You Metrosexual!

I am writing an article for an online publication; talking about what it means to be metrosexual, don’t ask me why, the word itself is just funny to me.  By definition metrosexual is: a heterosexual male who has a strong aesthetic and inordinate interest in appearance and style, similar to homosexual males; blend of metropolitan+heterosexual. 

I have some thoughts and a working Top Ten List to know if you are metrosexual; however I would love to get some input from BigIsTheNewSmall readers.  So please complete the sentence below….. everyone has an opinion, please share.  

Bonus metrosexual Definition:  “Manscaping”- The act of grooming, shaving, or trimming hair on various parts of the male body, derived from the word landscaping.    

You are a metrosexual if ______________________________. 

  • …a manicure is a recurring event on your iPhone.

    …you own a manpurse.

    …you have a sunglass selection to coordinate with your shoes, jacket and manpurse.

  • If you have shoes that have pointed toes.

  • pluck your eyebrows

    you watch Oprah and enjoy it

  • …you’re like Bishop Scott
    …you hang w/ the ladies and it’s about gettin some…one to go shopping with! (lol-ho…ly what?)

  • if you order food and have to say put it on the side.

  • you have more clothes than your wife.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • ..if you have ever been waxed
    ..if you have had more than 1 hair style this decade
    ..if you have talked about a peeling and it didn’t have to do with a sunburn
    ..if you have had your teeth whitened to the point you look like Ross on that episode of Friends
    ..if you have ever had an appointment at a spa
    ..if your hair care products consist of something more that a bottle shampoo
    ..if you use body spray
    ..if you go to a stylist instead of a barber
    ..if you have ever had highlights
    man i could go on forever

  • LOL – these are GREAT!

    Let me just say from these answers….I am NOT married to a metrosexual! I think I’m really glad!

  • if you enjoyed the movie devil wears prada.

  • …if you own more shoes than your sister, girlfriend and mother.
    …if you wear shiny lip gloss that smells like an apple.
    …if you get more compliments on your clothes and hair more than your girlfriend does.
    …if you never had a beard and never plan too.

  • if you get manicures and/or pedicures
    if you have a “man bag”

  • If you proudly embrace the term “metrosexual.”

  • …if you check your reflection often to make sure your hair is ‘just right’.
    …if your every day attire is straight out of Banana Republic.
    …if you use foofy hair-care and skin-care products. Bar soap, as if!
    …if you’re obsessed with your belt and your shoes being the EXACT same shade of brown.
    …if you carry Oral B Brush-Ups (those disposable tooth brush finger-puppet-lookin’ things) in your car or wallet or man-purse, “just in case”. (I’ve known a man to do this!)

  • When I think “metrosexual,” I think of my friend Barrett. Without exception, all of these descriptions fit.

    So, I think you’ve got a pretty good start.

  • Scott Williams

    Wow, I could write a book; this is funny stuff.

  • – if you wear eyeliner or mascara.

  • … if you shop by designer label (and know the designers). 🙂

  • Scott,
    will you be at church tomorrow?

  • I guess that means you’re over the flu? Most excellent!

  • Scott Williams

    Brooke- I think they call it guyliner
    Hope- 🙂
    Patrick- I look forward to it!

  • No…eye liner! If you take 30 minute showers, spend longer than 10 minutes doing your hair/get it razor cut and iron your shirts after the dry cleaners have already pressed them…AKA my husband! He will admit it though!

  • I love these! Some of them are priceless!!

    You’re a metrosexual if… you have a different wristwatch for each day of the week, and shoes to match the croc skin straps.

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  • I’m sorry, but being married to a metro, I can say some of these are way beyond metro. (eyeliner and lip gloss?) You can be a metro and still be a very masculine and sexy man!

  • if you have Scott Williams glasses….

    that’s all I’m saying.

  • If you’ve ever teeth whitened and enjoyed it.

  • If you buy flower bulbs.
    If you buy a pink kitchen scale.
    If you get pedicures.
    If you like cute things.

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