10 Reasons That Don't Rhyme

The title says it all; there is no Rhyme or Reason to the 10 bullets in this post!  Here we go:

  1. There seems to be a new group of bloggers who have linked to BigIsTheNewSmall.com; as well as more subscribers then ever before.  Thank you for reading and if you have linked BIG; let me know so I can show you some LinkLuv
  2. You might be addicted to twitter if you refer to yourself as @scottwilliams or @___fill in the blank___
  3. College football predictions: Texas looses to Mizzou, OU beats Kansas, Georgia looses to Vanderbilt… Big 12 Rocks!
  4. No football/soccer games this weekend for the boys; it’s fall break
  5. My man Steven Furtick is speaking this weekends message at LifeChurch.tv
  6. I have a really great team of leaders… I thank God for them!
  7. “Leadership is not just a word, it’s a calling… it’s away of Life!”  Transcend the Isms’
  8. If you have not tried Evernote, you should.  It’s an awesome online note-taking/external brain program: click here to download it.  There is also an iphone app.
  9. I don’t watch “The Office” Am I missing something?  Do you watch it?  What’s all the hype?
  10. Me and the boys will be hitting Sonic up for Happy Hour; any recommendations?

Do you have any random Reasons That Don’t Rhyme?  Share Them!  What’s up for the weekend?

“Don’t believe the hype or follow the hype… instead create the hype and be the hype.” Transcend The Isms’

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

  • I’m going to have to check out the Evernote. Thanks for sharing. Hope to meet you and your wife at a poetry night (poetryokc.com) soon. Have fun this weekend.

  • In reference to #9: YES, you are missing something. Definitely need to give “The Office” a shot, at the very least. Brett and I own all seasons on DVD, and I don’t need to tell you how cool we are… 🙂 Take the advice of your former employee; you won’t regret it.

  • I always have reasons that don’t rhyme. I’m thinking of taking a nap tomorrow…just because! I bought the last three seasons of the golden girls…I’m going to start watching them this weekend…just because – lol!

  • I’m working this Friday… bah!
    I’m going to the block party tomorrow so I can get my life group to look outside of themselves…
    Getting excited for this weekend… more volunteers!
    Thankful for my boss/leader…
    Wishing I had a Sonic drink! 🙂

  • And whatever happened to Free is the new Friday??

  • yeah…and you said OU would beat TEXAS….I think I’ll stick with my ‘horns.

  • The Office is WELL WORTH the hype… unfortunately a LOT of the humor is based on the characters’ personalities so you have to watch a few episodes to get a lot of it, but once you do you are ADDICTED.

  • Vandy? Really? Come on Williams. You know better than that.

  • Bro, I don’t watch The Office either. I can only stick to three shows: Sunday NFL Football (Vikings of course), 24, and Desperate Housewives.

  • Just dropped in for a look-see and thought I’d get involved. You have an interesting blog, and I’ll have to come back sometime.

    What? You didn’t mention the SEC and Florida Gators? What’s up with that? Go, Vandy! I’ve also got to go with Mizzou. Anything to help my little Gators.

    I’m with you on the leaders comment. There are some good leaders in the small church the Lord has called me to pastor.

    You can’t go wrong if you grab a cherry limeade with an extra cherry or two (three).

  • jason

    Scott, The Office is my FAVORITE show. You do need to get into the characters a bit. I have the first 2 seasons on DVD if you want to watch from the start. Have a good one. Sorry I missed you Sat, I saw you talkin’ w/ the fam when I picked up the boys. BOOMER!!

  • Scott Williams

    Heady- When is the next poetry night?
    Kyndal- Yes, you guys are cool… I don’t know if I need another thing to take up my time; if I decide to I might give you a call to borrow your collection.
    Darius- Golden girls, for real!
    Anna- Thank you… I am to ADD to do something for an extended period of time…change, different, better!
    Jason- My team and I went to see the movie The Express, which made me dislike Texas even more. Go Tigers!
    Kara- I dont need anymore addictions! Twitter is enough!
    Dusty- I’m hatin’ on anyone near the top!
    Jamey- vikings, I’m with ya’ Adrian Peterson os the best back we will see in a long time!
    PreacherPen- Thanks for dropping by, how did you find BigIsTheNewSmall.com. Cranberry-Cherry-Apple-Limeaade
    Jason- I might have to take you up on the DVD collectiuon instead of Kyndal sonce you are just around the corner and she is in Pitt. It was good to get by OKC; however I’m glad to be back home this weekend! 🙂 SOONER!

  • rachelle

    so, forget about our lifegroup getting deeper spiritually…we’re now going to spend it watching the office. 🙂 probably my favorite show next to gray’s anatomy.

  • You don’t watch The Office, bro??? You’re killin me! C’mon, man, cross over to the other side…you’ll love the belly-rollin laughter that is a guarantee every Thurs. night!

  • Chris Beall

    What were you saying about Mizzou upsetting Texas? I’m glad you are a better campus pastor than sports analyst. HOOK EM!

  • Um, yeah, Scott?

    Please stick to your day job at LC.tv instead of trying to be the next Lee Corso. You’re much better at being a campus pastor because clearly, you can NOT predict sports.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Hook ’em.

  • Scott Williams

    Heather- I don’t and probably don’t need another addiction… who knows I might try it.
    The Beall’s- I am making predictions out of my dislike for anyone in the top 10 besides OSU. I’m glad I’m doing OK at the Campus Pastor thing! 🙂

  • Scott, I found your blog by going through several other blogs. I’m old, so don’t ask me whose blogs they were. Suffice it to say it was a good journey and I’m glad to have made the trip. I’ve also been adding a few sites to my blogroll lately, and would like to include your slice of the Internet.

    BTW, Mizzou didn’t do so well yesterday, and Alabama barely squeaked one out. I just don’t know who Florida will play for the national title. Scott, say it’s not so! You don’t like anyone in the top 10 besides OSU. I was stationed in OK City many moons ago, but finally moved back to the land of promise – Florida.

    Please, everyone, drop by and see me @ From Preacherpen’s Desk; you will be welcome. Bring friends.

  • jimmy paravane

    hmpph..all that talk in the next post about Leadership Intuition people readin skillz and yer clueless about the LC “the office” sub-cult? (grin) 2 words: Jim and Pam. OK, that’s actually 3…

  • Scott Williams

    Preacherpen- Welcome!
    Jimmy- hya’ where have you been (grin) (smile)

  • jimmy paravane

    Hya Scott. I’ve been quiet.

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