Can I Buy You a Drink?

starbucks-drinks.jpgsonic-drink.jpgIn case you guys and gals didn’t know, my blog can be very random, controversial, family friendly, confrontational, special, educational, spiritual, enlightening…. well you get the picture.  This morning I had another one of those random moments and it comes in the form of a question for everyone to answer.  Here it goes:

“Can I Buy You a Drink?”  You only have two Locations to choose from Sonic or Starbucks; go ahead and give me your drink order.  I am going to select a couple of random drink order comments and send you either a Starbucks or Sonic Gift Card.  Don’t forget it’s half price drink “Happy Hour” at Sonic everyday from 2:00-4:00.   I am curious as to whether we have more Starbucks or Sonic orders.

Drink On!

I’ll go first and treat myself to a Sonic drink!

  • Scott Williams

    Large cranberry apple limeade, ez ice and extra cherry!

  • Large Diet VANILLA Dr. Pepper, easy ice

  • large diet cherry dp!

  • I know it’s so cliche’, but I’ll take a non-fat (not skinny – I like my sugar), no-whip, latte’. Thanks for asking.

  • Scott Williams

    Cindy and Anne kick sonic off to the lead…
    Oops Dusty puts Starbucks right behind…

    BTW- One of my first jobs was at Sonic w/ a work permit. A couple of free informational tidbits that I won’t charge anyone for. We hand battered the onion rings and the “easy button” actually says EZ. Holler

  • venti sweet tea, lite ice. pretty amazing!

  • My preferred drink… a Triple-grande mocha from Starbucks… takes me from zero to human in about 5 minutes!

  • Route 44 Diet Sprite, easy on the ice, please.

  • starbucks for sure!

    organic cinnamon dolce latte with no whip, extra hot!


    I plan on putting a Sonic ice-maker in the next home I own.

  • We don’t have Sonic up in the Great White North, but we do have Starbucks. Grande Vanilla Creme, mmm, mmm, good. 🙂

  • Man, this is a tough one for me, because I have to admit I’m addicted to both… just depends on the time of day. In the mornings I’m a Starbucks guy all the way, and the rest of the day I’ll go to Sonic at varying times.

    I guess since it’s roughly 9:30am, I’ll go with a Venti White Chocolate Mocha from the bux!

  • Skinny vanilla frappacino – or whatever its officially title is. 🙂

    So is promotion part of pimping your blog? 🙂

  • Scott Williams

    Wow Starbucks has the lead 7-5 w/ my drink order of course!

    Libby, Hmmm now that you mention it! 😉

  • Starbucks Venti Pikes Blend!

  • Sonic Strawberry Creamslush!

  • Noel

    Venti Pikes Place with room for Half n Half.

    I worked at Sonic in college – hated onion ring duties (19 years later and I can still smell them on my hands….).

    Off topic – I read an interesting article on what we should let our kids read and at what age and I thought of you . . . “sex talk” avoidance. The topic of when and what your kids read/watch/play and how parents in your blog arena make that call would be quite interesting (and a bit controversial?!?)


  • Route 44 cup of ice with some tea just for show. I want the ice more than the tea

  • Scott Williams

    Starbucks 9-7! Sonic ice has a name of its own, not crushed, not cubed, but Sonic.

    Noel- I blogged about thta a couple of months ago; you can find it in the most comments section on the right. It’s called “Lets Talk About Sex!”

  • i’ll take a powerade slush…blue baby, only blue…

  • SONIC Large Vanilla DP with Extra ice, pretty please 🙂

  • I want what Anne Jackson’s having! Roobios tea from Africa. Real stuff, not processed like they have at Starbucks. So, wherever Anne wants to serve us. (grin)

  • 97% of the time i order a route44 ice water with extra ice from sonic. but i also luv the java chillers or a vanilla coke or a cranilla craze {cranberry, vanilla, sprite}… 🙂

  • Skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbux – We don’t have Sonic in Upstate NY but for some reason we have commercials that tease us daily.

  • Scott Williams

    It’s a tie 10-10! Cranilla Craze, I thought I had heard it all!

    Sorry I can’t count it’s Starbucks 11-10!

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  • Sonic Diet Sprite – love it!!

  • toss up!…flipped a coin 100 times…53 times or 53% came up Large Diet Coke with very light ice then 47 times/47% for the Grande Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino Blended Creme…depends on time of day but a few less calories with Sonic wins out here…

  • Large Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper, or after a long run I’ll take a large Cran-Vanilla Slushee

  • Sonic – Diet Cherry Limeaid

  • Route 44 vanilla dr pepper

  • I wish we had a Sonic in Michigan because they show commericals all the time hoping we’ll drive all the way down to Ohio for some food and shakes. Sometimes I want to do just that because their menu looks uber yummy. So in this case…

    I’ll vote Sonic. A pineapple slushie sounds great!

