Got Receipts? 3 (of 4)

Business or Location:

  • Atlanta Braves (Turner Field):   Aramark Sports & Entertainment

The Receipt: Check #4084

  • $5.25    Large Soda          
  • $7.00    Georgia Dog    
  • $6.75    Chili CHZ Fries
  • $19.00  TOTAL

The Experience: 

  • My wife and I split this meal of course.  The extra-long all beef Georgia Dog was messy and not very good; they need some of that good Oklahoma Beef… “It’s What’s for Dinner!” Obviously Professional Sports food is outrageously priced and our food was definitely not worth the $19.00. 

Special Notes:

  • The Stadium was extremely nice relative to the fact that we have only attended two MLB stadiums, this Atlanta one and the San Francisco Giants when Bonds was chasing the record.  I had a guy named Dustin come up to me and introduce himself to me; he attends my campus (’ers are everywhere), he is in Atlanta on Business.  Not only that, my old boss from about 8 years ago when I worked in corrections sat in front of us.  The Braves played horrible for 8 innings and tried to mount a come back in the ninth, but came up short 4-3.  BTW- I found out why the beer, peanuts, cotton candy…. guys are always yelling and hustling so hard; they get a .50-.75 cents commission off of each sale.

The Question:

  • Do you generally sneak food/snacks into movie theaters or sports stadiums?
  • Who is your favorite sports team: college, semi-pro or professional? 
  • Scott Williams

    Yes we sneak food/snacks into movie theaters and stadiums. Well we don’t sneak it we just take it… they look all through my wifes purse anyways.

    College Football: OU Sooners!

  • My wife is a big fan of sneaking food and such into venues that don’t allow it. No, I do not turn it down if she offers me some once we’re in. he he…

    My teams are Dallas Cowboys, Orlando Magic, University of Oklahoma, & Oklahoma State. If the two Oklahoma teams are playing, I want the team that has the best chance to represent us in the championship game to win.


  • We usually sneak some and buy some

  • Scott

    We definitely sneak food in. The only thing we buy at the theater is the artery clogging popcorn.

    Favorite team is definitely the Chicago Cubs. You can’t beat a Chicago style hot dog at Wrigley!


  • I’m not a popcorn eater. So, I usually bring in my twizzlers, sour jacks, and bottled water…..I carry a large purse 🙂

    Gooooooooo Dawgs! Sick ’em.

    Also like those dirty birds – the Falcons. And, please spare me the Vick stories. Oh, did you hear Nike dropped Vick? Yep, but Hushpuppy picked him up. Terrible. I can’t tell jokes, much less type them.

  • You mean you didn’t get the Ted Turner Beef-a-low dog? He gets the meat from his buffalo ranch and sells it at the ball park.

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