It's All About The Dessert


Dessert is defined as: A sweet course, treat or dish; served after the main course.

As I was thinking about the holiday season and all of the desserts that I am going to consume; I was reminded of what dessert really is by definition.  It’s that sweet course or treat after the main dish… In life that main dish could be college and the sweet treat could be that degree; that main dish could be your role as a leader and the sweet treats are the lessons that you learn daily; the main course could be that step in obedience in making the commitment to tithe and the sweet treats are the opened floodgates of blessings that God pours into your life, the main course could be the struggles of life, darkness, insecurity, sin… and the SWEET TREAT is the truth, life, grace and forgiveness through Christ.

You get the picture!

The bottom line is to always be mindful and thankful that even though the “main course in life” may not always be good or our favorite dish; there is an opportunity for a tasty treat after the main course. 

It’s All About The Dessert…   Transcend The Isms  

“Some people complain that roses have thorns, I’m thankful thorns have roses.”

  • Are you able to anticipate the sweet treat after the main courses in life?
  • What is your favorite dessert during the Holiday Season?  I’ll go first: “Pecan Freakin’ Pie”
  • Great post Scott.
    My favorite dessert is Sweet (Wanna Slap Yo Mamma) Potato Pie!

  • I’ve never met a dessert I didn’t like. I love pecan pie. I bought Mrs. Edward’s this year. I can’t do it ALL. And, you’re right. Jesus always has a sweet treat after tough times. As a matter of fact in scripture, Jesus always saved the best for last. He brought out the BEST wine later. Most people serve their good stuff first then switch to the lesser stuff (probably because they are too intoxicated to tell a difference.) That’s not how Jesus operates. He always saves the best for last.

  • Scott Williams

    @Milan- My wife and I are going to my moms house today to learn how to make sweet potatoe pie… the wanna slap you mamma is a quite fitting comment! 🙂
    @Dusty- Well said… it makes this post even sweeter!

  • I’m living in the “dessert” right now! 🙂

    There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your family growing up and bearing fruit!!

    My favorite holiday dessert? Probably some yummy nutty fudge.

  • Very insightful; I’ll look at my dessert in a whole new way! Come holiday time, I’m definitely a “sampler”–I want a little bit (and sometimes more) of EVERYTHING sweet. I love eating pumpkin pie with Cool Whip the morning after Thanksgiving. Yum!

  • Mike

    Hey Scott,

    We as Christians definitely have a much sweeter life to look forward to in eternity. In a sense, this side of death is our “Worst Life Now”. But since the Holy Spirit has made His deposit inside of me, my inheritance is guaranteed; and He gives me the power to endure whatever mess the enemy throws in my direction.

    As far as food sweets, Google search “Potato Candy”.

  • Good thought to take with me through the holiday weekend. Thanks for that. Dessert? It’s all about the pumpkin pie for me!

  • Dessert is not worth eating unless it’s chocolate!

  • Good one Scott. I love everything as long as its not good for you=)

  • Too often I don’t think about the sweet rewards and I pray that changes.
    As for the dessert I say it has to be my Moms Buttermilk Pie.

  • Scott Williams

    @Robin- Living in dessert!
    @Kyndal- I sample as well, I just sample a lot. I’m gald I could contribute to your thoughts about dessert. You need to Twitter!
    @Mike- Endure the main course and get ready for dessert. Potato Candy??? Huh
    Cari- Thanks, I like Sweet Potato Pie
    @Jess- You sound like my wife… she’s a chocolate girl!
    @Nicole- LOL 😉 How much dessert did you eat on the cruise… I ate like a piglet and once I figured out room service had better desserts that the dine-in places; it was on!
    @John- It’s cool to not think about the sweet reward and just embrace them when they come.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  • Nothing Like Desert, sweetness, I guess the way you put it is just the same as seeing the glass half full instead of half empty right?

  • Mike O123

    My favorite thanksgiving dessert is ‘grandpa’s apple pie’ with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂

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