous comment, in that Obama will get votes just because he’s black and Hilary will get some votes just because she’s a woman (the opposite is also true…some won’t vote for either candidate because of their race or gender). Now, it’s not right but we all know it will happen. I have no idea who I’m going to vote for. I stated in a political post on my site that I’m more of an issues type of person.

  • I am in complete agreement, I think that Obama will definitely be our next president. And I also will not be voting for him, not because he is black but because he supports issues that I do not support. Truth be told, as I look over the other candidates I have no idea who I will be voting for right now but I am still looking at where everyone stands on certain issues.

  • Scott,

    Thanks for sticking your neck out like that… for real! THIS NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT! I think you’re correct… Obama will be our nation’s first black pres. For some, that’s a very liberating idea… for others, it’s a very scary one. But it’s time to face the facts… it is what it is.

    Honestly, I simply need to do better with keeping up with what’s going on… have NEVER been interested in politics, but as a pastor it’s something that I need to understand in order to intelligently converse with some people.

    Haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m voting for him… but, although I wouldn’t consider my ANTI-Bush, I’m definitely wanting change in a major way for our country!

    That change may be here before we know it…

  • oh man. i completely agree with you.

    not that i’m voting for Barak, but i think he’s gonna be in the seat when its all said & done.

  • Hopefully your Political Pics are as good as your BCS Football pics… 🙂

  • I’d say that’s a pretty bold assertion to make, especially at such an early stage of the campaign. Who knows what will happen between now and November? So, unless you’re omniscient, or have an inside track to some information that the rest of us don’t, I’m really curious to understand why you are so certain that Barak Obama will be the next US President.

  • Scott Williams

    JW- Thank you my man!
    Chris- There are a lot of people who feel like this election is wide open! Thanks for the comment, you are the Okie in the sunshine state!
    D-Plum- Thanks for the comment, I am personally glad that I am out of that season. “Politics that is”
    Mandy- You are wise for agreeing. 😉 Thanks for the comment and I enjoyed checking out your blog!
    Charles- Ouch! I’m ready for basketball season, my Sooners are looking pretty good.

    So, unless you’re omniscient, or have an inside track to some information that the rest of us don’t, I’m really curious to understand why you are so certain that Barak Obama will be the next US President.

    I have been called all knowing before; however I would say that it is a hypothesis supported with some really great trends, statistics…. Thanks for the comment, I look forward to checking out your blog! 🙂

  • I must admit, it would be pretty cool to have a black bi-racial president!

  • You know, I might just vote for a woman or a black man because they are a woman or a black man. The good ol’ boys club isn’t working anymore on a number of levels. Hillary has that insider-been-around-the-block thing though so other than gender, how much different would it be? Except for Bill redecorating the White House and planning receptions. Barak hasn’t been in Washington very long which I like. I haven’t been wowed by any Republicans. Maybe there’s a Libertarian I could get behind. Here’s what I want: common sense, good leadership skills, authenticity, hands off approach to governing. Anybody out there available?

  • I don’t know you Scott but I like your thinking.

  • Scott Williams

    Solshine- I agree it would be cool, just not him! 😉

    common sense, good leadership skills, authenticity, hands off approach to governing. Anybody out there available?

    sounds good, I would add a few more characteristics! Thanks for the comment!
    Yhonce- Thanks bro.!

  • “I don’t like thinking we’ll have a black president just because he’s black. That’s like voting for a woman to be president just because she is a woman. If they have the credetials, experience, and values that I want in a Pres. and happen to be black or a woman then they get my vote.” We do not live in a Mary Poppins, Seaseme Street, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood – When your “WHITE” you have the privilage (because we STILL live in a racialized society) to think that way, “let me vote for the “best man” type of thinking. I’m not trying to be harsh, but there needs to be a change in “white people’s) thinking when it comes to understanding racism/power/leadership.

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  • Steve K.

    I’ve got a difficult question … when is someone not considered “black” or African American?

    From wikipedia it says Obama writes this in his memoir: “That my father looked nothing like the people around me—that he was black as pitch, my mother white as milk—barely registered in my mind.” He grew up with his mother (who died in 1995) and around mostly white people. He hardly knew his father.

    Does it all come down to appearance, and nothing to do with genetics or heritage?

  • Scott Williams


    We do not live in a Mary Poppins, Seaseme Street, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood….LOL


    Steve- Does it all come down to appearance, and nothing to do with genetics or heritage?

