I Need Your Help!

For quite some time I have been thinking about putting these random thoughts that go through my head into a readable form, we like to call a book.  I am writing this book because: I said I was, It’s a personal goal, I have something to say, I have some stories to share, I have some unique experiences…  The book will be some of what you read here at BigIsTheNewSmall with more life, more journey, more leadership thoughts, more stories, more musings etc. (Prison, Politics & Pulpit)   

Who knows how far I am from having it completely written; however I have landed on a title for now, which is “Transcend The Isms’.”  If you want to read my original post “Transcend The Isms’” click here.    I have been thinking through and others have recommended some random sub-titles… some are good, some are bad and some are ugly.   Read through the sub-titles below and let me know if any work for you.  Please make your own recommendations as well (I’m not creative, You are!).  Here we go:

  • What the Heck Is An Ism’?
  • Crushing The Freakin’ Box
  • A Different Kind Of Leader
  • I Don’t Want To Be Like Mike
  • Don’t Drink The Kool Aid
  • Settling For Second Sucks
  • I Don’t Want To Be Like You
  • Mediocrity Sucks
  • Don’t Be The Company Guy
  • It’s Time For An Upgrade
  • Don’t Read This Book
  • Living Leading To A Slightly Different Beat

Again, share your thoughts and make your recommendations.  If I end up going with the subtitle that you recommend, I’m sure I will hook you up with something in the book, a mention, a blurb, a “what people are saying” thingy…  Thanks for your help!  Transcend The Isms’

  • Scott Williams

    “Living To A Slightly Different Beat” can actually be “Leading To A Slightly Different Beat”

  • My favorites:

    What the Heck Is An Ism’?
    I Don’t Want To Be Like Mike
    It’s Time For An Upgrade

  • John

    Scott, I have to say I really love the “Don’t drink the Kool Aid” subtitle but depending on the track the book takes the best two would most likely be “What the heck is an ism” or “Leading to a slightly different beat.”
    No matter what you choose, you can bet that your book will be on my must have list.

  • “Do You” 🙂

  • sorry i am not that creative to come up with one. maybe the Mike one, bt i think thst is b/c i like the name.

  • Scott, since you asked, I would title such a book “Transcending the Isms”. Personally, I think that little change better lends itself to a subtitle. As for the subtitle, I like “Walking to the beat of a slightly different drummer”. Take it for what its worth. In the mean time, let me say that I really like the way you think. It is refreshing to listen to someone who’s thoughts aren’t just yesterday’s rehashed rhetoric.Peace.

  • David C

    How about…Transcend the Isms. “Breaking the bonds of life’s little lables”

    From Wikipedia
    The suffix -ism denotes a distinctive system of beliefs, myth, doctrine or theory that guides a social movement, institution, class or group.

    Based on the Wikipedia definition, if I am trancending the ISM I am not taking the word of others so much as making my own choices to follow the paths less traveled and perhaps find my own way to discover God’s plan for my life.

  • Scott Williams

    Cyndi- I kinda dig the I want to be like Mike!
    Robin- Do You, It’s A Statement Not a Question
    Misti- I wonder why… LOL
    Tim- Several months ago, I went back and forth between transcending and transcend. I read one of Seth Godin’s about blogs/book titles he said “create a phrase that you hope will enter the vocabulary.” Transcend seems to be easier to use… I think (still thinking)
    David C- Good Stuff!

  • I like Seth Godin’s “create a phrase” idea. At the risk of overthinking this whole thing, if you use “Transcend the Isms” then you are making a statement that has the ability to be powerful and authoritative – YOU, transcend the isms! If indeed you want to make a statement with such authority, then I would suggest that your subtitle be an alternate statement – Transcend the Isms:
    – or just sit on the porch with the other kids and drink your Kool-aid
    – or just stay in your box
    – or just follow the the crowd and enjoy your mediocrity

    The statement could also be positve:

    – and leave the box behind
    – and burn the stupid box
    – and drink your own Kool-aid
    – and do you

    I will stop commenting now and let you DO YOU.

  • Don’t Read this Book

  • “what the heck is an ism?”…all day!!

  • Scott Williams

    Tim- Good Stuff!
    Heady- Are you serious?
    David- I kinda like that one these sub-titles are all over no unanimous!

  • “Don’t drink the cool aid” That’s my fav. Actually I said something similar to n’duber last night.

    How about, “box, what box?”
    or “you can only think outside the box when you realize there is no box” (a little Matrix for ya)

  • Transend the Isms “Not your typical leadership book”

  • I think the subtitle should give a little insight about what the book is about. So, definetley should say something about leadership in the subtitle. i kinda like anna’s idea. But, My favorite of yours is “leading to a slightly different beat”.

  • jwmaxwell

    I am digging “Don’t Drink The Kool-aid”

    Here is what I thought of initially. I will try to think of others later. Peace.

    “Don’t Be A Lemming”, “Leave the Instructions in the Box”,”Go Against the Flow”,”Fight the Current”

  • Really like “Leading to a slightly…”, but agree with Tim it should be a directive if you’re using Transcend the Isms. Like

    “Transcend the Isms – lead to a slightly different beat”

  • “Transcend the Isms–Be YOU in a “Be Like Me” World”

    umm hmm! I like it! 🙂

  • Scott Williams

    Iamhe-Thanks I think the kool-aid one provides for a potentially cool cover.
    Anna- Thank you… how about yours “Insecurity Sucks”
    Rachel- You are prob. right
    JWmaxwell- Kool-Aid is in the lead of the peoples choice
    Cari- Thanks
    Eric- Nice work… got me thinking

  • Scott, this cracks me up…

    Hey remember the guy in high school who just wanted to be different… unique individual..?

    He cut his hair weird, and spray painted it pink just like everyone else who was unique!

    Scott… I am going to ask a serious question, that you really need to prepare to answer, because if you write a book, people are going to ask you over and over…

    What exactly is different about you, your vision, or your style of leadership…

    As an outsider, someone who doesn’t suffer groupthink, and isn’t part of the mass reproduction of individualism, (who are really just stealing each others uniqueness and calling it an invention)… I really don’t see much different in you than most of western post moderns…

    So what is different?

    Maybe you should start at what is the same as most, and then work your way to how you are personally transcending the isms… because me … I see vanilla… rather than peanut butter pickle nut covered in toffee…

    My experience is that when you really see different, and things that transcend the norm, you never forget it..

    Like seeing a severed head, or standing in front of the grand canyon, or looking at the earth from the surface of the moon…

    I think we need to redefine what it is to transcend the “isms”, and start dreaming bigger!

    I challenge you to give this idea feet and put on your space suit!

  • Scott Williams

    Peopleofthunder- My man Avery… One of my chapters is “I Don’t Care What People Think.” It’s easy to see vanila if you are looking through vanila glasses or not see peanut butter pickle nut covered in toffee if you don’t know what it looks like.

  • Chad Fender

    Shop till you…are still able to walk out of the store.

    A friend in need is still a friend.

  • book title: TRANSCEND THE ISMS
    byline /subtitle: ALL OF THEM.

    *title is awesome – yet loaded.
    *the lighter the subtitle – the better (to me)

    either way you go – bestseller for sure!!

  • It’s easy to see vanila if you are looking through vanila glasses or not see peanut butter pickle nut covered in toffee if you don’t know what it looks like.

    So true so true… we fool ourselves all the time… sometimes into seeing what isn’t there…

    Glad you don’t care what people think… that would truly make you different…

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