Got Receipts? 2 (of 4)

Business or Location:

The Receipt: Check #0099

  • $5.39    Brownie Sundae          
  • $9.79    Carne Asada Taco    
  • $15.18  Subtotal
  • $1.21    Sales Tax
  • $5.00   Tip
  • $21.39  TOTAL

 The Experience: 

  • My wife and I split the Carne Asada Tacos and we substituted one of the Carne Asada tacos for a Buffalo Chicken Taco.  We also had some of the hotter salsa made up.  “Shawn” our server said “This is what the people in the kitchen make up and eat themselves.”  It was green and made w/ avocados (it was excellent).  We always try to split meals and sometimes even order off of the kids menu.  The server “Shawn” was excellent, he kept my water and chips full at all times and he had great interpersonal skills.  He even got some extra brownie points; keep reading in Special Notes.  We enjoyed eating on the patio and the overall experience and it was definitely worth the $21.39

Special Notes:

  • As we were eating we overheard two ladies at the table behind us talking about the Bible and one lady was trying to convince the other lady how the book of Genisis couldn’t be true because of the dinosaurs, some Oprah stuff and yada, yada, yada.  Our Server “Shawn” engaged in the conversation and just flat broke them off with some teaching and preaching that you wouldn’t believe.  If you are ever in Atlanta or live in Atlanta; go to the Buckhead On The Border and ask for “Shawn.”  He told us that he attends World Changers Church with Pastor Creflo Dollar.

The Question:

  • Do you generally split your meal when you go out to restaurants?
  • Do you engage in uninvited conversations; with topics like the one “Shawn” engaged in? Thoughts?
  • Chris is not a meal splitter 🙁 I am hoping that when we turn like 60 he’ll start splitting meals with me.

    A girl can dream.

  • My Kris isn’t usually a meal splitter either. The only exception is an order of fajitas.

    Food portions are out of control these days.

    As for jumping in uninvited conversations – I have done it once or twice or fifty times.

  • I like to eat too much to split meals… lol

    I usually don’t jump into conversations–just listen, unless I just can’t help it, then I might say something! However, I just think it’s rude sometimes when people but in with their oppinion, especially if it wasn’t asked for!

    I miss you! Hope you’re having a great time, you metrosexual! 😉

  • Yes, we are meal splitters, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! And CM doesn’t like the things I usually lean towards. The things we do to save money.

    I love to eavesdrop, but I never engage.

  • Dirk and I split our meals (started only a few years ago Cindy…but we’re not 60 yet!!) ; )

    Don’t butt into conversations unless it’s between my kids! or telling Anna that she misspelled a couple of words…LOL!!

  • Do I look like I split meals. And no I am too chicken

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