Meet The Williams Family

I thought that I would introduce you to my family via some pictures that Photographer Abi Martin a.ka. ~abi~ had recently taken of us.  Not only is ~abi~ an amazing photographer; she is wonderful person.  If you are ever in need of any family, wedding or personal photographer, you should check her out… you can visit her blog:  and follow her on Twitter here:  @photographerabi

The Williams Family: Me-(Scott), Wife-(LaKendria), Oldest Son-(Wesley r-9) and Youngest Son-(Jayden l-5)











“Below is my red hot smokin’ wife LaKendria who is a stone cold fox, on a scale of 100 she’s easily a…”





Speaking of meeting; how many of you who read BigIsTheNewSmall have I met in person?  Simply comment we’ve met or not yet!  

I hope to meet as many of you as possible in person some day!

  • not yet

  • I think we’ve met… not sure… 😉

    These pics are great!

  • beautiful family, dude.

    … never met.

  • we havent met yet. look forward to the day dude.
    good looking fam!

  • I found your site by searching for Christian sites. I been checking your blog out ever since then. I been in your archive trying to see were you stand on Christ and His teaching. So far its been great reading. Your family is gorgeous your wife is a doll and your sons are sooooooo handsome. May God continue to bless and keep you and your family.

  • Amazing pics! You married very well, Mr. Williams.

    We’ve met!

  • Nice shots. will make sure Shelly checks them out.
    Yes we have met, but don’t tell anybody that it was just the 2 of us at lunch or someone might get suspicious 🙂

  • Haven’t met….yet
    Great family shots.
    Your appreciation/adoration for your wife is a great example.

  • Awesome pics, Scott! Yup, I’ve met ya! 😉

  • rachelle

    yeah, she’s hot. 🙂 is it just me, or is it funny that the guys all changed clothes yet lakendria didn’t? great pics fo’sho.

  • We met briefly. My husband worked as a graphic designer at LifeChurch until 2006, and I worked at the staff kids’ program summer of 2007. I had Wesley in my class. Spent a lot of time with that group at Frontier City and White Water. Man, he’s grown up!! Nice pictures! It’s good to celebrate family.

  • NOT

  • Sick picks, man!
    Yep, we’ve met. Looking forward to seeing you next time you’re in Florida!

  • Scott Williams

    Heady- We need to meet, you should come visit our campus on a Sat. night!
    Anna- We have met, thanks!
    Chilly- Thanks bro. mayve we can meet at some upcoming conference or something.
    gepappa- we need to meet, thanks!
    ann- Thanks for stopping by and commenting, please don’t be a stranger to the comment area and thanks for the family compliment.
    Dusty- thanks I did marry up! I still owe you coffee!
    Roger- LOL, We should be OK, we had a waitress!
    David- We need to meet this year. My wife is awesome, beautiful and she puts up w/ me… that takes a special person.
    Libby- Thanks… waiting on you and your Gerardo to come back to the n-dub!
    Rachelle- She’s hot and she changed shoes… LOL
    Emily- He is growing up, 4th grade and playing tackle football. I really digg’ my family they are cool!
    Jonathan- NOT YET! 😉
    Mauricio- We will be back your way to visit FRC next weekend. I am looking forward to working w/ you on some projects.

  • It is REALLY funny that you quoted Talledega Nights, the most white trash redneck movie…. 🙂

  • yay! thank you for the kind words, scott! your family is so good-looking, i had a great time shooting you guys! let’s do another session soon. 🙂


    ps we HAVE met. 😉

  • Abi takes awesome pictures!! And your family is a great subject. Thanks for sharing them.

    Yeah…we’ve met!

  • Scott Williams

    Jayma- It is a redneck movie…
    ~abi~ Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
    Robin- She’s great and thanks… I hope Dirk is feeling better and recovers swiftly!

  • Bro! Tryin’ to reply to your email….but it keeps coming back stamped, “REJECTED” AGH! Shoot me a quick email. Oh, and hey….your wife is GORGEOUS! And your kids are delicious and heck, your whole fam should be on the next front cover of People’s most beautiful!

  • Nice pics!

    I don’t think we’ve met, but we’ve been in the same room once…

  • Scott Williams

    leadhership- I sent a direct message from twitter; you have to send a twitter direct message back. I will forward you an e-mail. Thanks for the kind words; look forward to hangin’ w/ you guys.
    K Ford- Thanks… same room once, sounds intriguing any ellaboration?

