"The Company Guy"

The other day I was talking with some of the pastors on my team whom had just finished lunch with a group of pastors.  They had informed me that they were talking about me at lunch… “I’m all about people talking about me, it just depends on what they were saying.”  They shared bits and pieces of their conversation; however there was one thing they shared that stuck in my head.  They said “We talked about the fact that you are extremely loyal, but you are not “The Company Guy”!” 

This got me thinking about why you shouldn’t be “The Company Guy” and who “The Company Guy” really is. 

The Company Guy Is Worried More About…: 

  • the company than the mission
  • whether their boss thinks their doing a good job than simply doing a great job
  • whether people think they are a good leader than being a great leader
  • looking busy than developing systems so they don’t have to work as hard
  • that next rung on the company ladder than making sure their footing is good on the current ladder rung
  • playing it safe than getting outside the box breaking the freakin’ box
  • a $5 more an hour raise than bringing $10 more an hour worth of value
  • not offending anyone in the company than saying what needs to be said
  • drumming to the company beat than embracing a slightly different beat
  • making the company look good than ensuring that the people around them are healthy

Don’t be “The Company Guy… ”  Transcend The Isms “Do You, It’s a statement not a question!”

Are you, or do you know some Company Guys/Gals?  Share Your Thoughts!

  • Never been one and it has always gotten me in trouble.

  • WHO is your Boss?….Who’s your Daddy? 🙂 No doubts with you!

  • YES!!!! I used to sell Pharmaceuticals and the corporate meetings were…what I call… KRC…”Kiss Rump Conventions”. The man or woman who is MOST corporate WINS!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Step on THAT BOX and PUT it on the CURB or better yet just kick that box and keep your Rump to yourself! LOL!

  • I’m glad I am not a company girl… I’m too spirit led for that… thanks for teaching me that it’s okay…

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks for the comments ladies & Kevin! 🙂

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