Got Receipts 4 (of 4)

Forget receipts today!  Which payment type is your preferred method for your daily purchases?  Cash, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card or Other?  I’m not sure what Other would be; however I just thought it would be a good additional option!

  • cash

  • Debit card.

    Cash and checks are dinosaurs and will disappear in the not so distant future. They are too easy to duplicate (steal) and no longer cost-efficient.

    Thumbprints, retinal scan, or DNA sampling will replace all of the above eventually.

  • Absolutely debit card.

  • I’m going with other i.e. other people’s money! I know… I’m wishing. I’m going with checkcard or debit; however, I never go the debit way. I always select credit because I don’t know my pin.

  • American Express. My life. My card. So, the ads go. The last time I used my debit card, the vendor never gave it back to me. I know, stupid me for forgetting to ask for it. Nevertheless, someone took my card on a $2K plus shopping spree before it was caught. My bank covered the expenses – but for a few days, it came straight out of my personal account. And, credit cards are not the devil if you pay them off monthly. Plus, you get skymiles.

  • Vicki

    Cash preferably, but usually debit card.

    Although…my husband used credit cards (company) and ended up getting our first class flight to Barbados free and our full hotel stay at the Hilton in Barbados for our honeymoon…..just have to know how to work those credit cards if you are going to use them! 🙂

    In my line of work multiple choice questions are ALWAYS followed with an “or something else,” because you NEVER know what else there might be!!! 🙂

  • I’m all about my debit card.

  • Credit card! It’s a cash-back and we pay it off every month. Have taken vacations for the last three years on that cash-back! (but we still use a budget)

  • Definitely debit – easy to use and track all your stuff online later. And a word of advice – for places that charge extra only for debit: tell them it’s credit. It can be used as both with the only difference being you personally sign for credit purchases with it.

  • Good job Jonathan!
    I host a Dave Ramsey lifegroup, and he preaches the money envelope system. I found it to be very helpful. Every month I pull out a certain amount for food and entertainment. When you’re paying with cash, it tends to hurt a little more. And also when it’s gone, it’s gone. However, if I get lazy and use the debit card, I become a swipe-happy, Target-terrorizing, need-new-shoes-and-purse-and belt, spending freak! Then I have no money left for the other 29 days. That’s why cash is my friend. =)

  • We still run on cash, works much better for the budget. We eliminated about $1000 a month out of our budget by using cash. To easy to spend with the debit card

  • Would ” I Owe You’s” count as the other? I prefer barter. Example I will do your tile work in your house if you do my sheetrock on my house. LOL

  • ostate17

    these are just as good as money. these are IOU’s. 250,000..that’s the ferari you might want to hang on to that one. Ok, if you don’t get my comment, you’re just dumb and dumber than some. Anyway, pretty soon everything will be auto debit and credit. Merely robots. You will not be able to carry the dave ramsey envelope. Cause you will just thumb print payment that will come out of your account. Ok maybe not, but it worked in Back to the Future II.

  • Scott Williams

    My wife handles all of this… check and debit card. I am a dave ramsey cash envelope system kinda guy. Robin- I’m w/ you on the rewards card, that’s how we purchased a ticket for our most recent vacation.

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