Things You Should Not Do! 2 (of 4)

You should not give someone of the opposite sex a front hug unless they are really close friends or family; or unless you are their pastor and they don’t give you a choice. 🙂

It’s ok for guys to do the front hug/chest-bump/back-pat.

Again, side hugs only for the opposite sex unless both parties are single!

I know that everyone does not agree with this; however share your thoughts?

  • I try to one arm hug as much as possible. Guys hugs have become so complicated lately, with the prehug handshake, one arm hug with chest bump and back slap. Then of course you have to finish with the thumb grasp, fingers only grasp and finally the snap.

    Why is that??

  • I have never thought of it as a front hug or side hug. This makes sense to me. I will need to evaluate who I’m hugging and how. Thanks Scott.

  • totally depends on who i’m hugging.

  • Wayne

    Hugging can be so personal, so you need to kinda know where you stand with a person before going for the hug.

  • I give the full frontal (FF) to my gal friends. I’m just a hugger. With the guys, though, I do a side hug. HOWEVER, if a man comes at me and I thinkin’ he’s going for the FF, I change it up and give him the A-Frame. It works in a similar fashion but doesn’t allow our body parts to meet…only our heads/necks. It’s like you are making the letter A when looking at it from the side.

    I know, I’m sly.

  • I agree totally that its not appropriate to hug always, but then its ok too depending on the person and the relation you share with them. Even the situation and the circumstances dictate, but finally its up to the two persons involved. Its best left alone for them to decide based on the situation. I dont think its wrong, but I do think it might not be appropriate at all times!

  • I like what Cinday said, the A-Frame is a good way to go.

  • I did a post on this not too long ago. Those full frontals are really unwelcome. Why is it that people feel the need to connect to someone they don’t know intimately (like in a marriage) with a hug? The sad thing is when you approach them with the truth about how you’re feeling, they are insulted.

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