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I'm Not Black Anymore!

I am actually speaking on behalf of my blog.  I have decided to change the color scheme and give my blog a facelift.  We are still adding some things and working out some bugs, so you will have to be patient.  I want to thank my man Bert for hooking my blog up with the facelift. Apparently there is some research out there that says it’s more difficult and causes more strain on the eyes to read white light text on a dark background. 

As we are still making changes, I would like to get some feedback from you guys and gals:

  1. What are some features and looks that you like about particular blogs?  (Share some blog examples) 
  2. What are your thoughts on the new look for BigIsTheNewSmall?

Free Blog Friday

RANDOM BULLETS: Friday Drive-by (22) Northwest Oklahoma City Campus: “N-dub”

  • This weekend is our 1 year anniversary we are reflecting on all that God has done through our campus in 1 year, and we are baptizing over 100 people.

  • We have the best volunteers in the world!

  • If you are in the area come by and visit this weekend.

Featured Blogger, Frequent Commenter:  Heady is the featured blogger this week. Check out his blog here. 

Comment of the Week:  Miryam commented on the post, “The Journey of An Atheist 3 (of 3)” she said:  I jumped from my bed while reading this for a praise break!  I know that in my life I am living some ways that G-D would not be pleased with…  I am doing a self evaluation and I am going to get back on track…  Yeshua is good!  Like some people would never believe…    

Get The Hook Up: There are 85+ blogs who have linked to BigIsTheNewSmall that I am aware of.  If you have linked or added BigIsTheNewSmall to your blogroll let me know and I’ll link you back. (I am getting ready to change the blogroll so let me know!)   


  • The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.  Theodore Roosevelt 
  • You don’t know what you can get away with until you try.  Colin Powell 


  1. What are some blog topics that you would like to see tackled?
  2. Does your spouse read your blog?
  3. If there is anything you want to share go ahead and blog in the comment section, we will call today Free Blog Friday.

Shift Happens

I know that many of you are expecting to have this glowing report about my experience from my sleep study; however shift happens. In other words I had to shift my plans.

I was in the office talking about my sleep study and one of our volunteers reminded me of how much money that I was going to have to pay out of pocket. The short and skinny is that the study would have cost me between $700 and $1000 dollars after my deductible and 20%.

I am now doing what they call a poor mans sleep study tonight. Its a simple device that connects to my finger and evaluates whether I am having episodes and the number of episodes. This information is downloaded and a report is sent back to my doctor. If I have a certain number of episodes then I will probably have to dish out the money for the study. Thanks for your comments, feedback and prayers yesterday.

Sorry for any typos I am sending this from my blackerry.

Have you had any recent shift happens moments, where you made adjustments midstream?

I'm Sleeping in Someone else's Bed Tonight


I am having an overnight sleep study conducted tonight.  I really don’t know much about it or what to expect, other than the fact that I check in at 8:30 p.m. and leave at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. 

I had the vision of being placed in a CAT scan type box overnight and I’m a little claustrophobic (My Dr. told me that was not the case.) LOL  I think I am going to Twitter my experiences! 

Has anyone had a sleep study, can anyone tell me what to expect? 

Tomorrow Depends On You!

walmart-stock.jpgI was in Wal-Mart over the weekend, and if you have read my posts in the past you know that I generally try to avoid Wal-Mart, especially certain ones, see previous posts here, here and here.  We had purchased a basketball goal and they assemble anything for their customers for free; that’s perfect for someone like me who is definitely not handy. 

I had to wait in the lay-away area which was also the employee hub, break area and two-and-from area for employees.  As I was patiently waiting for them to figure out who was going to go and get my basketball goal, I began to pay special attention to the employee interaction, employee/customer interaction and the new changes to the overall culture that Wal-Mart is making.   

In case you have not paid attention Wal-Mart is trying to look hip and relevant like Target: the departments look nicer, they have some areas similar to the Target red phone areas, employees seem to be a little more attentive…..  My particular experience was sub-par to say the least; however I just prepare myself to be patient and make my Wal-Mart visits learning experiences. 

I noticed a sign on the wall (pictured above) which showed Wal-Marts current stock (Ticker WMT) and it said “Today’s Stock Quote 53.23 Tomorrow Depends on You!” This reminded the employees that tomorrow’s stock increase or decrease depends upon them.  Wow, Wal-Mart has one thing figured out, their employees affect the market more than the consumers do; the problem for WMT is actions speak louder than words and many times their employees don’t get it.   

