Taking Notes…

Many of the blogs that I read are beginning to look and sound the same!   

Is it just me? 

  • maybe you’re reading too many… just stick with the ones that remain unique, authentic and real… drop blogs from your blogroll so others can be spared too.


  • Wayne

    It is like no one has anything worth saying or worth reading. You are not alone. That’s the reason I don’t read a lot of them. No depth to them, just a bunch of nonsense.

  • It’s not just you. It is true and yet another reason why we can’t be afraid of a different opinion. I love debate and discussions where there are educated and different points of view.

  • not enough people are willing to ruffle feathers anymore. people are more obsessed with their feedburner stats or technorati ranking than saying how they really feel.

    on the flip side, you have people being controversial for the exact same reason. it’s a hard line to ride…

  • Scott Williams

    Chilly- I think I am going to add a section that of this is what I’m reading that’s feeding me…
    Wayne- I am seeing some of that, it’s pretty trendy…
    Caught Thinking- Yes
    Joshua- well said, BTW my feedburner stats are really not 28k, something happened w/ the new design… 🙂 Are you thowing up westside in the gravatar? LOL

    I don’t mind catching up and looking through people’s blog I really know!

  • YES. Although the various bloggers in my reader aren’t directly linked, I think I looked for similar perspectives in blogs and now all I hear are the same voices and the same topics.

    By the way, did you read my latest post about the iPhone? (that’s a joke – my humor likely doesn’t translate well at 6:30a)

  • I had to step away from the blog world for a minute (or actually 2 months), just to re-prioritize my life and my perspective. I’m about to slightly change the perspective of my blog and go back to what I was originally doing in the blog world. I just pray that bloggers (whether its the typical “Christian” blog, sports blog, etc) would be themselves and then we would see more great creativity…

  • It can happen! I like reading the blogs of people I know… gives me a window into their lives I might not see. It also gives us something to talk about when we see each other.

    If I know you, and I do pretty well, I know you’ll be the change you want to see… I expect some pretty unique and different blogs soon…

  • Dude, you can totally drop me from your blogroll and I’ll be cool. While it’s great that the guys come to visit, I mainly write to minister to women.

    Sal good 🙂

  • Lead the way! I predict that many new bloggers will drop by the way when the “new” wears off. It takes a lot of commitment to continue.

  • I have about 20 bookmarked but I admit, about half of those either don’t get updated regularly or they just seem to be ranting and negative so I don’t drop in much anymore. There are about 5 that I don’t ever like to miss and the other 5 I check out when the mood hits.

    What inspires me to read someone’s blog is authenticity and audacity – to approach the truth without sugar-coating it – talking about subjects that some Christians feel are “inappropriate”. If I read a blog that smacks of judgment, I don’t return. I read your blog because you tell it like it is. Thanks 🙂

  • Scott,

    That is why I stopped reading blogs that had denominational arguments a year ago. I do like the new look.

  • I only read a handful of blogs, and they’re generally pretty short and interesting.

    I have been noticing this one blog in particular using bigger and BIGGER font!

  • Hey…

    You must be noticing the “we must be unique, therefore everyone be unique in the same way” trend that captivates most of america…

    We have all been taught “express yourself”, “celebrate your diversity”… except we are still trying to fit in…

    Is there anyone out there truly unique…? Please, anyone who will say what there really thinking rather than go with flow…

    Any salmons out there…? Swimming upstream anyone…?

    Is it just me or is every “unique” church the same too…

    I guess it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but every now and then I would like to see something truly different, like someone who will really say what their really thinking…

    Hey… did I just see Jimmy Paravene walk by?

  • Yes we are.

  • Some do but I try and keep mine different

  • I only read a few blogs on a daily basis. I believe they each provide a different “something” for me. However, I think it can be difficult being unique at times. So, I can see most blogs coming off the same. Have a great day!

  • silly boy!

  • Maybe you should change the ones you are reading then:)I feel like I get lots of variety. If you read from people in the same place, doing the same things, you will get much of the same.

  • i can’t believe we’re disappointed because people lack original thought…from the time we are born, we are conditioned to conform to a set of standard beliefs or thinking.

    i think we’re finding through blogs that people just basically have the same crap going through their minds…some just express it in coherent sentences.

    do we think we are hearing original teaching of the word…to quote rob bell, “god was the only one who had original thought, everything else is commentary”.

  • Its not just you… Lol, though not many can stir it up like you do.

  • I can’t help it. It’s just not in my nature to pass up the opportunity to use my old email signature here. (grin)
    All you normals seem alike to me.

  • As the old saying goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

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