Links That Make You Think!

  • USC Goes down, if my Sooners handle their business they will be number 1. (click here) 
  • PETA wants Ben and Jerry’s to use breast milk in their ice cream. (click here)
  • MySpace Music Offers Free Music Tracks to combat itunes. (click here)
  • If you can’t get enough political banter check out Election Twitter. (click here)
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  1. Please share any links that make you think, blogs that make you think or books that make you think.
  2. What’s happening in your world?  Will there be a debate tonight?  7 Hundred Billion Dollars? 
  3. So much to talk about I would love to hear from you on any subject, It’s your world; Sound Off!

I will close with the way every President and Presidential Candidate Closes their Speech!

“May God Bless You and God Bless America!”

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

  • The debate question is tough. Totally a double edged sword. They are going to toake flack if they do or don’t

  • Breast milk? Really? Nice.

    Appears there will be a debate tonight. And, it also appears those Dawgs are on the Sooner’s tail. Watch your back.

  • amooyoung

    I read the add about PETA wanting Ben & Jerry’s to use breast milk! GROSS!!

    As for the financial economy? Glenn Beck on put it best:
    “Our financial system is like a 747 flying with all 4 of its engines on fire. The bailout program isn’t going to keep it from landing hard, it’s just going to keep it from fall out of the sky! (And it’s our only hope at this point)”

  • Here’s two video blogs that I follow on a regular basis:

    1. – great way to find all the cool stuff on the Net.

    2. – The Mulatto Diaries is a vlog about lady discussing the biracial experience in America.

    Good stuff! Tell me what you think.

  • “BREAST MILK” in my icecream…Ok, Peta…that;s where I draw the line.

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