Free Stuff Friday!

it.jpg   the-shack.jpg I am turning BigIsTheNewSmall’s Friday into a day to give some things away through the process of a drawing and all you have to do is comment to be entered.  Today we are giving away your choice of books: Either a Signed Copy of my Pastor Craig Groeschel’s new book “it” or a copy of the best selling novel “The Shack.”  It will be shipped right to your door! 

My thought about this Free Stuff Friday is to obviously give away free stuff every Friday; however I would like to get those of your who read this blog involved in the giving.  In other-words one of you will have the opportunity to give something away next Friday, we will accept comments, I will draw a random winner and you will send their item to them, it’s that simple (I might have to get the kids involved in the drawing like my girl Dusty).  Some of you may be bigger givers than others and that is totally fine, we might be giving away things like the following: itunes gift cards, starbucks gift cards, $50 cash, books, music cd’s, restaurant gift cards, sports tickets, free flights, $1,000,000, vacations, Bibles… 

I will not be involved in the handling of the items unless I am giving the item away, like this week.   If you are interested in sponsoring a Friday and giving something away, you can shoot me an e-mail to"> and we will lock in your date.  Your blog will be mentioned in the post (or a blog/business of your choice) and you will also get a 1 week slot in the BigIsTheNewSmall add section.  (BigBlogAndBusinessPimpin)

I want to come up with an official name for this Friday post and would like your help; in order to be entered into this weeks drawing just comment the name that you prefer from this list or a better name you have in mind:

  • Free Stuff Friday
  • Freebay Friday
  • Free Friday
  • TGIF- Thank God It’s Free
  • Free Freakin’ Friday
  • I Love Free Stuff

Go ahead comment away!  You have until 11:59 p.m. Sunday August 3rd. to comment.  Only one entry per person; however you can comment as much as you want.   🙂

  • Scott Williams

    Big Free Friday!

  • I see where you’re going with Freebay Friday, but I like “Freebie Friday” better 🙂

  • Freebay Friday makes me laugh, since I have been known to “WIN” on ebay. And, thanks for the link luv.

  • Freakin Freeday, Batman!!

  • How ’bout Free is the new Friday?

    BTW, Scott, our baby girl was born last Wednesday. 6lbs, 1oz, lots of brown hair and cuter than we could ever imagine. Our birthmother (remember meeting her?) is doing great. God is good!

  • I got your title


  • “Big Gratis Friday” Great idea…
    I would like to sponsor one friday,I don´t how I will do it because I live in Peru South America but I´ll do it.
    Thanks Scott

  • I’m a simple girl, so I like the good ole’ Free Stuff Friday. My father-in-law loved The Shack and has been telling me to read it for awhile now.

  • I would like Craigs book! 🙂

  • I like Kyle’s ‘Free is the New Friday’…

  • Becky

    Free Stuff Friday

  • Freakin’ Freebie Friday!

    OK- maybe not 🙂

    Sounds fun…can I give away cucumbers or green beans or a jar of pickles? 😉

  • Scott Williams

    I’m kinda diggin’ Free is the New Friday!

    Robin- Those items can dfinitely be a consideration! 🙂

    Keep em coming!

  • Sweet! This is a great idea. I hope I win “The Shack” I’ve been hearing really good things about that book. By the way, I like the name T.G.I.F. but Freebie Fridays works too!

  • noel

    I’m a fan of Freakin Freeday. I’m quite excited about “It”

  • OOO! OOO! How ’bout “If It’s Not Free, It’s Not Friday!”

  • What a great idea. And who can’t use free stuff. Like my grandmother says “for free you take”

  • ooo pick me pick me!

    if for no other reason than on a scale of one to awesome, i’m super-great!

  • Scott Williams

    SolShine- Where have you been, my guy Andy Kirk is going to be at your church this weekend. If you are there go say hello!
    Noel- It will be a great read.
    Kyle- You are on a roll.
    JMarz- Granny was right! Thanks for the props on the great idea; I don’t have too many of those! 🙂
    Joshua- Super-Great… wasn’t there a movie called Super-Great, oh never mind that was Super-Bad!

  • mkokc

    I’d love a copy of It. Word has it that Herbert Cooper and People’s Church get some love in there.
    PC represent!

  • I’m all for alliteration, but I like “The Friday Hook-up.”

    I’ve read The Shack – incredible book. I’d love a copy of Craig’s “it” book. Read “Going All the Way,” and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Crossing my fingers.

    Take care.

  • Scott Williams

    MKOKC- Herbert is a great leader and PC is on the move!
    nstarcap- Thanks for the comment, welcome to BigIsTheNewSmall

  • Kacie

    Definitely “Free Is The New Friday!”

    I would also like to go ahead and stake my claim on some OU tickets!

    I can confidently say that l would FIND A WAY to get back to Oklahoma if someone wanted to bless me with some tickets…preferably 50 yard line?? Hey, I’ll even be flexible and volunteer to go to OU/Texas in Dallas if that would be easier. 🙂

    What can I say? The stupid SEC just isn’t gettin’ it done for me like my Big 12!! Its just not the same!! Plus, Volunteer Orange hurts my eyes.

  • I like Free is the new Friday too! Goes with your blog.
    ANd I LOVE The SHACK!!!

  • I like “Free is the New Friday!” Btw, I’m a poor school teacher…

  • Freakin’ Free Friday
    Friday Freeday

  • Scott Williams

    Kacie- I am sure that we will get some OU tickets during the season. I am digging that name as well. Orange is ugly period.
    Jess- free is the new friday is growing on me. I am foing to start the shack next week.
    K-ford- maybe the poor school teacher will win.
    Jason- I think using the word freakin’ is cool.

  • Vicki

    Free is the new Friday sounds good.

    This is a pretty cool idea!

    I would love to win some of Robin’s cucumbers, green beans, AND pickles!! : )

  • FreeIsTheNewFriday. I like.

  • I’m thinking:

    The “Friday Love Fest” or “Friday Luv Fest”

  • candes

    How about Freedom Friday Freeness?

  • definitely “free is the new friday”! it just fits. great idea, by the way. maybe i will throw in a free portrait session! 🙂

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for all the comments!

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