  • Nice Family…

    We’ve met…

  • Hello Scott,

    Great blog, awesome content, and gorgeous family! I have been conducting some research for a new project I am working on and think your blog may be the perfect fit for it.

    AFRICANS WHO SHAPED OUR FAITH by Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. is a groundbreaking work helps readers discover the reality of the presence of Blacks in the Bible through the use of 12 moving sermons. Each chapter contains an in-depth historical overview of the context in which the people lived. AFRICANS WHO SHAPED OUR FAITH paved the way for many other works that have shed light on the parts Africans played in the Bible.

    If you are interested in receiving a copy of Dr. Wright’s book for coverage on BigistheNewSmall, please forward me your mailing address. I will have a copy sent to your attention. Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to working with you!

    All Best,

    Lisa Roe
    Online Publicist

  • Nope, haven’t met (yet).

    I love the pics of your family. Very nice. Enjoy it, now that our kids are grown we can’t get my son anywhere near a camera (the girls are a different story).

  • i’m pretty sure we’ve met! your family is so beautiful!

  • JUDY

    We have met….several times!

  • Scott Williams

    Avery- Thanks bro.
    Lisa Roe- Thanks for thinking about me and checking out
    Cyndi- Thanks, I always appreciate your comments!
    Mandy- Thanks! 😉
    Judy- Yes and thanks for commenting!

  • I think we’ve passed in the N-dub lobby, maybe.

    You can get to know us at We’ve got a new one on the way!!

    b and v

  • Scott Williams

    Bert- Congrats and I am on my way to check out your new site!

  • Great pics man – really grea tpics!

  • Thanks for sharing the photos. LOVE em all! Your family is, as always, magazine cover material! Your boys are growing up so fast!

  • Scott Williams

    Darius- Thanks bro… BTW- Nice cookin’ blog, are you a chef?
    Rachel- Thanks for the comments… now you guys are the photo kings even featured in a newspaper. 🙂 Don’t get me started on the growing up so fast, it’s light years!

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  • I LOVE the pics. I’m trying to get caught up on my blog reading.

    Yes, we have met and I once met you beautiful wife.

  • amooyoung

    Recently met in person! Great blog you have going on here!

  • Thanks for all of the nice comments!

  • CRGlen

    Yes we have met “2T” I hope to see ya in Cali for Catalyst West Coast… I really enjoy your Blog… U Da Man!

  • Nope haven’t met, (hey I just got your DM an hour ago, can I have a coffee before we meet this early)

    From going over your blog this morning you are definitely someone I would love to meet. Your family is precious and yes your wife is beautiful. (nice to meet someone else who married up)

    Be blessed

    Jim Wright

  • Scott Williams

    CRGlen- It was great meeting you… im sure we’ll hook up at a conference again.
    Jim- Thanks for crusing through my blog… I just checked out yours and your video. Maybe we will cross paths in the future.

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  • Those are great pictures. I love good photo shoots.

  • You guys look great man! (And we met in person, online, and on doublepop!)

    You rock man!

  • HAven’t met yet, but as soon as I can get to the N-Dub (or you guy’s come visit us out here in the AZ) we’ll get er done bro.

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  • Thanks Charley, Rick & John!

  • barb hendrickson

    Yep, we’ve met! So glad, too. I’m really blessed that you are our pastor at NW. Appreciate you a lot. What a beautiful family you have, Scott. Really enjoyed the great quality photoshoot, too.


  • Barb- Thanks, I appreciate everything that you do! You are quite the social media person these days. Thx again for visiting!

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  • Jenny

    I like your blog, beautiful family!

  • Carlos

    I enjoy your tweets, nice family pics!

  • Thx. for the comments!

  • Awesome pictures, man. Great family!

    We haven’t met… yet.

  • @Alex- Thx man! Maybe we can meet IRL one day! Blessings

  • b

    cute kids!

  • Scott Williams

    Thx. b & everyone else

  • Eric Ebbinghaus

    I’ve met you, Scott! You handed me my lunch in my interview with in October of 2008 when you asked me to tell you a joke, “me me laugh” you said, and I fell on my face! I was in Edmond interviewing for the Ft. Worth Campus YP position. Enjoy following your blog and what you’re doing in leadership and ministry.

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