The Beer Question…

With the presidential primary winding down, you often here pollsters asking the question which candidate would you like to sit down and have a beer with?  BTW-That’s what made president Bush so popular in his early days, because more Americans said they would want to sit down and have a beer with him… in otherwords he came across as “one of the guys or a regular guy.”  I personally would still like to sit down and have a cup of Starbucks with President “W” Bush.

Somehow our LifeGroup got into the discussion of who would you want to sit down and have a beer or a cup of coffee with… and this is an interesting question to ask, with a wide range of responses.

Answer The Beer Question:

If you could sit down and have a beer or Starbucks cup of coffee with anyone in the world that is currently living, who would it be?  What questions would you ask or what would you talk about?

  • I know it’s a churched-up answer but… I’d really like to have a cup of coffee with Craig Groeschel. There are so many ideas swimming around in that guy’s head; I’d just like to pick his brain for an hour over a triple-grande-mocha.

  • Nelson Mandela. I’d ask him about his worldview, how to influence a nation, and how he approaches his day to day life.

  • Coffee with Billy Graham.

  • Coffee with Beth Moore and Bono

  • Probably John C Maxwell since Nelson Mandela will already be booked. He has such a great outlook on things. Like to gleen some insight

  • Neil Armstrong for me.

    Drink: Grande Caramel Macchiato (don’t like the taste of beer too much)

    Questions: Seriously now, didn’t you dribble just a little bit in your spacesuit when you first cracked open that hatch? What problems were created in your life just b/c you were the first to walk on the moon? What perspective on your life did you gain from that experience? What were/are your thoughts on God before/during/after? If you could go back tomorrow, would you?

  • Coffee with Eric Clapton. I want to be very focused. Something about some musicians that just break through all your walls and wrap the music around your brain and heart.

    Beer at McGee’s Irish Pub with my college roommate, William Rice Cook III, who I don’t get to see lot of anymore.

  • Sting. Always Sting.

  • I’ve always kind of been this way but the people that I really wish I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with are right around me, not famous or “important” people.

    I rather have an iced tea with my boss over the president any day.

  • Beth Moore. Fo sho. She’s mentored me from afar for over a decade and doesn’t even know it. I’m sure I’d be her next BFF if she’s just accept my invite 🙂 Okay, Natalie can come, too.

    Once I got her off the pedastal I have her on, I’m sure there’d be some awesome and hilarious conversations. Cuz she is, after all, a funny woman who adores Jesus.

  • Jane Hamon. She is one wicked warrior for Christ (wicked in a good sense that is). But can we have coffee or tea instead? Beer burps are gross.

  • I liked President W early on as well. I remember hearing the ‘share a beer’ statistic, I found that I agreed with it, and still do. Even though he has turned out to be a lousy President, I still think that he would be alot of fun to have a beer with.

    As far as the current crop of candidates; I think McCain is the guy that comes to the family BBQ and drinks too much and then starts telling dirty jokes and embarrassing everyone. I think that Sen. Clinton knows how to toss back a few, but won’t admit it. So that leaves, Sen. Obama. I don’t buy into the elitist criticism, but I would like to sit with him in a quiet corner of a neighborhood coffee shop and talk about ‘stuff’.

  • The Pope! j/k …That is a funny thought though…yo padre want your venti mocha “with” or “without” whip? Seriously….So many people…I can’t think of just one! Caffine Overload…I would have loved to have met Mother Teresa when she was alive!

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