Confessions of a Pastor 3 (of 4)

  • That’s hilarious. I’ve watched my dad who has pastored more than 30 years make a few goofs. Love the video blog. You’re good at it. You should do it more often.

  • Brother Scott, I just love your confessions! They are great. I, personally, have not seen that movie but I can imagine the situation you speak of. You are very good at the video blog. I noticed your nice family pictures in the background. Keep up the good work and God bless you. Your SIC, Judy

  • Funny. Once I watched my pastor try to share his hymnal with a blind guest speaker. Awkward!

  • David C

    A few years back I was asked to be a guest speaker at a Men’s prayer breakfast. I was very nervous about doing this but also excited as you can imagine. During the meal, I walked around the room and was introduced to several people. You can picture it, “Hi! I am David and I will be your guest speaker this morning”.

    I later had to go to the men’s room to put on the wireless mic and it was then that I discovered that my fly had been wide upon during the entire morning. Goodness!

  • JUDY

    I would have laughed the loudest!!!!!! Too funny….You should ask Lance about Issac pitching his tent….Well that is what Lance meant to say lol

  • haha….I heard about it when it happened. Only you could pull it off and keep going 🙂

    Enjoyed the video blog…..isn’t that a vlog? 🙂

  • Love the video. Don’t have anything to top that, but give us a few years (lol).

  • I was just reminiscing about this moment the other day! It was an awesome way to start off the year’s Christmas experiences.
    For the record, I like to picture MY Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt… 🙂

  • Scott Williams

    @Dusty- thanks, I probably will do it more it’s much easier than writing!
    @RJMartorelli- Thank You!
    Carie- Kinda like Biden asking the guy in the wheelchair to stand up!
    @David- That is a ritual check for me every weekend… mic on-check, fly up- check…
    @Judy- I had Lance share the story with me this morning! Funny stuff, so he messed that up before the popular blake Bergstrom did.
    @Robin- Yes I guess it’s a Vlog!
    @Cyndi- I have something to top that I might not be able to share them. 🙂
    @Kyndal- Good stuff… that is the funniest redneck show I have ever seen!

  • I heard a pastor end a prayer with…
    “it’s like a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going over:.

  • That movie is awesome! I crack up every time I watch that part.

  • Ron

    Imagine, if you will, me as a young convert, called to the ministry, and wanting to go full-tilt. My pastor, Brother Harry, gave me an opportunity to preach and I took it.

    Did you know Jonah ended up in the whelly of a bale? How embarrassing! The congregation just kept listening as if nothing out of the ordinary had been said.

  • jimmy paravane

    Uhm Scott, you know when I asked for video of this I was just pulling yer leg? And you know that once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever? You are now my hero! (grin)

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