  • rachelle

    you know i’m a starbucks girl, so it’s a grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte (with water in a short cup so madeline thinks she’s drinking coffee like mommy…) BUT since there is a sonic pretty much across the street, and the happy hour is awesome, it’s usually a vanilla diet coke. (except the past couple weeks i’ve had a weekly craving of chocolate banana shakes from there which sadly, do not fall under happy hour prices…) all that said, i’m just a thristy girl most the time 🙂

  • Haha, I’d love a classic coca-cola from Sonic!

    Great post!

  • Heady

    sonic – vanilla dr. pepper.

    i like this post. creative.

  • So this is how you get people to comment on your posts: Controversy and Bribery. Well done, here’s number 36. Grande Americano with no room.

    A skeleton walks into a Starbucks and says, “I’ll have a Veinte, iced, two percent, spilt shot ‘Cookies and Creme’ mint mocha. Go easy on the ice with 1 3/4 packets of Equal, no whip, topped with velvety, dry foam and a dash of cinnamon. Oh, and a mop.”

  • mmmmm… I do miss the Cherry Limeade!

    But since there isn’t a Sonic within 500 miles of here, I’ll put in my order for an iced (90+ deg. here today) triple venti non-fat hazelnut latte.

    thanks Scott

  • iced grande double shot, please

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  • Bert Boan, “So this is how you get people to comment on your posts: Controversy and Bribery. Well done”
    See, I knew there was something about you I instinctively liked. (grin)

  • sonic size Vanilla Dr. Pepper

  • Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper. Ever since moving from Edmond to Orange County I have really missed Sonic. The closest one to me now is about 40 minutes away. I make the drive every once in a while, but I miss one being 3 minutes from me

  • Definitely Starbucks. Not because it’s my favorite drink place but since I live in Vermont there are no Sonic eateries anywhere in sight!

  • Scott Williams

    OK- Sonic Has the Lead 21 to 16; I’m impressed the goofy drive-thru commercials must really work!

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  • I did a post on this today go check it out

  •’s not the commercials…it’s the weather! Cold drinks! I’m easy. Diet cherry coke–lite ice.

  • I agree with Robin, it’s the hot weather/cold drinks! Give me a Diet vanilla Coke, please.

  • Give me a Strawberry or Cherry Limeade anyday!

  • JoAnna

    Diet Cherry Vanilla DP from sonic! mmm yum, I am not a big starbucks fan.

  • Scott Williams

    Roger- I checked out your post!
    Robin and Rachel- You are right!
    Lisa and Joana- Thanks for joning in in the conversation.

    Sonic still leads 25-16

  • All about the Sonic! I don’t know how people survive without them. We have one right down the street. I’d treat myself to an old fashioned Limeade–no cherry, just lime.

  • Just figured it needed one more comment to make this post #1

  • Im torn. I love sonic for their cheap cold drinks but I LOVE starbucks. So, I must go with the starbucks for taste and creativity. I like the decaf grande iced mocha with whip. For sonic I have to go with an ice tea or coke. Well, to be really honest I spend more time at sonic than starbucks, I cant afford starbucks.

  • For me, I would like to drink anything that I enjoy without any worries of body fat, cholesterol, and other bad things inside my body. Just as long as you adapt a healthy lifestyle. I can drink any coffee, tea or soda I want as long as it’s in moderate level. Anything good that is in excess can be bad, right? I eat pork every other day and I supplement it with bitter herbs. I drink soda pops almost everyday but I make sure that I exercise it out or drink more water compared to it! that’s healthy living without any food deprivation!
    For now, I would like to have a Triple grande moccha! YUM!

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  • So we have NO Sonics around here! for shame, I know. Closest one I know of is 1 hour away. If those are the only 2 choices, I’d have to go with Starbucks, and at the moment, I’m craving something cold, like an iced latte, or a lemonade-y fruit-tea type stuff.

    (btw, Peet’s Coffee & Teas are the bomb!) 🙂

  • Kameel4u

    I love the Venti Sweetened Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks

  • Hey! I have never been to a Sonic. I live in the Pacific Northwest.. maybe I haven’t been looking around enough. But I like your blog. Love your reminder to think first before you ‘publish’.

    So…if someone bought me a drink from either Starbucks or Sonic, I would love to be surprised by anything from Sonic. All those different flavors sound so lush! And if Starbucks, it would be a tall hazlenut mocha with all the fat and whip cream.

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