Madagascar 2… Life's Little Lessons

madagascar-2.jpgYesterday I decided to leave the office a little early so that my wife and I could surprise the boys by taking them to see Madagascar 2.  You know we had to get there before 6:00 to get the big $3.50 matinee movie discount.  I told the boys that we were going to a furniture store (their least favorite place) nonetheless when we got to the movies they were pleasantly surprised.

I don’t know if I am the only one out there who does the following: remembers themes within the movie and takes notes of quotes that catch there attention, applies circumstances to life, applies nuances to leadership… but that’s me.  The one quote that made it to my iPhone from Madagascar 2 was in reference to  Alex the Lion (Ben Stiller) was talking to his buddy Marty the Zebra (Chris Rock).  Marty was hanging with a big herd of Zebras and Alex was telling Marty that he was different than the other zebras and unique; here is the quote “These guys are all white with black stripes and you are black with white stripes.”  A theme that made it to my iPhone “Just because you are a King/The man over there, doesnt’ mean that you will be the King/The Man over here and vise versa.  Maximize your strengths!”  Alex was able to Transcend The Isms

Life is about perspective: cup half empty or half full, white with black stripes or black with white stripes, gray hair=good or gray hair=bad, this season sucks or necessary pruning season… perception can become reality. 

Quick Madagascar 2 Review: Wife said it was cute; the boys said it was cool, funny, tight and awesome; I said it was worth the money, a little love story, had some relative leadership/king application and it was funny.  Funny Quote from Motto-Motto “Girl you so huge!”

I Like To Move It Move It, I Like To Move It Move It, I Like To Move It Move, Ya Like To (MOVE IT!)  That song was in my head all last night, so I figured it needed to be in yours all day today!

  • Do you take notes or remember themes, nuances… while watching a movie? 
  • Share your thoughts on Madagascar 2!
  • Yes, I do take notes…with my iPhone, no less! Loved the movie. My favorite line was by the Penguins after their crash landing. “We lost two passengers, Captain.” “Two is a number I can live with.”

    No life lesson there, but made me laugh.

    When Madagascar 1 came out, I actually went to the Ellen Degeneres show and guess who was on the show? Ben Stiller and Jada Pinkett Smith. And, yes. She is just as cute (and skinny) in person as she is in on the tube.

  • Gee thanks, I got it out of my head last night (passed it on to the 23 year old who preceded to sing it at dinner last night) only for it to return again this morning.

  • I wish I took notes…then maybe I’d remember the great lines better! 🙂

  • Scott Williams

    Dusty- The peguins were heathens… lol Jada and Will are a cool actor/actress couple!
    Cyndi- You actually inspired me to encourage everyone else to get that song in their head. 🙂
    Robin- It can be distarcting because it looks like im texting…

  • Haven’t seen the movie, but I do try to remember quotes (usually funny ones, not leadership ones) from movies & TV shows. Unfortunately, by the time I try to recall a quote to say to someone else, I inevitably forget a portion, say it wrong, and then say, “Wait, that wasn’t it!” So, like Robin, I should probably start taking notes…

    P.S. You and LaKendria are great parents. 🙂

  • ok so yeah – the scenes with moto-moto are my favorite. “i’m so chunky…” “girl you so huge…” and “who’s your friend? oh, that’s your butt….” waaahahahahahahaaa!

    but possibly the most poignant of all the quotes in the movie was melman telling moto-moto what he’d do if gloria were his girl… “i’d wake up every day thinking what i could do to make her laugh.”

    how many days go by that i don’t make my wife laugh? i decided right there that it won’t happen again that i don’t at least try. i’m not that funny of a person, but i can dang sure try. i love seeing her laugh (although her laugh isn’t quite as notable as gloria’s).

    love the movie.

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