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College Football '08-'09!

sooners.jpgI have been itching to talk about, watch and experience some College Football.  The countdown is on and I can’t wait to watch my Sooners hit the field.  I am looking forward to my Sooners going down to Miami and playing for the National Championship.  I know that we have choked in the last few BCS Bowl Games; however this year is going to be a different story! 

You are probably wondering who’s going to play the Sooners in the National Championship; here are some of my pre-season possible opponents:

  • USC- They get it done every year even thought they are cheating and paying players.
  • Georgia- Finished strong last year and they have a guy named Knowshon Moreno.
  • LSU- Even though Les Miles is hard to like and wears his hat sitting high; the dude can flat out coach.
  • Ohio State- The Buckeyes have had Bowl problems similar to OU and need to get er’ done this year.
  • West Virginia- They showed that they were the real deal against the Sooners, they were 1 game away from championship and Pat White is the Man.

There are several other teams that could be in the hunt; however I can almost guarantee that those 5 teams and OU will be in the hunt. 

I would love to hear you sound off, talk smack, give some predictions,  tell us about your team, who is the Cinderella, can Appalachian State pull off another major upset against LSU the first game of the season, will Oklahoma States’ defense be improved, will Joe Paterno retire, will Bo Pelini get Nebraska playing some defense, will the Sooner obliterate the Shorthorns, will Mike Gundy go on another rant, where will the QB controversy be,  will Sam Bradford win the Heisman, is this Fulmer and Tennessee’s year???? So many questions to be answered, so much smack to be talked and it’s only 30 days away.   

I gave my predictions and I will kick off the Smack Talking!  It’s your turn: give some predictions, comment, represent, join in on the discussion.   

Don't Believe The Hype!

I was talking with a good buddy of mine yesterday who happens to work in the home building industry.  We had been playing phone tag and missed one another several times do to the fact that he had been so busy.  He said to me and I quote “Scott, I am so busy that I don’t know what to do… I’m going to have one of my best years ever.  People talking about the housing market is horrible are smoking crack!”

We have all heard the stories about foreclosures, problems with the sub-prime market, the mortgage crisis…  The hype would have you to believe that the market is horrible everywhere and for everyone.  It’s important to that people “Don’t Believe The Hype” and realize just because something is true for someone else and there is a lot of hype, doesn’t mean that it’s the case for everyone.  In other-words:

  • Just because the market is bad in one part of the country, doesn’t mean that’s the case in your area
  • Just because the media says ___(blank)___ doesn’t mean it’s true for you
  • Just because your boss says you can only get ___(blank)___ done a certain way doesn’t mean its true
  • Just because your Pastor says ___(blank)___ doesn’t mean it’s true for your life
  • Just because the media thinks he/she is the best political candidate doesn’t mean it’s true
  • Just because you read it on a popular blog doesn’t mean that it’s true or right
  • Just because it looks sexy and seems to be working for their church, their business, their family, their kids, their marriage…. doesn’t mean that it’s all it appears, nor does it mean it’s what’s best or will work for you.  “Don’t Believe The Hype!”

It’s so easy to get caught up into all the “Hype” of other’s opinions, thoughts, styles, trends, decisions… that you can loose your distinction.  Make your own decisions, lead up, set the trends, find your groove, find your voice… and “Don’t Believe The Hype!”

“Do You!”  It’s a statement, not a question!

What are some of the popular “Hype” trends that people tend to believe?  How can/do you avoid believing the “Hype?”  Share your thoughts, opinions… we might just believe the hype!

What Bloggers Want!

What I am going to share is not Rocket Science; however it is definitely true.  Here is the question: “What do Bloggers Want?”  Here is the short answer:

  1. Readers- This is generally the driving force behind writing a blog… for bloggers to share and for people to read.
  2. Comments- Most bloggers love comments, the more the merrier.  Many times comments can be perceived to show how popular a blog is.  There is not always a correlation between the number of readers and the number of comments, some of my most read posts didn’t have many comments and vice versa. 
  3. Subscriptions- Bloggers like for people to subscribe to their blog; as it provides a more consistent reader base and some readers don’t want to go to the site.  You can subscribe to by clicking here.
  4. LinkLuv and Trackbacks- Bloggers appreciate seeing their blog listed on someone else’s blogroll.  Bloggers enjoy other bloggers talking about and linking to their blog posts (Trackbacks are cool).    BTW- If you have added to your blogroll, let me know so I can show you some LinkLuv.  
  5. Making Money- Some bloggers have the desire of their blog being able to make them some cash, by the following methods: google ads, advertising, sponsorship, affiliate programs, selling products, donations, book deals, speaking engagements…  BTW- I have had several people inquire about advertising, sorry I have not made it happen yet.  I will try to go live w/ advertising in August.

Do any of these ring true for you?  What else do bloggers want? 

Monday Madness!

My Madness:

  • My wife got us some bikes for my birthday; we rode about 10 miles last night.
  • My wife also got me one of these; if you don’t have one you need to get one!
  • My boys are at the in-laws until Wed. night; momma and daddy time!
  • I am in a really good season; a lot of stirring and churning… really good stuff.

