The Good, The Bad & The……

customer-service.jpgFill in the blank to the sentence below, if the businesses are mom-and-pop places, or hidden jewels; feel free to share where they are located.  I would love to hear from all of you; those silent readers, those who read through RSS….

_________________ always provides excellent customer service; however ________________ consistently provides horrendous customer service!

  • Cabela’s has, hands down, the best customer service I’ve ever encountered.’s is pretty good too.

  • Crest usually always gives me great customer service. A month ago I would have said Wal-Mart has horrendous customer service, but my last two visits have proven to be fairly pleasant!

    Two grocery stores…what does this mean? It means that I’m a mom and the only type of shopping I do has to do with food.

  • has excellent customer service!

  • My web host (1& has great customer service…even though the agents are Indian.
    T-mobile has terrible customer service…or so my brother in law ( says.

  • It’s AMAZING! The Bank will ALWAYS take my money and the Doctor will ALWAYS make me wait!

  • Scott Williams

    Patrick- My brother shops at Cabela’s…
    Cindy- Wal-Mart is consistently Horrendous, the Wla-Mart Markets are OK and some stores are better than others..
    Steve- Not sure what zappos is, I will check itout.
    Scott- I have hostmonster and they are A+ and I have yet to be down…. knock knock. T-Mobile just received the award for best customer service in the mobile industry… my experiences have been good w/ T-Mobile..
    Jenn- LOL

  • You must check out Zappos! Chris buys his shoes from there. He loves it.

  • Washington Mutual…..awesome!!
    Currency Exchange….sucks 🙁

  • Ritz Carlton…ok I’ve only stayed there once. They hooked me and my wife up with a complimentary upgrade to an ocean suite on our wedding night! They have the best customer service. I say Buckle has some rocking customer service as well…that or they’re eager to make that commission.

    T-mobile…let’s just say I hate calling them if I have to.

  • a. Starbucks
    b. Most Churches

  • Publix supermarkets in Florida provide some of the best customer service I’ve experienced. If they don’t stock an item that you want, they will order it. If it takes too long to get it in, when it arrives it’s free. Talk about customer service.

    Most Chinese restaurants consitently provide the worst customer service possible. It seems that their customer service is inversely proportional to how good their food is.

  • i’ve always had super-nice customer service from t-mobile!…cingular sucked!


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