I Told You So!

obama.jpgI am not the type of person who likes to say “I Told You So!”  well maybe I am… who knows.  There was a little blog post that I wrote exactly 10 months and one day ago today entitled “The First Black President” and it was about President Elect Obama.  I know, I Know, “It’s not over until the Pleasantly Plump Lady Sings” (there is political correctness for everything) & “The Mac is Back” yada yada yada!

I am turning off the comments on this post and instead I would like for you to read and comment on the original post “The First Black President.”  Below is a comment sampling from the original post:

  • “I’d say that’s a pretty bold assertion to make, especially at such an early stage of the campaign. Who knows what will happen between now and November? So, unless you’re omniscient, or have an inside track to some information that the rest of us don’t, I’m really curious to understand why you are so certain that Barack Obama will be the next US President.”
  • Mark it down: There’s no chance Obama gets elected.

Barack Obama will be the next President and “The First Black President” and uhhh well “I Told You So!”

Go check out the Original Post “The First Black President” Sound off on your current election thoughts, thoughts on the original post, thoughts on the comments…  Be sure and exercise your right and Vote!

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