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Today’s guest blogger is Roger Garrett of Roll Mental Camera.  Roger describes himself and his blog as “Just a father, husband and friend with some stories to tell.” Trust me, the river runs much deeper than that! Please enjoy…

Roger Garrett and Family


by Roger Garrett

The fighting prowess of two thirteen year old suburban white boys was a sight to behold, especially since it was my first.

Roll mental camera…

Playing wall ball was a right of passage for any young man in the 80’s. During one of our heated games a guy said something derogatory toward me to which I replied something along the lines of “Your momma wears combat boots.” (I am still not sure what that means)

He took offense and bowed up saying, “I will give you 10 seconds to take that back or I am going to punch you in the mouth.”

Time to put up or shut up.

Being young and bullet proof I was going to call his bluff but as the countdown reached zero he actually swung at me. But instead of punching me in the mouth, he slapped me in the neck. I tried to kick him and lost a shoe. With my sock flopping we flailed at each other like drunk monkeys for about thirty seconds until, with ninja precision, I connected with the back of his head breaking my hand. Fight over.

I told you our fighting expertise was of legend, but at least it isn’t on YouTube.

Putting up may not always work out the way you want and could get painful. Many times God has put a burden on my heart and has asked me to “put up”.  Too often in the past I “shut up” instead. I have now challenged myself to stop shutting up and make “PUT UP” my motto. I think I have finally figured out that things don’t have to work out the way I want but instead the way He wants.

What burden has He given you and asked you to “put up”?

Did you?

Did you ever have a fight as a kid that looked more like a comedy routine?

  • Pretty funny story. I could picture it as it happened. Boys! We are something to behold.

    I have too many funny fight stories so I want share. Well, one time I got slapped by a girl in front of the whole school. This was so embarassing.

    Okay, PUT UP or shut up. Go continues to challenge me regular. And a post like this helps me to PUT UP when God puts something on my HEART.


  • I’ve never been a fighter, although I did dabble in the martial arts for a while.

    Right now, God is calling me to something bigger than myself. I’m seeking him to figure out the “how” part. It would be very easy right now to shut up. But, disobedience does not pay.

    GREAT post.

  • traviscogburn

    I think I have been in a slump of shutting up for about the last year now, which if you know me, that is really not my style at all. So I; like yourself, am entering into a stage in my life where I am reclaiming my youthful-self and getting back in to the “put up” stage of my life….Get ready to strap on the gloves again world!!!

  • First of all, Roll Mental Camera is one of the funniest blogs I read. Seriously.

    All the fighting I ever did was with my sister. She was a pest and I was convinced it was my “duty” to “enlighten” her. Good times.

  • Heady, getting slapped is always fun, keep putting up

    Dusty, I know your pain on something bigger. I think I have only had 3 fight my entire life so I wasn’t a fighter either. Tell your kids that this post inspired you to do some martial arts and see how they react this time. Maybe they will think it is cool this time around

  • I would do the “RUN FOREST, RUN!”

  • Travis, praying for your family today, I know you are ready for any fight

    Kim, thanks for the props. Enjoys yours as well

    Jamey, this was supposed to keep you from running 🙂

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