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Concealed Weapons on College Campuses

With all of the school shootings many states and students are pushing for concealed weapons to be approved for college campuses.  The legislation failed in Oklahoma; however there is a rapidly growing group called “Students for Concealed Carry on Campus” that is pushing to make concealed carry on campuses a reality everywhere. 

  • Do you feel like having the ability to have a Concealed Weapon on a College Campus can be a deterrent for school shootings?
  • Do you have any other thoughts for or against Concealed Carry on College Campuses? 

Panhandlers Panhandling!

panhandling-hand.jpgThe other day my eight year old son Wesley and I were riding together and as we exited off of the highway, we noticed what appeared to be a homeless individual with a duffel bag and sign saying “homeless and hungry please help.”  While we were at the adjacent convenient store we noticed police officers talking to the man, going through his pockets, checking out his duffel bag and eventually placing him in handcuffs.

Not knowing all the details; here was our conversation:

  • Wesley: Dad why are they taking that man to jail? 
  • Me: I’m not sure son, there are laws that doesn’t allow people to sit on the corners and ask for things because of different reasons and some people think that it makes the city look bad and causes problems.  
  • Wesley:  That doesn’t make sense; how is someone holding up a sign saying that they are hungry cause problems or make the city look bad.  I think it would be worse if  instead of asking, they went into people’s house and robbed them.
  • Me: Hmmmmm

I am noticing panhandling everywhere I travel, no matter the city there are individuals who are at busy intersections panhandling.  The most recent trend is cities and states cracking down on panhandlers with hefty fines and outlawing it altogether.  I think we all recognize that some people abuse the panhandling system; however there are some people with legitimate needs. 

Sometimes I will give to panhandlers and sometimes I don’t; it depends on what’s on my heart.

  1. Do you give to panhandlers?
  2. What are the laws in your city, are they strict or do they not exist?
  3. What are your thoughts on overal situation of panhandlers panhandling?


Things You Should Not Do! 4 (of 4)

You Should Not Drink After Other People

I will keep this one short and sweet; you should not drink after other people unless it’s your spouse and maybe your children.  It really depends how old your children are.  🙂  If you want what I’m drinking all you have to do is ask for a drink… if you take a drink you might as well take the entire thing because I am not going to drink it anymore.

I know that there are varying opinions on this subject; what are your thoughts?

Things You Should Not Do! 3 (of 4)

You Should Not Be Alone With Someone of The Opposite Sex 

One of the things that has become common in some churches is; if you are married, you should not be alone with anyone else of the opposite sex.  In other words:

  • If you and a co-worker of the opposite sex have a meeting across town; you cannot ride alone together.
  • You can’t travel anywhere, by any means with someone of the opposite sex.
  • If you and a co-worker of the opposite sex are the last two people at the office… one of you has to leave.
  • The bottom line is that you are not allowed to be alone with someone of the opposite sex! (Period)

My girl Anne Jackson blogged about this same subject about a month ago and let me tell you there are varying opinions.  Is this a matter of personal responsibility and over the top; or is this necessary not only for church staff, but married people in general?


Things You Should Not Do! 2 (of 4)

You should not give someone of the opposite sex a front hug unless they are really close friends or family; or unless you are their pastor and they don’t give you a choice. 🙂

It’s ok for guys to do the front hug/chest-bump/back-pat.

Again, side hugs only for the opposite sex unless both parties are single!

I know that everyone does not agree with this; however share your thoughts?

Things You Should Not Do! 1 (of 4)

You should not carry on a conversation with someone in a public restroom while they are handling their business. You should always look straight ahead while at the urinal and never make eye contact.

I know this is a bathroom rule for guys and I am going to assume the same rules apply for ladies.

This is just one of those things that you should not do.


One Prayer

If you have not had the opportunity to visit then you should definitely go and check it out.

Watch the video above; then go tell your friends, tell other pastors, tell your family, tell people around the world… basically tell everyone that you know and don’t know.

What are your thoughts about OnePrayer?

Is this the beginning to a more unified Church?

Any other Monday Morning Ramblings that you want to share?

Poor Leadership = Rich Lessons 4 (of 4)


I am going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t want to create unnecessary work for myself or unnecessary reading for you.  I have worked for and with leaders who like to create work and unnecessary tasks… just because:

  • They want to see you burning the midnight oil, just because
  • They have you doing extra and unnecessary work, just because
  • They don’t want to change the systems to create efficiencies, just because
  • They create and maintain the unnecessary… just because

Have you worked for individuals who create the unnecessary… just because?  Thoughts, Comments!

Poor Leadership = Rich Lessons 3 (of 4)


I don’t like meetings for the sake of meeting.  Give me a break!  If you want to check out my previous post entitled “Meeting Freak” click here.

Poor Leadership = Rich Lessons 2 (of 4)


The word insecurity is one of those words that many people can associate with in some shape form or fashion.   For some people their insecurity is related to appearance: big nose, receding hairline, weight problems, complexion, body proportion… or maybe it’s public speaking, athletic prowess, background, social status, talents, dating…  The problem is generally not the insecurities but rather how you process and deal with those insecurities.

The above list provides an outline of some insecurities and those insecurities can seriously affect an individuals life.  Insecure individuals are often negative, complain about themselves, complain about others, put others down to make themselves look/feel better and are generally a drain to those around them.

If you think insecure people can be difficult as friends, family, spouses or co-workers; try having them as a leader… this can be a nightmare for them and their employees.  I have worked for a number of insecure leaders and once I acknowledged they were insecure; I found myself having to be really patient or spend unnecessary time and energy working around their insecurities.  Here are some thoughts about insecure leaders and their ineffectiveness:

  • They are control freaks and can’t give away any authority
  • They do whatever it takes to “prove” they are the boss
  • They always think that there is a hidden agenda
  • They like to play it safe, stay in comfort zone and avoid risk
  • They don’t celebrate others successes or celebrate their subordinates success
  • They are threatened by sharp employees and quality performers (10’s)

What I have come to realize is that insecure leaders can try to “fake it until they make it” but this will only last for so long.  An insecure leader will create an environment of insecurity and only rise to the level of their insecurity.  Insecure leaders need to get over themselves because no one really cares about them as much as they think… believe me as my girl Anna Meadows says; “Everyone is to busy worrying about themselves, to worry about you.”  The bottom line is “There Is No Security In Insecurity.”

Have you, do you work for or are you an insecure leader? Share your thoughts and comments!

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