On My Desk or In My Bag!

Here are 5 books that are on my desk or in my bag: (Either reading or getting ready to start reading)

Have you read or plan on reading any of the above books?  Share your thoughts.

What books are On Your Desk or In Your Bag?

  • I’m reading:
    The Shack and
    Skinny Bitch (can I type that??) the new diet book on the market…

  • I’m still trying to finish “Pop Goes the Church”; really a cool read.

    I’m hearing good things about “it”… I hope you post your thoughts when you’re finished with it!

  • I’m reading The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons.

  • Looking forward to reading:

    Wild Goose Chase

    Just finished:

    Crazy Love

    Still reading:

    Wide Awake
    The Adventures of Grand Master Flash

  • I’m reading Peppermint Filled Pinata’s
    “IT” is on deck

  • I have just recently finished Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” and I am still being challenged by it. The simple truths that are presented throughout the book are reinforced through real-life situations that cause you to consider where your faith is (or isn’t) being correctly lived out in your life. It’s a pretty easy read, but it has been very convicting for me…

  • finshed “It” last week, good read
    in the middle of “Crazy Love”, wow! eye opener
    “Pop Goes the Church” is on the shelf
    “200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One” should arrive in the mailbox soon
    plan to pick up “Wild Goose Chase”
    “The Last Lecture” is on the shelf, gift from my parents

    in fact passed “It” along to my 66 & 67 year old ‘conservative Southern Baptist’ parents and they both read “It” in 2 days…very much enjoyed…now in the mail to my Pastor brother in Virginia…

  • See my blog yesterday 😉

  • Hey Scott! I just nominated you for the Black Weblog Awards.

  • You know I love Crazy Love. I’m reading Faith and Confession – just ’cause I’m curious.

    I’m near ’bout ready for some beach reading no-brainers.

  • Our life group is reading The Shack right now.

  • at the moment, i rereading THINKING FOR A CHANGE by John Maxwell. I’m looking at reading GOOD TO GREAT next but I’m also considering “it”. let me know what you think after you finish reading it.

  • My Desk:
    IT, C. Groeschel – WILD GOOSE CHASE, M. Batterson – END OF REASON, R. Zacharias – THE UNFAILING LOVE OF JESUS, R.T. Kendall
    Also, just read CRAZY LOVE!

  • Just read: The Kite Runner (LOVED IT)
    Currently reading: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Liking it)
    To be read: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Because it’s a classic)
    A Thousand Splendid Suns (Because I adored The Kite Runner)
    I’m just a fiction-loving kind of girl!

  • ostate17

    if you would’ve put the Bible, i could’ve commented. i really should read more.

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for all of the Good Book Choices & Comments.

    I just picked up a new book last night and already finished about half of it, it’s a very easy read…

    Teach Your Team To Fish: By Laurie Beth Jones

  • I am just finishing up it and started Crazy Love. it was a great leadership book and think if you are in church leadership or really any leadership position you should read it. I have heard nothing but great things about Crazy Love. Super excited to dig in.

  • Jessica Y.

    Our department at school is reading The Shack right now. Loving it!

  • Just finished “The Shack” and “the Last Lecture” — different reads from my normal reading pile.. but i enjoyed them.

    Lets hook in MIA bro … for that podcast .. we’ll do lunch and a podcast session … let me know.


  • I have heard great things about The Shack. It is even getting great reviews in the secular market.

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