Halloween Drive-by

Some Random Bullets for Your Halloween Enjoyment:

  • We do the Halloween thing… the boys are excited to have their parties at school and trick or treat tonight.  The weather is going to be perfect today and it’s Fri. fun times!  Jayden is a Black Ninja Double Black Ninja 🙂  Wesley is a tackle football player… go figure!
  • We have some big-time games this weekend for the boys and my Sooners play Nebraska.
  • We are Kicking off a new series at church this weekend “Practical Atheist” it will be off the hook!
  • If you are on twitter follow me here and be sure and subscribe to BigIsTheNewSmall here.
  • The Oklahoma City Thunder had a horrible debut game!
  • I’m not sure if you knew this but there is a really, really BIG election on Tues. (More about this on Mon.)
  • There have been a lot of new Subscribers to BigIsTheNewSmall.com (Thanks for Reading!)
  • I am off today… that’s a good thing!  My wife and I are going to pick out some new Versace glasses!
  • We just hired a new Associate Youth Pastor at the n-dub and he’s a brotha’!
  • Does God ever tell you to do something and your are not exactly sure what he’s telling you to do?  Hmmmm… I just thought I would ask!

Do you celebrate Halloween, why or why not, how do you celebrate Halloween?

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

  • This is our first time EVER to celebrate Halloween. I’ll let you know how I feel about all of it tomorrow 🙂

  • Halloween’s not my fave. Wrote a whole blog rant about it this morning. Really I’m not a grumpy person! Just don’t like Halloween and didn’t celebrate it when the kids were little. They’ll tell you they were deprived 🙂

  • I am indifferent on Halloween, but Cooper is given me a daily countdown from about 20 days back…..

  • Does N-Dub have 3 youth pastors now?

  • Your new associate is off the chain! I taught him everything he knows.

    About Halloween-don’t know about celebrating. Mostly I just like people watching.

  • lori

    We celebrate by trick or treating. That’s about it. It’s ALL about the candy, dressing up and not much else. Maybe a “BOO” here and there, but that’s it. Just a fun night, all about fun.

  • Scott Williams

    Cindy- You will have fun!
    Cari- I will check out your post!
    Jason- It’s all abou the kids, maybe we will see you strolling around Fenwick!
    Kyndal- Yes maam… pretty cool huh! What’s happening in Pitt. the weather man said the kids dont even need jackets tonight!
    K-Ford- He is awesome, i will have to ask him about everything you taught… We will do some people watching will walking through the hood!
    Lori- I couldn’t agree more!

  • After reading the other posts, I may be ostracized for my beliefs and practices.

    No, we do not celebrate Halloween. There is just too much information regarding this issue for me to list all the reasons. I understand the argument about it being “for the kids” and “it’s all about the candy.”

    I dropped by Cari’s blog and read what she had to say. Cari, that was good, and I’ll definitely be dropping by again. Thanks.

    Now, maybe there’s room for redemption. We don’t celebrate this holiday, but certainly don’t ridicule those who do. IMHO, it’s just not something Christ followers should do. We are supposed to “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” This is according to I Thessalonians 5:22.

    Am I banned? May I come back again?

  • Scott Williams

    I just saw Jason and his family!
    Preacherpen- you are welcome anytime; about half of the Lifechurch.tv staff celebrate it and half don’t. It’s all good thanks for sharing!

  • Mike

    We handed out goldfish crackers and Gospel tracts. Pray that some of those kids and/or parents will encounter Jesus through what was passed out.

    We talked about it and are ready to give up our Halloween decorations, too.

  • My homie Scott Hodge and I saw the South Beach Versace mansion in Miami…great shades…I wear my sunglasses at night, I wear (sorry, 80’s music carried me into song).

  • Nah, I really don’t celebrate halloween and I find it interesting that you “do the halloween thing.” That’s way cool. I love pastors and other members of ministry that go against the norm and have solid reasonings for doing so. Inspirational!

  • “Does God ever tell you to do something and you are not exactly sure what he’s telling you to do? Hmmmm… I just thought I would ask!” please do not be asking me these questions…just kidding! I am listening to Him! Hmmmmm…

  • What’s not fun about costumes? I know I’m a little late responding on this one. Even Lance loosened up a bit this Halloween and let his boys dress up for the very first time!!! Please, work on his grump bucket side.

  • Frankly, I’m not sure about the religious side of things but myself and my family definitely enjoy Halloween. It’s more of an opportunity for us to do some family bonding, check out some silly costumes together or go round trick-or-treating…Agreed with Darius! I like the way you’re “going against the convention” so to speak!


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