Headed to The Sunshine State!

My family and I are leaving bright and early in the morning to fly to the Sunshine State; Ft. Lauderdale Florida to be exact.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach the weekend at Flamingo Road Church; as well as spending some time with their Campus Pastors and other Leaders.  I enjoy visiting, strategizing, sharing, pouring into and learning from others; especially other leaders.  Pastor Troy has done an amazing job of leading a multi-site church in South Florida where the population is 91%-96% unchurched. 

The first half of the trip will be extremely focussed for me; however since we are staying on the beach, I’m sure that’s where my wife/boys will be hanging.  I will get to enjoy some family vacation time during the second half of our trip.

If you are not busy this weekend; you can check me out on Flamingo’s Internet Campus.  Don’t forget that it’s week 2 of At the Movies at LifeChurch.tv, I can’t tell you what movie it is; however I can tell you that it’s a good one.  Scott Rodgers will be holding the fort down for me at the n-dub.

  • Anyone out there from Florida?  Any must see’s or must do’s in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Beach area?
  • Are you vacationing this summer? If so, Where?
  • Who or what are you currently learning from?
  • Hey Scott … looking forward to hosting ya this weekend.

    Must Do’s in South Florida…

    -Wear minimal clothing (or you’ll die a slow painful humid death)
    -Hit up the Hard Rock Hollywood Casino in the Frt. Lauderdale area (not with the church corporate card .. if you know what i mean)
    – Then shop for houses in the area and remind yourself why you don’t live here… 😉

    Cya Saturday bro …


  • Scott Williams

    Looking forward to it; thanks for the info.

  • Dude, I will be in Miami on July 26th…NICE!

  • We vacation in Cabo every year. Cell phone service is limited there….and I like.

  • hey Scott- sorry we’ll miss ya, but the Cuban & I will be in
    the southern hemisphere. We’ll try to catch u on our ‘net campus.
    have fun teaching to the Floridian sheep — its a whole ‘nother flock
    than Oklahoma’s flock. But I think you’ll love it. -Heather (Raul’s wife)

  • Scott Williams

    Jamey- to bad we will just miss one another.
    Dusty- I know several people that claim Cabo as their favorite.
    Heather- sorry I will miss you guys, I look forward to hanging with the Floridians.

  • you will be a little south of me, but jupiter truly has the best beaches around. uncrowded and pristine. its worth the hour drive. enjoy soflo, i love it here!

  • Have lots of fun!!!! We love the beach. We are doing another cruise in November=)

  • So…does that mean you guys are the “churched”? So..what does that make me? (grin)
    We went to see the first At The Movies at the NDUB, and loved it. I couldn’t help thinking, man, I gotta check out this movie! Of course, when we got home and opened up the netflix, guess what it was? I don’t even remember putting it in the que. (grin)

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