I Don't Care About Gas Prices!

bottledwater_gasoline.jpgAs I was watching the news this morning AAA just released their new report about the cost of gas and it has reached an average price of $3.34 a gallon.  We have all felt the brunt of rising fuel costs and have heard all of the commentary about how much money the oil companies are making.

The gas prices have definitely impacted my budget; however I don’t even look at the price per gallon anymore.  Gas is one of those necessities that we must have in order to make the rest of our daily regimen happen.  No gas = No Work = No Play = No Food… you get the picture.   

If you purchase bottled water the cost is roughly .5 cents an ounce which equates to about $6.40 a gallon.  Not only is it higher but there have been plenty of studies that found lower levels of helpful elements such as calcium and magnesium that in tap water.  A recent and scarier AP study showed traces of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water.   People take pills, their body absorbs some of the medication, and the rest is passed and flushed down the toilet.  The wastewater is treated before it is discharged into reservoirs, rivers or lakes.  Some of the water is cleansed at drinking water treatment plants and piped to the consumers, without all drug traces being removed.  If you feel better when you have your bottled water maybe it’s the Prozac or Ritalin traces. Bottled water has less stringent testing than tap water, it’s a multi billion dollar industry, it produces extra garbage, it’s not healthier than tap water and it costs a lot more.  So, if you drink bottled water, I don’t want to hear anything about the cost of gas and how much the oil companies are making.  

I buy the gas and buy the water…. but I don’t complain about either. 

Do you buy the water and complain about the gas prices? Do you complain about the billion dollar oil/gas industry and not the billion dollar water industry?  Thoughts… Discuss…

  • I LOVE the new design. Who did it?

  • I don’t complain about either.

    In most of the world these are luxury items, but in the United States we think of gas and water as entitlements.

    Now if you want to talk about government subsidies to either industry, that’s a different story.

  • Wayne

    I don’t buy bottled water because I get it for free at church. Even if I didn’t work at the church I can pass it by for the simple fact that I don’t taste a real difference to justify paying for it.

  • I don’t complain because that will get me know where so I go with the flow.

  • I do buy bottled water, when we can afford the luxury of it. Sam’s bottled water from Walmart. I don’t look at the bottom to see if it has the dreaded 3, 6 or 7 on it. I don’t think about what might be in it at all. I just think about the fact that it costs less, and might be healthier for me, than another soda. I’d gladly switch to tap water. If they could figure out a way to make it burn in my gas tank, I’d gladly give up bottled water for the rest of my life. A gallon of milk is almost cheaper than a gallon of gas. How many gallons of milk do you put in your car a day?

  • Wayne! That’s genius! Now if only LC would put a gas pump next to the popcorn…(grin)

  • I do not buy bottled water. Why should I when I get filtered water out of the fridge and have plenty of plastic cups in which to put it?

    Yes, we are fancy.

  • i drink tap water, unless i can fill my water bottle for free somewhere. 🙂 i also drive a car that gets pretty good gas mileage {it’s old, but it runs! :)}, so i don’t complain about gas prices–very often! 🙂 i am a cheap girl! (in the best sense of the word!)

  • Long comment, 3 points:
    For one, I don’t buy bottled water 10 gallons at a time and water is not a necessity like gas is every week. I do MOBILE tech support so I’m in my truck all day. So, I don’t think the argument holds much… um– water. (I bought a smaller used truck when I took the job to save some gas.)

    2. If you watch, you’ll see gas prices spike out of nowhere and then fall and creep up to the point of the last spike. I think the oil companies are watching to see if the spike makes us change our habits. If we don’t change anything based on the high price they slowly make us comfortable with paying more. Truckers pass the prices to the consumer and we try and get “cost of living” raises. So we adjust and deal with the pain. I don’t know of a single person who has reduced their driving to save gas. The people that get hurt the most are the ones on a fixed income.

    3. As far as water goes, we did buy a Britta water filter jug and have begun to refill bottles a time or two. Mostly to reduce landfill. I don’t buy anything but Aquafina or Ozarka, so I have to add the margin myself.

    Bonus point 4. Coffee is ten times better with filtered water.

  • Have you ever noticed that Evian spelled backwards is naive. You have to naive to pay that kind of money for water that is probably being bottled out of garden hose in France.
    Tap is OK with me.
    We did do a chemistry experiment in College with the tap water to see how much chlorine we could precipitate. Put the drops of solution and the chlorine precipitate made the water look like it was snowing in the glass. That did kind of freak me out

  • Is there anything that gets past Roger? Talk about observant! I don’t usually buy bottled water; I prefer the taste of tap water – refridgerated of course. Bottled water has this salty taste to it and although I LOVE salt, I don’t love it in my water. Yes, I do complain about gas prices but realize that I’ve really not much choice. In our city they are always promoting how taking the bus helps preserve the environment but when I’m driving behind one and notice all the black exhaust I wonder how much truth there is to that. I love my independence too much to give up my car so I try to remember that will I’m watching the price roll by as I fill my tank.

  • I agree with the gas thing. I don’t complain. We need it. And I find it really funny when people drive around looking for the cheapest gas. Even if there is a five cent difference and your tank holds 17 gallons you are only saving 85 cents. Hilarious! We should actually be thankful for the gas prices. We should really be paying about 7 dollars a gallon due to inflation.

  • I never look how much I am paying too!! Plus half the time Tim gets my gas=)

  • im wth you. think about it, gasoline is still the best value on earth! you can travel 20 miles (more or less) for only $3.50. much better than walking!

  • filled up my jeep wrangler today, grabbed a bottled water and four-wheeled myself all through the inner-city potholes (no need to go off-road)!

    –love gasoline, love water… really, REALLY LOVE the FREE AIR!

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