panera.jpgI need to set the record straight; I am totally convinced without question that Panera has the best sandwiches, bagels, breads, soups…  I don’t know why I decided to share this, I just did.  You can’t find a better place to have a light breakfast, a good lunch meeting or a place that allows you to get out of the office, use their free wifi and flat out get some work done.  Each time me and this guy meet, it’s at Panera and about 6 years ago my very first lunch meeting with my Senior Pastor Craig was at Panera.

Here is my order: Pick Two- Frontega Chicken Sandwich  minus the onions and Broccoli and Cheddar Soup; Water w/ Lemon ask for the big clear cup, because that baby one they give you doesn’t do anything for me.

What’s your favorite sandwich/eating spot to meet or your favorite place to get out of the office and get some work done?  What do you order?

  • I’m a Louie’s girl. I always order the turkey wrap minus the bacon & cheese in an effort to conserve calories. And, I opt for the fruit cup instead of the fries.

  • I completely agree Panera is the best place for sandwiches. Either the Fontega Chicken or the Chipolte Chicken are my favorites. However anything in that place is enough to make my mouth water.

  • Okay, I have to agree on the Panera angle. Best bagels and sandwiches hands down. HOWEVER . . . I am currently boycotting because they discontinued my Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. How can you just decide to “discontinue” that kind of goodness??!?!

  • rachelle

    hands down cafe 501 is my place. mom and i go at least 2 times a week or so and it’s the chef salad minus the eggs, with balsamic vinegar on the side instead of ranch. and a brownie, for wyatt of course. 🙂 but the coyote chicken sandwich is awesome too…just not as healthy. they also have killer saturday breakfeast….stuffed french toast or the black bean burrito…yum. and a tropical tea.

  • Restaurants? You mean you get to eat at some? On a regular, weekly basis? Wow, what’s that like? And without your children hanging on you?

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Elephant Bar is one of my favs. Cobb salad

  • I agree with Dusty, I love Louie’s. Panera is good too, and we seem to eat there a lot, but the food is super fatty. Almost, if not just, as fatty as McDonald’s and the like. Most people thing they are eating “healthy” when they eat there. I usually get the low-fat Black Bean soup when I eat there. Stuff is delicious!

  • Brittney

    bj’s…. strawberry lemonade and any item on the menu… yum!

  • I love their chicken salad sandwich and the brocolli and cheese soup.

  • Cindy Beall, two words for you: Jason’s Deli. They were very nice to me and my wife. And I think I was wearing quite a bit of the previous meal while I was there too. Not a word was said. (grin)
    I think it’s all natural and organic and stuff. All I know is that I enjoyed the seafood gumbo a lot. And they had sea salt. miss thang is all about her sea salt now. The salad bar looked killer. Gotta do that next time. Anyway, one of the nice young people working there escorted my wife through the salad bar while I enjoyed 5 blissful minutes of nothing but really really good seafood gumbo. IMHO, Jason’s Deli might be a little more kid friendly than a Panera. I’m just sayin. (grin)

  • Okay, so a little off the beaten path but Java Joint in Bethany by SNU … you have to go there.

    Get their grilled cheese on sourdough and a cup of chicken tortilla soup, you’ll thank yourself for doing so!

    What does your dock say sbout you?

  • Scott Williams

    Dusty- I had Louis today w/ a couple that I’m marrying.
    JMarz- My taste exactly
    Leslie- You might have to move to Fuji to get the apples! 🙂
    Rachelle- The coyote chicken is bomb; we get it at the arts festival
    Cindy- Not all the time just sometime, business, meetings ministry, hangin’ with my boss…
    Roger- I dig the elephant bar’s environment
    Chris- Is it super fatty; I don’t want to know
    Britt- BJ’s good pizza and potatoes
    Cyndi- Yes on the soup
    Jimmy- Those gingerbread muffins on Jasons Deli’s salad bar are the bomb; I talked w/ a manager and yes they are complimentary… I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t stealing everytime I was in there 🙂
    Mike- What does my doc /#@%?

  • My sister and I just went out for a special breakfast at Panera without the kids. I have never tasted such a great quiche! Spinach and artichoke. And the orange scone was amazing. Also, can you beat the wireless internet with the plug-ins on the side of the seats? Wowzer. All for a reasonable price. Great post!

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