    It can come down to all of the above, culture and the particular individual; however the “quote un quote” wrtitten/established rules in the U.S. are/were as follows:
    “one drop rule” if an individual has one drop of black blood, that individual is black. Also known as “traceable descent” “discernable rule” “traceable amount rule” “hypo-descent rule.” The Supreme Court Case “Plessy v. Ferguson” speaks to this as well.

    Thanks for the question and you are right it can be a difficult question!

  • Steve K

    Well, it’s been a while since I discussed Plessy v. Ferguson (it was a case decided in the late 19th century!) … but what was the rationale behind the “one drop rule?” And the Supreme Court doesn’t always give the “correct” response – e.g. Roe v. Wade. Plessy seems racist unto itself. To borrow what I’ve read elsewhere, it would seem that a white woman can then have a black child, but a black woman, cannot have a white child. Labels, labels, labels!!!

  • Steve K

    Also, wasn’t Plessy the “seperate but equal” case that was eventually overturned? I’m not buying the “one drop rule” being a part of any law! I think it’s a matter of choice in today’s country. I’ve also read that the 2000 Census gave the people the choice select mutiple races if they chose – including “mixed race.” As part German, Irish and Hungarian – can I be mixed?! Obama is black because he wants to be.

  • im with you on barry being then next prez. unfortunately billary has tried to make race an issue (and they have gotten slammed for it, rightfully so). barry hasnt made gender an issue. anyway, of ALL the candidates (r & d) obama has the greatest appeal, as you say, sexy, hollywood articulate minority appeal.

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  • BT

    Sounds like you’ve done your research. It appears that you really know your stuff. Your list of facts are intriguing to say the least; especially considering the fact that I am a black republican and am somewhat torn. Hmmm?…should I be down for the brotha’, or should I do major political research and determine my choice based on hard succinct statistical data. As a Black republican, I am often ostracized and misunderstood by friends and family. But after reading this blog, I say, “The time is now”! We have a chance to have the real first black president, a black president who doesn’t just let us sing during his inauguration or dance a jig at the annual national gala. A black president who is not just about perpetuating poverty and masking it under the umbrella of welfare reform. My kids have a chance to actually see a face that looks like them in the highest position on the GLOBE. Is that so important? You bet! The likelihood of this occurring again in American history is directly proportional to the likelihood of me being able to find a mainstream black doll at my local Wal-Mart!!! (Owasso, OK). It’s just perplexing; you’ve single handedly just convinced me to vote for him; so why won’t you???

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  • Scott Williams

    Thanks to everyone willing to dive into this subject!

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  • Dude’s gonna make it… flat out. Period. I, for one (though I don’t agree with all of his positions), am glad. I can’t see another 8 years of our country going in this direction (and, believe me, if McCain wins this year, he’ll get re-elected four years from now… if he doesn’t keel over by then… oops!)

    So, like it or not, we’d all better get ready for Barack Obama as this country’s next president.

    WHOO-HOO! 🙂

  • dude.
    you’re looking very prophetic right now…

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  • Scott, thanks for the invite. Let me chime in here and come to the point early on. I wouldn’t vote for this Illinois senator in a million years. His ideas are leftist, even somewhat socialistic. He may not know what to do in a particular circumstance because the problem might just be above his pay grade.

    I am more sick than anyone can imagine when people lead off a conservation with “President Bush’s failed policies…” That sounds like the talking points from left-wing media. Or “for the last eight years we’ve been enduring…” What? You mean we’ve only had problems in America for the last eight years? Really?

    In life you get what you pay for, and if Senator Obama gets elected, it will happen because of a few things: 1) The mainstream media is squarely in the tank for him, without any doubt. 2) MANY people will vote for him for no other reason than skin color, even though it will be masked as liking his left-leaning agenda. I can attest to this fact because a pastor friend of mine (a black man) told me on several occasions the people he deals with routinely have told him flat out they’re voting for Senator Obama just because he’s black. 3) Many people will vote for him because of the historical significance. I am thinking we will get what we don’t want if this liberal thinking and acting man gets in the oval office. We will definitely need God’s help if that mistake comes to fruition.

    I’ve been wanting to say this but haven’t until now: “I wouldn’t vote for this liberal, left-leaning man for dog catcher.” He is a dangerous man who will work to bring about changes in this nation to the intent we will not recognize it any more. He will work to stifle anyone who disagrees with him, particularly going after conservative talk radio. Mark my words.

