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A Man of Faith

There are some early mornings where I sit quietly in my office and just just stare at the wall or my bookshelf and reflect on how blessed that I am, my family is and our country is.  Well this morning was one of those mornings where I just simply stared at my bookshelf and every once and awhile I will just look at all the books on my shelf for some inspiration which to write about.  As I was glancing down the many titles and genres of books… my eyes became fixated on this book entitled “A Man of Faith.”

I took this particular book off the shelf and began to read through the pages of a book about a young Texas Governor whose gubernatorial leadership was based on his strong faith.  I began to read through the pages about his relationships, friendships and counsel he sought from all types of Godly spiritual leaders.  I reflected on his claim to fame as the Texas Governor being his faith-based initiatives and how he obtained the title of being a compassionate conservative.

As I sit here right now there is a much different scenario, situations have happened and this man sits in the white-house with an abismal approval rating and many people whom downright despise him… how times have changed.  By no means is this a “political post;” however God did speak to my heart to share that our President is A Man of Faith, has a family, has challenges, has feelings, seeks God, falls short… and inspite of all that, he is the leader of our country.  The same thing will be true for the new leaders that we elect in 34 days and let us always be mindful of this verse in Romans:

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.  Romans 13:1

Through all of the political rhetoric and nonsense; let’s seriously pray for our leaders on both sides of the isle!

A, B, C or D all of the above

A. College Football “My Sooners”- I have never seen as many upsets in the Top 25 in one week for as long as I can remember:  USC, GA, FL, WIS, W.F., Clem, & E.C.  I know how it feels as a Sooner fan to get upset… but not this year we are going to lay the smack down for the rest of the season.  The team that scares me just a little is OSU who just jumped into the top 25, their offense is sick, they had record attendance at their new stadium, we play them the last game of the season and they have been known to be a Sooner Spoiler.   Do you have any college football thoughts or smack talk?  Go ahead make my day!  Even you Dusty

B. Blog “An Open Apology“- A friend of mine Aaron Havens has this blog called An Open Apology with his buddy Jonathan.  This site is inspired by their book, in which they are currently pursuing a publishing deal.  The blog is designed to be owned/operated by the readers; as they journey together down the road of Christianity to Christ.  Go by and check them out and let them know sent you.  Are we more concerned about being in love w/ Christianity and the systems than Christ Himself?

C. Book “Transcending The Isms”- I have been contemplating writing a book for quite some time now; as far back as my days in corrections and politics.  I have a bunch of thoughts, outlines, title suggestions, notes…  I might have just landed on a title for now; who knows it may change tomm.  The title was inspired by my post last week Transcending The Isms’.   Do You Have any thoughts on the title or suggestions?  Are there things that you have been contemplating doing, that you need to just getem’ done?  

D. “All of The Above”- Share your thoughts on a A,B, C or D all of the above.  It’s Monday you can sound off on anything that you want.  If you didn’t get a chance to see the message this weekend, you missed a good one, my man Herbert Cooper did an amazing job.  BTW- I forgot to ask, How Was Your Weekend? 

Links That Make You Think!

  • USC Goes down, if my Sooners handle their business they will be number 1. (click here) 
  • PETA wants Ben and Jerry’s to use breast milk in their ice cream. (click here)
  • MySpace Music Offers Free Music Tracks to combat itunes. (click here)
  • If you can’t get enough political banter check out Election Twitter. (click here)
  • If you have linked to let me know & I’ll link you back; to subscribe (click here)
  1. Please share any links that make you think, blogs that make you think or books that make you think.
  2. What’s happening in your world?  Will there be a debate tonight?  7 Hundred Billion Dollars? 
  3. So much to talk about I would love to hear from you on any subject, It’s your world; Sound Off!

I will close with the way every President and Presidential Candidate Closes their Speech!

“May God Bless You and God Bless America!”

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

…then God showed up!

The often used phrase “you fill in the blank here…then God showed up!” is one of those phrases that in my opinion reduces God Almighty to a situational God.  Remember the “3GO’s of God”:

  • God’s Omniscience- God knows everything
  • God’s Omnipresence- God is everywhere
  • God’s Omnipotence- God is almighty, all powerful and can do anything

…then God showed up!  Not so much, “…God was already there” we just chose to acknowledge Him.

BigIsTheNewSmall- Our God is so Big that our Small minds can’t always comprehend!

If I Didn't… Would You Still?

If I didn’t allow comments on, would you still visit the site?

Are comments important?  Are there any good blogs that you read that don’t allow comments?

