A, B, C or D all of the above

A. College Football “My Sooners”- I have never seen as many upsets in the Top 25 in one week for as long as I can remember:  USC, GA, FL, WIS, W.F., Clem, & E.C.  I know how it feels as a Sooner fan to get upset… but not this year we are going to lay the smack down for the rest of the season.  The team that scares me just a little is OSU who just jumped into the top 25, their offense is sick, they had record attendance at their new stadium, we play them the last game of the season and they have been known to be a Sooner Spoiler.   Do you have any college football thoughts or smack talk?  Go ahead make my day!  Even you Dusty

B. Blog “An Open Apology“- A friend of mine Aaron Havens has this blog called An Open Apology with his buddy Jonathan.  This site is inspired by their book, in which they are currently pursuing a publishing deal.  The blog is designed to be owned/operated by the readers; as they journey together down the road of Christianity to Christ.  Go by and check them out and let them know BigIsTheNewSmall.com sent you.  Are we more concerned about being in love w/ Christianity and the systems than Christ Himself?

C. Book “Transcending The Isms”- I have been contemplating writing a book for quite some time now; as far back as my days in corrections and politics.  I have a bunch of thoughts, outlines, title suggestions, notes…  I might have just landed on a title for now; who knows it may change tomm.  The title was inspired by my post last week Transcending The Isms’.   Do You Have any thoughts on the title or suggestions?  Are there things that you have been contemplating doing, that you need to just getem’ done?  

D. “All of The Above”- Share your thoughts on a A,B, C or D all of the above.  It’s Monday you can sound off on anything that you want.  If you didn’t get a chance to see the LifeChurch.tv message this weekend, you missed a good one, my man Herbert Cooper did an amazing job.  BTW- I forgot to ask, How Was Your Weekend? 

  • My weekend was great.

    B. We (in general) are definitely more in love with the systems. That’s a huge issue. I wonder what’s the plan of action to reverse the curse.

  • I’m so glad to be a Bama fan today. Never in my wildest dreams would I think Saban would have them this good this fast. Roll Tide.

  • Yo, I read Open Apology. It allows for some great “thinking” time first thing in the moring.

    Go Herbert! Let God continue to USE you. My bestfriend attends people’s church and loves it.

    I’m out!

  • Hey! I think you should title your book…”Put some water on it!”…Love that post! Go for it on the book! Time is short and if you are called then answer! My Monday? 2 sick kids…YUCK! Off to the doc n, box! 🙂

  • A. Alabama looks pretty tough. They would have to play a good game to beat the Sooners though. (My Illini… 🙁 )

    B. Sometimes Christ gets lost in the systems.

    C. I’ve been thinking about ramping up my writing. Thanks for the inspiration.

    D. Weekend was good. Youngest son’s freshmen team won 47-6. Great weather.

  • A. what’s a sooner?
    B. I’ve always wanted to be the type of girl who falls down on her knees and wipes His feet with her tears–no rules, no religion, no tradition—just desperate at His feet.
    C. n/c
    D. We baptized 290 people in God’s ocean with ominious, pregnant clouds of rain over us. But the clouds held. And as soon as we finished, they opened up, big time. God’s good.

  • A. Yep your boys look good, but I agree with you on the Pokes
    B. Have to check it out
    C. Glad you agreed with me, and I think you are just the man to write it
    D. Weekend was good except for the boys getting stomped in football and soccer

  • I think that is a great title for your book… is it the one about unconventional leadership?

    I got a washer and dryer this weekend… for free! God is amazing to bless me with everything I need!

  • Scott Williams

    Darius- Reverse the curse… hmmm
    Kevin- I have never seen a team jump so many slots… bring on the tide. Like him or not Saban is a good coach!
    Heady- Herbert is a great guy and has a great ministry.
    Jenn- Put some water on it! I might need to revisit that post in the near future… that was before I had many subscribers. LOL I pray that your kids get to feeling better.
    David- Bama does look tough, keep you writing up bro. you definitely have some skilz!
    LeadHership- A Sooner is someone who snuck past the territory markers ahead of the gunshot to get an early start. That’s sweet stuff regarding the beach baptisms, it was right there in the area that we stayed… such a cool area.
    Roger- I think the pokes should be ranked higher… I need to get started on it!
    Anna- Yes maam’ Free Washer and Dryer is always good!

  • Hi Scott, how are you? Sounds like you had a great weekend – gotta love Herbert Cooper (I haven’t seen him in years!)… we had an amazing weekend in Detroit!
    Here’s my take on the ABCD’s:
    A: College Football is awesome – you just NEVER know! I was glad to see USC humbled (after they humiliated my Buckeyes).
    B: Right now I read more blogs about Catalyst than Christ. I think insecurity abounds in our ‘Christian-circles’… that certainly doesn’t come from a relationship with Jesus. Hmmm…
    C: I would love to read your book! I think the title could be: “Prison Break” – ha!

    Have a great week!

  • A: GO Pokes! 🙂

  • jimmy paravane

    Yeah, college football. They won, right? Hey, does anybody know what 700 billion divided by 305,292,090 is? Now that we aren’t gonna give it to Wall Street, can I pretty please have a refund? I know, the economy is boring.(grin)

  • Shaun thanks so much for the link. It was very timely. I am sharing it with Marc. I have been following Pastor Herbert’s blog for a while but it was nice to hear his message (and it so relates to our lives right now).

  • What kind of smack could I POSSIBLY talk today? GA didn’t even show up until the 3rd quarter. So much for a black-out game. At least, I had another Georgia Bulldog to cry with. Thanks, Lance.

  • Scott Williams

    Chilly- Herbert is a great dude, I’ll have to tell him you said what’s up.
    Kevin- Go Pokes, except for Bedlam!
    Jimmy- 700 billion how about down 700 points
    Cyndi- It was a great message
    Dusty- I think the all black was for the funeral the Dawg fans were attending!

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