    At one time I would have voted for Colin Powell, but I have lost all respect for him. After he endorsed the most liberal man in the senate, that just really sent up bad signals.

    Condy Rice would definitely get my vote, but she’s not running for the office.

    I almost feel like the prophet Jeremiah, pleading with America to wake up. No, this man is not the one we need, IMHO. Let me echo what others have said in summing up these comments: “A black man in the White House is perfectly fine.” To that I agree, but not this one. He’s way too dangerous.

  • I have had a difficult time getting the excitement to vote in this election, because there are negatives for both candidates. It finally came down to patriotism for me. How can I vote for a man that removed the US flag off of his airplane and refused to salute or say the pledge of allegiance. I constantly hear him talk about how awful this country is and how everyone in the world hates us. If this country were attacked again, will he offer up apologies to those terrorist because of our infadelish ways or will he fight for this country. I really am not to confident that the latter will occur.

    I read the following article a while back about the two candidates and it almost swayed me.

  • Great article Scott! I am glad to see this history making event.

  • Unfortunately, for those who have differing opinions than Obama, I’m seeing McCain supporters giving up.

    Don’t give up!

    Be an individual with integrity! Your vote DOES count!

    Don’t drink the cool-aid!

  • I don’t for a second begin to understand everything involved in this election. I don’t understand the media and their clear agenda. What I do know is we are entering a scary time under new, never seen before, liberal “leadership” (how do you vote “present” that many times and consider yourself a leader).This country/world can not continue down the “politically correct,everything is acceptable”, provided we take God out of the equation, path we are on.I hope and pray that the polls are wrong. That much of America is just not as vocal as the left, and wednesday morning, we don’t wake up to the change we have been hearing about, I for one, am not ready for that.

  • I was watching CSPAN and there was a guy talking about the importance of the Youth Movement in America. He was saying that even he felt Obama was too conservative (WOW) but was the first step in the right direction, to bring about progressive change in our country. This absolutely scares the crap out of me. Conservatism is so vital, not just for the economic infrastructure of our country but also the moral fabric that helped build this country. I hear, read, and see more of our youth today being influenced by progressive agenda, and we dont have enough people engaging our youth in the importance of conservatism. I think it is awesome that we have a black presidential candidate, but I wish he had more conservative views and I would be more likely to vote for him.

  • Barack the Vote!!!

    Oh, I’m kidding. Sort of. It’s just fun to say.

  • Did you know that the most liberal voting record in the senate belonged to our current president?

    I bet most of you didn’t know that, and it isn’t surprising… most mainstream media wouldn’t report that…

    Obama might be a decent president, who knows what the next four years have in store…

    I’m tickled that we finally broke the color barrier, a barrier that should never be in place anyway… but the ignorance of American voters is astonishing when you consider the character of the man that is now our presdent elect…

    I am praying for him… God changes people…


    Someone in another post kept repeating the idea that the president doesn’t effect the abortion issue…

    FYI… Obama’s staff has said that his first act as president will be to spearhead and sign the “Freedom of choice” act which will systematically undo the abortion ban legislation passed over the last 35 years, (as reported by Jay Sekulow)…including partial birth abortion… and basically make abortion unrestricted throughout America…

    I guess the idea that the president doesn’t have much influenece over this issue is wrong…the president has a major effect on this issue…

    Also might want to look up an issue called the “fairness Doctrine”, which Obama said that he would not support as a pre-election promise, but later reported post election that he changed his mind… and used new verbage stating “the airwaves need mandated diversity”…

    The fairness doctrine would make Chrstian radio stations, and television stations even those listener supported, have mandated opposing views broadcast alongside…

    For example… a creationist radio station would also have to have a mandated evolutionist on their station, even though it is listener supported…

    Wake up America… !!!

    Don’t drink the Kool Aid… oh wait… we already did…

    FYI 6 million Jews died in genocide… and we call Hitler one of the worst men alive…

    47 million babies have been murdered since Rowe vs. Wade…

    If you call yourself a Christian, and abortion wasn’t even one of your top election issues… goodness…a wake up call is needed…

    Hopefully Americans will strive to be more informed… because we are destroying and giving away our freedom, one small step at a time…

    I hope if you call yourself a Christian, you will help stand up for innocent lives, and for freedom of speech… and inform others to pressure this president to do the right thing…

    If not, I pray that you will help to ensure he doesn’t get re-elected…

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