Monday Morning Ramblings

It’s Monday, It’s Morning and I’m Rambling 10 Times

  • My Sooners are #3 Behind Texas in The BCS Poll; I don’t want to hear the argument that Texas beat OU, because if that’s the case Texas Tech should be ahead of Texas.  OU is playing great right now and I want a Playoff.  President Obama Can You Help?
  • My friends @ Flamingo Road Church just kicked off a sweet new series this weekend that will bless many: The Gift Revolution.
  • We have a little down time between sports, the boys don’t kick off basketball until Dec. 4th.
  • I am really pressing people at the n-dub to move from our Packed Sunday 10:00 & 11:30 experiences to our Sat. Night Experiences.  That’s the only way we will grow… seriously the more people, the more lives that will be changed! 
  • I need to find more time to simply just write… I am reading and writing regularly; however I need to dedicate time specifically to writing.
  • I watched the American Music Awards (Kanye West is talented but always comes across arrogant, Beyonce & Rihana are beautiful and talented, Myley Cyrus is growing up and New Kids On The Block Brought Back Memories)
  • Looking forward to some Thanksgiving Grub!
  • Leaders are responsible for creating a culture of growth, life, love, challenge, authenticity and leadership.  “Your leadership will only be as successful as the successful culture that you create.” S.W.  {read the quote again}
  • My entire staff is getting ready to go through Seth Godin’s newest book Tribes together.
  • How was your weekend?  What are you Rambling about this Monday Morning… It’s your world you can share any randomness: sports, personal, ministry.  Sound Off!
  • We achieved a lot, and if you read my post today, you’ll see Miss Anna did, too. Watched the AMAs. I think Rihanna is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I can do the NKOTB “Right Stuff” dance, and I love Coldplay, but Chris kind of freaks me out sometimes when he sings….and dances. What was up with the Pussycat Dolls. TERRIBLE. Love me some Beyonce’. Kanye is arrogant, but he is so cool, he can be. Annie Lennox sounded pitchy, but she is Annie Lennox and I love her still.

    Now. Where the heck was Sting?

  • Looking forward to the book… I need to read! Something!

  • you should tell the story of the prayer on Friday. Was an amazing day

  • jwmaxwell

    One of my thoughts/ramblings can be summed up in this article-

    I like this Mark Schlabach, he seems to lay things out pretty well! 🙂 Hook’em! 😉

    -Looking forward to a short week, and spending 4 days with the family

    -Excited about speaking at my parent’s church this weekend!

  • I didnt go to the 10 on Sunday morning (it was hard)

    Took Nathan to see Bolt (it is cute)

    Reading a new book “Don’t Make me Count to Three”

    Looking forward to spending time with family this week!!!

  • jimmy paravane

    Random thought: So I’m on my vacation and this book title jumped out at me: Where’s Your Jesus Now? by Karen Spears Zacharias. I don’t read alien books anymore. It hurts. But I couldn’t resist this title. Also, she talks about a subject near and dear to my arrogance, uh I mean heart, when it comes to you aliens: The Doctrine of “Certainosity”. You’d think I’d be carrying on about that subject, but she uses a phrase that jumped out at me at the time, and I’m gonna have to reread the book just to find it again: Faith in the shadow of doubt.
    Then I read Anna’s post today and it got me thinking about this again: “Why? WHY? I hope there is an answer. I KNOW there is an answer.”
    What is faith without the shadow of doubt?
    What? You said I could share my randomness. (grin)

  • jimmy paravane

    Oh, I forgot to mention, this book actually got me to talk directly to yer Father for the first time in a very long while.

  • What it do Rev!

    My weekend was great – not a lot going on – but I am looking forward to next week when I’ll be aboard the cruise ship sailing the blue seas of the caribbean!

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