Great customer service = returned customers = more revenue.  We should apply this concept to the ticker symbols in our lives; here are some ticker symbols in which our investment directly affects the stock:  (MAR Marriages), (REL Relationships), (FIN Finances), (DEC Decisions), (CHD Children), (JOB Work/Career), (GOD …….) 

If you find your stock decreasing in an area….Tomorrow Depends On You! 

Do you need to invest in the stock market?  Any ticker symbols come to mind?  Share your thoughts!

Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Easter was out of this world, Record attendance 3235 people 34 people accepted Christ.
  • My 4 year old son Jayden was crying this morning because he did not want to go back to school.  It’s amazing how 1 week away from doing something makes you loose interest in what’s good for you.  (That’s how Satan gets us!)
  • My 8 year old Wesley was excited to go back to school. (When you are more seasoned and have more years under your belt it’s easier to get back into the groove!)
  • I’m a little tired!
  • My Team is the best ministry staff around (Seriously).
  • We got the boys a new b-ball goal this weekend, after school hoops is on.
  • We have over 100 people signed up to be baptized this weekend at our year one anniversary.

Share any random Monday Morning thoughts that you have.

What was your major take-away from your Easter weekend: Either from the sermon, time w/ God, time w/ family, prayer time, thought time….  What is new and churning inside of you this morning?

60 Second Awareness Test

We have 7 Easter experiences beginning tonight; I will be praying and fasting this Good Friday from sun-up to sun-down. Remember “The Crucifixion and The Resurrection.” I pray that people don’t just go to church this weekend, but rather their lives be changed.

Take the 60 Second Awareness Test by watching the above video and see if you can count the number of passes that the team in white makes.

What life details do you need to be aware of, or pay special attention to this Easter?
If you have any special prayer requests please share them, I would love to pray for you today.

Sometimes we focus so much on the Big stuff that we miss the Small, but ever some important details. BigIsTheNewSmall

The Journey of an Atheist 3 (of 3)

It’s Sunday morning and I am at the front doors greeting people as they walk into our campus.  Here comes pimpsh_ _ and his family.  I gave him a hand shake, the appropriate man hug and we talked briefly about faith; and he and his family go on to check their kids into LifeKids. 

Once the experience gets started Craig is preaching a powerful message on “bitterness” and the need to forgive.  As Craig is wrapping up and it’s time for the invitation; I begin to call for hands for those individuals who wanted to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  There were a bunch of hands going up throughout the auditorium; I am acknowledging each and every individual.  The spirit was moving and the ushers kept pointing out hands; as I look to my left I see a hand lifted boldly and high in the air…. and it was my friend the former Atheist pimpsh_ _.  I couldn’t even get my words together as I was noticeably choked up. 

After the experience I found one of our volunteers, who is one of the leaders of this awesome men’s group called Damascus.  These guys do bible studies and ministry in Bars and nightclubs in downtown Oklahoma City.  I hooked pimpsh_ _ up with this Damascus Leader, who told him what Damascus was about and invited/challenged him to check them out the following day on Monday night. I had scheduled lunch with pimpsh_ _ for the following Thursday.  At lunch I asked him how his men’s group went and here is the story.  He said “Scott even though I had given my life to Christ, I prayed for God to show me a sign or something.”  He said that one of the guys that was supposed to go with him to the group called and said he wasn’t going, so he decided not to go.  He stopped to get gas at a store he never stops at and started talking with a guy he would not normally talk to.  The guy’s car was broke down and he asked the guy where he was going and if he needed a ride.  The guy responds “I am going downtown to a bible study with some men, it’s called Damascus.”  Pimpsh_ _ said that he was through asking God for signs.  God is Good…..  Long story short they ride to Damascus together and pimpsh_ _ let’s this guy he just met borrow his car the next day. 

Pimpsh_ _ is now active with Damascus doing street ministry, outreach…  He will be getting baptized at our “Year One” anniversary on March 29th and 30th. 

He told me yesterday that he needs to change that e-mail address LOL. 

Thoughts about his story, any comments that you would like to share w/ Pimpsh_ _? It’s the Small things that have a Big impact, BigIsTheNewSmall!

