These Random Thoughts…

What’s going on inside my head…

  1. Airport security, necessary, poor interpersonal skills, what’s up w/ the 3oz. bottles and the air-puff machine
  2. Be mindful of your associations… perception becomes reality, Obama/Rev. Wright/The American People
  3. Geico and Sonic have the best commercials, Cavemen/Goofy Men
  4. If you have never visited the NW Oklahoma City Campus and live locally, you should the staff, volunteers and people are the best
  5. It’s time to get the grass, flower bed, patio and garage in order
  6. My oldest son will be changing schools do to some re-alignment (Angie Debo-current school 1421 on the API; Westfield-new school 1500 on the API) 1,500 is the highest possible score… Sometimes change is good!
  7. I am pulling for the Hornets as a previous 2 year season ticket holder… I can’t wait for the Sonics/Durant to get to OKC
  8. You can do more w/ less, you can be productive without burning the midnight oil, you can have fun and produce, people pleasers don’t please anyone… BigIsTheNewSmall
  9. We just finalized our anniversary cruise “Liberty of The Seas” San Juan/Puerto Rico, Philipsburg St. Maarten, Labidi/Labadee
  10. I am not reading as many blogs, I’m reading more books and outlining a book that I am thinking about writing…  Seasons

What are some random thoughts going on inside your head?


  • My random thoughts:

    1. The Asian Excellence Awards were great last night.
    2. Lindsay Price has a MySpace page and she can really sing.
    3. I need to finish my screenplay.
    4. I hear the sound of thunder and it’s cool.
    5. You have a fun blog.

  • 1. I’m glad it’s Friday.
    2. The sky is really blue today in my neck of the woods.
    3. I’m stuck inside making drugs.
    4. Why do men have nipples?

  • Man you go big right off the bat on cruising. Hope you enjoy

  • If you write a book, I’ll buy it!

  • I just listened to “Blue Like Jazz.” (Awsome book) I proclaim reading is dead! Long live the audio book!!

    Kyle, I really dig the theme of your blog, it is beautiful.

    Any idea when Craig’s book will go audio? I’ve been trying to read confessions for a year…

    Nobody should buy Vista for another year. XP will do just fine.

    Sol, we have a train about half a mile a way. We feel like we’re in an old blues song when the train goes by.

  • Random thoughts in response? OK.
    Oh look, the pastor of NWOCC(I liked NOC better, grin) has extended an invitation to visit his campus.
    My granddaughter is starting 6th grade at a High school next year. I hate that. Whatever happened to separation of Middle and High school??
    People, pleasing people, why does that sound like a song in my head?
    Wow. Are you guys giving up on blogs already? Wusses. (grin)
    IC working out better for you than the blogosphere or SL? Nothing succeeds like success?
    Boy, that’s all pretty ordinary stuff going on in my head. What’s a paravane to do?
    So, I have a random question for you LC’ers. Does the Vision ever change or evolve? Or is it immutably sacrosanct?
    Is that paravane enough for you? (grin)
    Oh and Kyle P., men have nipples because God put em there! You semi-heretic you. (grin)
    Oh and Bert Boan, Vista is Windows ME-2. IMHO. (grin)

  • JP: As an LC’er I’ll venture an answer. Craig alluded to the vision changing this weekend. From small meeting place to small meeting place to a large place that filled up, to multiple locations leveraging technology to include the internet campus, now the One Prayer vision as a unifying effort. (which I love since I did a paper on Denominational Reunification in college.) Not to forget the micro missions which had a hundred or so people just this past weekend improving housing conditions around town. So, IMHO, it would seem as though the vision for reaching people has changed– seems like it changes a lot.

    Or were you refering to the Great Commission (Matt. 18-20ish)? Then I’d say no, I haven’t seen that vision change since I’ve been there.

    Words cannot express the freedom I’ve found at LC. No other congregation I’ve been a part of has been so eager to use the individual gifts of its community.

  • Jimmy P – great question! Does the Vision ever change? I would venture to say no, it doesn’t – the Vision changes people. For me personally, as I’ve aspired to “lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ” I’ve been challenged, broken, inspired, and (insert any other superlative adjective here) to examine what it means to be a FDFOC – and how do we actually go about accomplishing that task. I’ve been a LC’er since the bicycle factory days, and I can see how our methods have changed over the years to accomplish the Vision. Over the years, the Vision has led us to look more without than within. To not just be a part of a LifeGroup(within), but also a part of our community/world(without).

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