Confessions Of A Pastor 2 (of 4)


I remember this scenario as though it was yesterday; I had just began my journey into full-time vocational ministry at  I was the Associate Campus Pastor at the Edmond Campus and had been there for about 30 days.  I was Gung-Ho and ready to attack hell with a water pistol, if your know what I mean.  I remember a lady coming up after one of the experiences and needed prayer, so one of the other Associate Campus Pastors grabbed me, so that we could pray for her.

We proceeded to the staff offices to begin praying for healing for the right side of her body and for her Dr.’s appointment the following day.  I remember the other Associate Campus Pastor who will remain nameless; looked at me and then looked at a bottle of oil on the Campus Pastor’s desk.  I looked at him, with a look like “why ya lookin’ at me…” he proceeded to say go ahead Pastor Scott get the oil.  (Let’s Pause Right Here, I didn’t get a handbook with my calling to ministry… just a step of obedience and trusting God to use me in some way, and this was the first lesson in not knowing what I’m doing… Un-pause.)

This whole process of being the anointer with oil was new for me and I was going to have to just trust God to walk me through the process.  I grabbed the oil, opened the lid, shook a little on my finger… think think, I made a cross on her forehead (it seemed like the spiritual thing to do), anointed her in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and then we prayed for her.

I wasn’t quite sure if I did the right thing so I “Googled It” and Yes, I was right on the money. {smile}   Everything except for giving her a klennex, that was just a bonus and a courtesy. {smile}  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and discernment!  BTW- I have not seen any anointing oil at since then!

Ever found yourself in one of those situations where you didn’t know what to do or say?  Thoughts?

  • Man you brought back some memories. The first time I was “anointed with oil” I couldn’t concentrate on the prayer for the oil dripping down my eyes. I anointed our house one time and then had to explain to Marc and the kids why there was a a big brown spot over there doorway. Its been many many years since I have been in a church that does that!

  • hahaha…..Lovin’ these “pastor” stories.

  • I remember my first time with the oil. The other pastor held the oil, and nodded at me to reach out my hand. He then proceeded to pour it all over my hand. I don’t think he meant to, but I had oil running all over my hand and shirt sleeve.

    And yes, I did pray for the person and clean up afterwards…

  • lol…

  • jwmaxwell

    Good stuff!

  • JUDY

    Communion, Anointing with Oil, very powerful when done in faith …cuteeeeee story…..

  • David C


    Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer and a good friend of mine brought his Pastor (from Metro Church actually) and some folks over from to pray for me before starting my chemo. This really freaked out my wife and I will never forget the look on her face. Well, through the grace of God I was indeed healed and 10 years later here I am. I do not know if the Anionting had anything to do with it and more than anything I appreciated the outpooring of love from these complete strangers.

    As for finding myself not knowing what to say or do, it seems this happens a lot to me. I am a people manager and I find that I often pray to myself in these times for wisdom and help from God.

  • Thanks for sharing Scott…I need to think about this one for a bit.

  • Great story, Scott! We learn by experience for sure! God bless you!

  • Scott Williams

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and getting a kick out of mine…
    @jameyjohnson- don’t think too long! 😉

  • And we still have that oil 🙂


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