Confessions of A Pastor 4 (of 4)


I want to close out with a very simple confession… I don’t share all of my business with everybody.  I am all about transparency, openness, accountability, keepin’ it real etc.; however I don’t think always it’s beneficial to tell everyone everything.  My old Bishop back in the day gave me that little nugget of wisdom.

The bottom line is that if you have something that needs to be shared, told or confessed; by all means tell somebody (the right person, the right people), just not always everybody!  I have plenty more confessions to share and I have shared them with somebody or some people… just not you!  God Is Love… Rev. Scott

Don’t be transparent for transparency’s sake… keep it real & make it beneficial!  Thoughts!

  • Yeah, right you are. If you’re just sharin’ to appear vulnerable and to get kudos, then don’t. Make sure there is a purpose, a reason, that you are tellin’ your bidness to the world.

  • People LOVE to be in the KNOW and love to find out business. I have shared my business to some and I have also kept my junk to myself….People judge and want authority over someone else either way! Oh well… My thoughts…Everyone has JUNK IN THE TRUNK! Just different Junk! 🙂

  • rachelle

    so rev, how are russy and diggy? 🙂

  • Couldn’t agree more! Somethings are just TMI!!!

  • yeah, that’s good. I just had this talk with a couple of people on our team. sometimes we want to “run it by another person to see IF we’re seeing it right or handling it ok” but, in truth, we’re gossiping and tainting another person’s view… that’s no good & sometimes dangerous. plus, it’s a trust killer.

  • Scott Williams

    @Cindy- We were kinda on the same page w/ our posts today!
    @Jenn- I always like the way you put things!
    @Rachelle- They are good… just chillin’ at Scott’s House.
    @Anna- YES!
    @ichilly- I couldn’t agree more!

  • So true, so true. I’ve heard ministers uncover information on themselves that I thought was completely inappropriate – and served no purpose.

    Should always ask: Is this piece of information going to advance the Kingdom or hinder it?

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