The Journey of an Atheist 2 (of 3)

Upon exchanging e-mail addresses we began to chat via e-mail, phone and when I would see him at church.  His girlfriend had been attending for about eight months and within her first few weeks she committed her life to Christ, attended her first LifeGroup (Small Group), attended membership class, began serving in several ministry areas and got baptized; needless to say the girl was on fire for Jesus. 

For his privacy, and the fact that his e-mail address is so amusing, we will call him Pimsh_ _ for the sake of these posts.  Pimpsh_ _ would come to church every once in awhile and I remember him showing up at our membership class.  I noticed him sitting on the edge of the stage waiting as everyone was leaving.   

He finally approached me and said; “I don’t even know why I am here, I don’t believe, I have been inviting people to church for the last couple of weeks… it’s just weird man.  I mean you are cool Scott you don’t judge me and people around this place don’t look at me crazy.”  He went on to say “I have been to a number of churches in my life and have known a bunch of Christians and they always seem to be a bunch of hypocrites.  They would look at me crazy because of how I looked, my tattoos…; I don’t know something is different about you and this church.”  I chuckled, thanked him for inviting his friends and reminded him that he could give me a call anytime. 

From this point we would continue to have sporadic conversations and I would receive updates from his girlfriend regarding his life and his journey.  Each time that I would talk to him or his girlfriend it was clear that God was working on his heart.  

Fast forward several months of ups and downs and an Atheist filled with many questions.  Pimpsh_ _ still does not believe but is asking some pointed questions, longing, searching to fill that void.  Around this same time Pimpsh_ _ and his girlfriend enrolled in our Prep For Marriage Class.   

As my wife and I were finishing up the second day of the class Pimpsh_ _ and his girlfriend stayed behind and we began talking.  This was the moment that I had been waiting for… his heart was primed and ready, he was saying things like “I can believe the sky is blue because I can see it, I believe that there is carpet in this room because I can see it.”  I’m thinking to myself, this is my opportunity, as we go back and forth about faith, what it is, grace, life, who God is, who Jesus is, the worldly things we put our trust in, asking “What If”….   

This conversation was really good and he began to share more of his life story and shared things about his life that he said that he hadn’t shared with many people.  He reminded me that because he didn’t believe, didn’t mean that he was “hatin’ on God or the church,” as a matter of fact he said “You are doing something right, I’m here and I’m sharing things that I don’t share.”   

We talked for about an hour and as we continued talking, I became confident that I could lead him to Christ at this moment… Soooo I waited, knowing some of his story and knowing that Craig’s message the next day was about being held hostage to “Bitterness.”  Pimsh_ _  had promised me he was coming to church the next day. 

Sorry for the long post, I am trying to fit it into three parts.  More Tommorrow!

Do you find it difficult to be patient or second guessing your decisions?  Would your church look at people crazy because of their tatoos or their clothes?

The Journey of an Atheist 1 (of 3)

About eight months ago a guy approached me after one of our church experiences.  He walked up to me with this odd look on his face and said “Are you the pastor?” thinking to myself (it depends); however I replied “Yes, What’s up?”  He said “I’m your biggest challenge” I said “Excuse Me” and he repeated himself.  I’m thinking this is some kinda code for something that I may not be not privy to; I didn’t go to seminary and I thought this might be one of those preparation areas that I missed. (grin) 

He went on to say “I don’t believe!”  I invited him to my office so that we could chat for a bit.   We began talking and he began to share his story with me and his experience with Christians, The Church, and the fact that he could not believe taht there is a God…  I did more listening than talking as he was dropping “F-Bombs” and going on and on.  I really appreciated the rawness of this guy and you could tell that he was really searching.  Every once and awhile when he would use a cuss word, he would follow it up w/ a “My Bad.”  I would just chuckle and continue listening…   

We talked for quite some time and I wanted t make a commitment to at least follow-up with this guy and stay in touch….  Again, you could tell that he was searching and needed someone to just listen, give some insight and not be judgmental.  We decided to exchange e-mail addresses, so that we could stay in touch; I gave him my business card and he gave me his e-mail address.   

I told you that this guy was raw; even his e-mail address was raw… his e-mail address seriously was: pimpsh_">  This was a classic ending to a day and to what would become one of the more interesting stories in my ministry career. 

More on my friend The Atheist tomorrow; seriously this story is heart wrenching.     

Thoughts?   Do you find yourself in situations where you don’t need to be so quick to judge and simply just listen?

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