My Church Madness:

  • We had right at about 2,500 people this weekend and you could not find a seat at the 11:30… fall get ready here we come!
  • We have “Partnership” tonight… check out my previous post talking about moving to “Partners”
  • This Guy led worship at the “N-Dub” this weekend and rocked the place!
  • We are kicking off a new series this weekend entitled “So You’re Dead Now What”

Random Madness:

  • If you didn’t get a chance to check out the message I taught at Flamingo Road Church entitled “Envy Exposed” as a part of the series; you can check it out here!
  • This JibJab Presidential Campaign piece is funny!
  • Social Networking:  
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    • Twitter (Follow me… click here)


How Loud is Too Loud?

loud.jpg“That’s Too Loud!” is one of those phrases that we hear from a very young age: that toy is too loud, your TV is too loud, that music in your car is too loud…  The bottom line is that someone was telling you that they didn’t want to hear whatever it was, at that noise level or that you were going to damage your hearing by listening to ___(blank)___  at that level.  The reality is defining loud is a matter personal preference.  The Dictionary defines loud as: (of sound) strongly audible; having exceptional volume or intensity: loud talking; loud thunder; loud whispers; loud music.

I know you are probably wondering what does any of this have to do with anything?  The purpose for this Loud discussion is to talk about music being “Too Loud” at church.  No matter where I attend church, it seems as though this definition of loud is a moving target and it is one of those topics in which everyone has a different opinion: the worship leader has a different opinion then the pastor, who has a different opinion than the young guy, who has a different opinion then the musician, who has a different opinion than the middle-age lady, who has a different opinion then the old guy, who has a different opinion then the teenage girl, who has a different opinion then the sound guy, who has a different opinion then the new guy, who has a different opinion then the deaf guy, who has a different opinion then you…  you get the picture.

How Loud is Too Loud? 

  • Do you want it to sound like a concert?
  • Do you prefer A-Capella?
  • Do you want to be able to hear yourself sing?
  • Do you want to feel the music?
  • Do you want it relatively low?

How Loud is Too Loud?  At we use a “Db” or Decibel Meter to stay within a specified range; however we do offer earplugs for your listening pleasure!  🙂

Today Is My Birthday!

Today is my Birthday, I’m 35 and I’m getting old!

Stirring Stirred Stuff!

stuff.jpgGod is stirring some stuff up inside of me; leadership stuff, life stuff, family stuff, ministry stuff, I need to do stuff, vision stuff, what Christ is doing through me stuff, not caring what people think stuff, campus stuff, having fun stuff, caring about people stuff, development stuff, future stuff, awareness stuff, pushing the envelope stuff, kid stuff, not playing it safe stuff… I could go on and on and it’s all Good Stuff! 

I’m stirred up with all this stuff; although it’s its all good stuff, it’s difficult to articulate!

Are you there?  Have you been there?  Are you willing to go there?  Do you need to go there?

Where is there?  This is a confusing post…  BigIsTheNewSmall

Quick Questions?

I have a couple of quick questions that will take you less than a minute.  Please help a brotha’ out and answer these questions.  Those silent and RSS readers, please join in.  Thank you in advance, I’ll go first:

  1. What’s Your Name?
  2. City, State, Country?
  3. Do you have a blog or twitter, if so what’s the blog web address or twitter site address?
  4. When you read blogs, do you primarily go to the site, read through RSS or receive an e-mail?
  5. What church do you attend?

Thanks!  I you are an over-achiever, feel free to share any additional information!

Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back!

mac-and-pc.jpgI have always wondered what the real answer to the question; Which is better, Mac or PC?  I recognize that the answer is probably just a matter of personal preference; however I’m sure many of you have what you consider real answers and serious opinions.  Personally, I don’t have a clue; I have only used PC’s although I have worked with people and have friends who use and live by the Mac Daddy. 

I will admit that Mac has a much cooler name, just think about it: if you put Mac in front of anything it automatically makes it cool:  Mac Daddy, Mac Donald’s, Mac Momma…   I have watched the commercials and heard some of the basic arguments for the Mac vs. PC, such as:

  • A Mac thinks like you do (What does that mean, I don’t know how I think)
  • Mac’s are overrated, you don’t need that extra stuff unless you do music, videos or media
  • Mac’s are too expensive
  • PC’s freeze, crash and burn (ctrl. alt. del.)
  • Mac’s look better
  • Mac’s are not mainstream, not used in schools and not common enough
  • Most computer viruses are written for PC and not Mac
  • PC parts are cheaper and software is more readily available
  • I-phone, I-Pod, Apple… need I say more

All of this information seems to be a lot about nothing; I am personally considering making my next computer purchase a Mac.  I think it might make sense to experience what is supposed to be the Mac Daddy of luxury, as it relates to computers.

What is better Mac or PC?  Why should I or should I not buy a Mac?  Is it true that Once you go Mac, you never go back?

Share your thoughts and let the debating begin!

You Decide '08

Some people say I shouldn’t talk politics on my blog; well I agree… kinda!  Me and a few buddies of mine were recently chatting and asking some “What If” questions; however we didn’t know it was going to lead to all this!  Check out video below:

I don’t care who you vote for; get registered, stay informed and go vote!

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