Posted Notes…

Here are a few posted notes in which people shared how being a part of the Northwest Oklahoma City Campus during the first year has affected their lives.  People posted them all over the walls; you may have to click on the posted note to enlarge them.


Hmmmmmm  What are your thoughts?  Any one in particular catch your attention?

  • That is very cool. Must make you feel good to know you and your team are changing lives through Christ

  • My initial thought was “Isn’t this the way The Church should be? Relevant? Exciting? Contagious? Life-changing? Fun?!” It breaks my heart to hear that someone “hated church.” My second thought was these post-its are a reflection of your leadership and your staff’s commitment to lead people to become fully-devoted followers of J-to-the-C! Great work and keep it up!

    Gratuitous plug: BTW, this week’s topic at my blogsite is “What God Doesn’t Know…” I’d love some comment love!

  • I wish we could see more! Great idea…great campus..great leadership!

  • The first two actually made me wonder… are we creating a place for non-Christians to come and feel comfortable with checking church off their list while making no real change in their everyday lives… just my first initial thought…

  • What are your thoughts Scott…aside from the fact that they can’t spell?

  • I found the post it notes kinda interesting. Actually I view the first post it note as the possible outcome of the second post it note. The second note, leads to the first, and then finally the third post it note.

    With that being said, my question is – if they do not know Christ and wouldn’t go to church but go there, do they know Christ? Or do they just like doing the church thing? Is your church offering something that is appealing to them that will bring them to church and ultimately lead them to Christ? Or is your church offering them an environment in which they can say they are having a nice Sunday outing and then going home to walk the same walk that they did before going there?

  • I love this! Thanks for sharing Scott.

  • I think those are great ways to remember why the “church” exists. People used to hate the church and now they come – its the power of the Spirit. Rock on.

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