RSS readers please share your thoughts as well!  

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Yada Yada Yada

The Urban Dictionary defines Yada Yada Yada as: A conversation gloss-over, similar to blah, blah, blah.

I had several people ask about the “New Communication Strategy” that I tried this weekend; in which I made reference to it in yesterday’s post.  The appropriate way for me to describe the strategy is the fact that it was a “Different New Communication Strategy” to our normal stage announcements.  “If we consistently communicate the same thing in the same way, it falls on deaf ears.”   Sam Roberts from the Directional Leadership team calls it Numbness of Frequency

I call it Yada Yada Yada; in other-words when you, me, or someone else is communicating the same thing or maybe even something new but in the same old way, people start to say Yada Yada Yada in their head.  Here are some examples of Yada Yada Yada’s:

  • On the airplane: floatation device, metal end into the Yada Yada Yada
  • Announcement lady at church: pray for the sick and shut-in, prayer service Yada Yada Yada
  • Pastor from stage: welcome everyone, so glad, awesome, amazing, fill-out, drop Yada Yada Yada

Sometimes you can break the chains of Yada Yada Yada just by changing things up.  This past weekend we actually did something that was a little over-the-top and gameshowish.  We did a spoof of the Netflix radio commercials: “If a pie is in the sky, where is the cake? In the Lake. Correct!, If you don’t know what you are looking for, what are you looking for? A LifeGroup. Correct!  If your mom commands you to always be nice and say thank you, who commands you to be Baptized? Jesus. Correct!…  We posed a series of these random goofy questions w/ repetitive answers that drove our key announcements home.

I had more people come up to me after the experience saying they liked it, it was neat, Yada Yada Yada.  we also polled people coming out to see if they remembered the key points and everyone did.  The bottom line is that it was fresh, and I have now bought myself some people-pay-attention-time until I do the next random thing.  It doesn’t have to always be over the top, just keep it random. 

Imagine if the flight attendant did a multiple choice test over the intercom and gave everyone the answers… I bet you would pay attention and understand the points, instead of in your mind going Yada Yada Yada.

  • What are some situations in which you find yourself going Yada Yada Yada?  Church, Boss, Spouse…
  • Share any creative communication that you have done or experienced!  Share any overall thoughts!

How Was Your Weekend?

I think the most popular Monday morning question for people to ask is “How Was Your Weekend?”  So that’s what we are going to do this Monday Morning is answer that question. I will go first:

  • I did an amazing outdoor wedding on Fri… one minor problem I forgot to say “You may be seated!” 
  • Great Message at church and met several new families one family is driving 1 hour to our campus.
  • Tried a fresh communication strategy… people seemed to respond well.
  • I washed my car, my moms car and my wife’s car yesterday.
  • My boys teams dominated their soccer and football games..
  • I taught Jayden how to ride his bike w/out training wheels.
  • Overall Great Weather, Great Weekend and I’m tired.

How was your weekend? The good, the bad and the ugly!

The Youngest Preacher Ever!


Transcend The Isms

My boss gave me one of the biggest compliments that he could have possibly given me during our meeting the other day.  As we were talking he stated the following “Your leadership and communication transcends the LifeChurchisms!”  In other words: you have found your voice, don’t feel the need to act, talk and be like everyone else… you can say and do things w/out necessarily using the LifeChurchisms. 

When entering into an organization there is a natural desire to engulf ourselves in the culture; in order to learn, adapt and understand what it’s all about.  In doing so we begin to pick up all the isms’ of the organization, our peers, our boss…   Many times if we say or do things outside of those isms’ we begin to question ourselves and wonder if it’s acceptable to simply “Do You!”  I will say not only is it acceptable but it’s necessary for growth.  God didn’t place you in __________ to be another part of the isms’ but rather to be a part of the growth, life and development of that organization.  This same mindset can be applied to relationships, teams, situations etc.

I think it’s important to develop your own isms and find your own voice within the context of your particular situation.  The neat thing about devloping and maximizing your own isms is that they come very natural, because God wired you and only you the way that He did.  My good friend Scott Rodgers recently blogged about one of my quoteisms’, you can check it out here.

“Do You! It’s a Statement Not a Question.” 

  • Do you find yourself or others getting caught up into the organizational, team and peer isms’?
  • What are your thoughts on Transcending The Isms or Isms in general?

I just found a new quoteism’ “Transcend The Isms”

Most Unique Blog Post Ever!

Take a few moments right now and pray for someone or something! 

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