News That Has My Attention

Here are some news stories that have my attention, my thoughts in parenthesis:

Any thoughts on any of these stories? Any other news that has your attention?

  • My mother-in-law informed me yesterday of watermelon’s viagra-like effects. Her boyfriend seemed very excited about it as he chomped down on a piece. It’ll take counseling to get through this one.

    As for Starbucks. I think people are rationalizing – skinny latte or a gallon of gasoline? I dunno.

  • Man Dusty I don’t even know your mother-in-law but I didn’t need that mental image, for you it must be terrible LOL

    Basketball YAHOO

  • The whole Starbucks thing cracks me up! One news story reported they are closing the stores because some of cutting into other Starbucks sales. Oh, imagine that! 🙂
    I’ve got to ask what your thoughts are about Obama’s faith-based initiative promotions and his quotes about his commitment to Christ. (I have post about it on Lovely Pearls)

  • Scott,

    I’m trying to understand the OBama lovefest. I’m not throwing stones–just really trying to understand it. I don’t care for McCain but consider him the lesser of the evils this election. OBama has Charisma and he is likable. I could vote for JC and would like to have him as President. I guess soon we won’t have any candidates who match my values.

  • Ah see, this is where I’m glad I’m not a normal. I don’t care if Hancock is a hit or not. I can tell from the preview that I’m gonna like it.
    Watermelon yields Viagra-like effects…there’s a very inappropriate comment in there somewhere…(grin)
    Haven’t y’all figured out which is the lesser of two evils so you can throw your full support behind him like the $400 million dollar man?

  • Roger, you have no idea.

  • fewer Starbucks means more locations.

  • I had read all those stories except the J.C. Watts story, interesting stuff there … I think my favorite part of the story is “Pastors need to be careful in this endorsement game,” he said.

  • JGudell

    Something I was recently affected by and thought I would share with as many as possible. My 2 year old and I stepped onto an escalator last saturday and a few feet down , his CROC was pinched and then sucked in by the escalator. Tore up his little foot pretty bad. Broken bone, severed tendon, severe lacerations. Be careful with little ones who where CROCS.This prompted my wife and I to do some research and apparently this is not all that uncommon. Watch your babies!!!

  • Thanks, Scott, for the Obama thoughts/comment! Happy 4th!

  • Watermelon? MMMmmm… having watermelon tonight with your boys gone too? Wonder what that means… mmmm…. did I just say that?? 😉 Can’t wait for this weekend!

  • Brittney

    LOL ANNA!!!! 🙂 Too much! hahaha

  • Sorry for my delayed response, I’ve been eating watermelons like crazy!!

  • Hancock’s an okay movie. I went in slight protest (wanted to see “Wanted”), but it turned out to be worth it despite the reviews. Just don’t expect it to be good, and either way you won’t be disappointed, right? Also, I didn’t pay for it, which makes it all the better. =)

  • I am confused by the JC Watts thing. It may be history, but I think it is more about racism. I have heard of a few people who are black who might vote for Obama because of the history of this whole thing. How could you vote for someone whom you don’t agree with on so much just because he is black? If I was to say this same thing, except as a white person, I would be a racist. I am still waiting on Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson to apologize to the Duke LaCrosse players for ruining their reputation and careers so what do I know?

  • Suzanne Wild

    JC Watts has stayed pretty much outo f the public eye for a while, hasn’t he? I always admired his politics and his ethics.

    I also have to say that being told TO vote for this candidate because he is black, or for that candidate because she is a woman is as repugnant to me as being told NOT to vote for them for the same reasons.

  • Hello Scott,
    it is great that nature provides everything we might need, isn’t it? You have to eat large quantaties of watermelons to treat erectile dysfunction…Hmm – I wonder, how many watermelons you are supposed to eat, because if it was too much there could be a big timing problem 😉
    Thanks for sharing some interesting news stories!

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