"Not Today…"

not-today-2.jpgI was thinking about coming up with one of those creative, cool, leadership, challenging posts this morning; however I slept through my normal morning 3B-Time (Bible, Books & Blogs).  So what is a person to do, go ahead and push through, come up with something, post a YouTube video, post a blog someone else wrote, post a blog that says go check out so and so’s site, post some pictures… ehhhh not so much for me my friends.  That kind of thought process can lead to a people pleasing attitude and I am the furthest thing from a people pleaser; so my post today simply begins and ends with: “Not Today…” 

If you are having one of those days in whatever area of your life, feel free to simply say “Not Today…” and remember “Not Today… doesn’t mean Not Tomorrow…” 

“Not Today…”  Transcend The Isms’

  • jimmy paravane

    I had to do this recently. I clean malware off of, update software and hardware, repair software and hardware, setup new and transfer data from old PC’s, install safeware, install networks, install wireless networks securely and train friends and family on how to use all this on their computers. Recently, someone at my church asked me to do this for her computer. At the time I agreed to to this, I didn’t realize how much of my time was suddenly going to be filled with things I needed to do to get ready to leave town.
    I freaked. I didn’t call her, I didn’t show up, I didn’t even go to church for fear of facing her.
    But we are leaving on our last vacation ever before my wife dies. My wife is my kryptonite, much less my priority. I got so overwhelmed and depressed I couldn’t do anything but lay around the house feeling sorry for myself and my so called overwhelming burdens.
    I had no choice but to finally tell myself, NOT TODAY. Not until we return. I immediately felt a huge burden lift off of me. I’m finishing cleaning the house, packing and taking care of all the last minute minutia required. I feel good!
    Besides, I’m a tech junkie. I’ll be dying to get my hands on some really messed up PC’s when we get back so I can show em mah technogeek skillz. Don’t mess with the paravane! What? I gotta like myself for something…(grin)

  • I like that… today is one of those days…

  • Great one, (as usual), Scott. Having your entire staff read this today? Just wondering 😉

  • I’m not sure if today is “one of those days” I’ve gotten a lot done… but I still have a lot to do! ahhhh!!

  • Not today…I love it. This definitely surpasses the isms!

  • Scott, I dig the 3 “B’s” I do it every morning…I feel deprived when I miss it!

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for the comments “Not Today… maybe tomm.”

  • Thanks Scott. I needed that “today”.

  • Great Post! Wow! I have been watching the movie Annie with my daughter lately and that “Tomorrow” song keeps coming around! “The sun will come out…tomorrow… bet your bottom dollar that…”

  • Scott Williams

    Pete- No Problem, thanks for stopping by!
    Jenn- Thanks for just planting that song in my head 🙁

  • That was like a Seinfeld episode.

  • Love this post. Gotta fight through. Saw the other day that 1% of blog readers are actually blog content providers. Good blog man. Keep it up.

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