Got Receipts? 1 (of 4)

There is something about spending your money and the experience/interactions that you have during each and every transaction.  Receipts are often indicators or reminders of those experiences; or at least they are a reminder of how much you are spending.  This week I will be posting some receipts; since I am in ATL w/out a fax and scanner I will just give you a virtual receipt.

Business or Location:

  • Eminence Nails and Spa:   3495 Buckhead Loop N.E.  Suite 230; Atlanta, GA 30326; 404.846-1555

The Receipt: (Grand Opening Sale)

  • $26.00 Spa Pedicure w/ French Manicure (Wife)
  • $21.00 Spa Pedicure (Me)
  • $47.00 Total

 The Experience: 

  • My wife and I both got Spa Pedicures and massage chair massages.  The place was new, extremely nice and customer service was great.  We also got some kinda bamboo massages, with some pressure-point foot thing  (highly recommended).  We both enjoyed the overall experience and it was definitely worth the $47.00

Special Notes:

  • Apparently some of the Atlanta Braves, Falcons and Hawks go to this place; and the lady who did my feet did Sean “P-Diddy” Combs not long ago.  My wife and I caught the train to attend Buckhead Church and walked across the street from the church to find this place.  We did get to hang with Mr. Ragamuffin Soul himself Carlos Whitaker; he gave us the tour of their “Big Time” Buckhead facility.   

The Question:

  • Fellas do you get pedicures/manicures and ladies do you want your guys to get pedicures/manicures?  Comments, thoughts; go ahead, call me metrosexual!
  • My wife loves pedicures/manicures…
    Here in Peru it costs $ 3.00

  • Deidra

    uh, I’d be happy if guys cut their toe nails regularly. yes, the fellas need to get some professional care from time to time in the nail department. 🙂

  • haha lol men getting manicures/pedicures…haha lol

  • metrosexual – that was the first thing I thought of. Are you doing research for another article?

    I pray your time away is encouraging, enlightening and restful

  • Well, Dirk would NEVER get a pedicure. I’m just telling you. 😉

  • I take care of my feet but I do it myself. I am too cheap to pay someone

  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GOING TO GET MY NAILS AND FEET PAMPERED. I do not do it very often but when I get a chance I jump all over it.

    Are you going to the Catalyst Conference in ATL this Fall?

  • I L-O-V-E pedicures, but I love to buy shoes even more. So, sometimes I opt out of the $35 pedicure for a new pair. Now, I have taken my husband with me a few times. His first experience he fell asleep. I was too consumed with my own pedicure to notice they had painted his toenails – clear polish. But still polish, no less. He made me swear to never tell a soul. But, since he has opened up about his first experience to others, I feel the “okay” to share. And, metrosexuals are cool, by the way.

  • Reminds me of this funny song…

    Sorry fellas… I’m still a guy, barely out of my club carrying, knuckle dragging phase…

    Creamy lotiony hands are hard to grip a tackle box with…

  • As my friend Scott Hodge says, “LIVIN’ Venti” BRO!

  • what color did you get them painted….lmao…

  • Sounds like you’re having a great time!

  • I’m just going to say it, loud, proud and 5 days after the fact! If you’d seen my feet before my wife got me in to get a pedicure you’d have wanted me to go. And, there’s nothing better than this little Asian lady rubbin on your feet, well nothing better until after you get married!!

    Now I can wear sandles without getting laughed at

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