Things You Should Not Do! 4 (of 4)

You Should Not Drink After Other People

I will keep this one short and sweet; you should not drink after other people unless it’s your spouse and maybe your children.  It really depends how old your children are.  🙂  If you want what I’m drinking all you have to do is ask for a drink… if you take a drink you might as well take the entire thing because I am not going to drink it anymore.

I know that there are varying opinions on this subject; what are your thoughts?

  • Yeah, I usually don’t drink after people unless it’s my family or someone who is like family.

  • I love that you just blogged this… I normally don’t let Noah drink after me for the simple fact that kids don’t get the whole backwash concept. Last night however we were in the truck and I had cup of water and he was thirsty… I couldn’t deny him water… so we had a lesson on how not to backwash… that’s not easy… How do you teach the boys not to backwash?

  • Close friends and family no prop, but that is as nasty as I get

  • It’s very rare that I drink after someone.

  • Wayne

    I let my wife and my boys drink after me, but I’ll tell a person in a minute to go get there own cup cause I’m selfish that way. Unless they are dying of thirst then I’ll go get them one. I just don’t know where another person’s mouth has been.

  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aca en Peru es muy comun usar el mismo vaso entre amigos y familia. A veces uno puede llegar a ofendar a otro si no toma del mismo vaso. Culturas Diferentes.

  • I’m so with you on that one! And you might add these two: don’t use my hair brush or stick your feet into my shoes – that’s just totally gross.

  • I take lots of vitamins… I’ll share my cup (or yours).

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