Rambling Run-On Sentence

Today is Friday which is generally my off day and my boy’s favorite day of the week, I’m going to be at the office today working on my message and doing some other stuff, I cant wait until this weekend for college football as Florida is going to put a spankin’ on Bama and OU is going to put a whoopin’ on Missouri; and then my Sooners will go to the national championship while Mack Brown continues to whine, make appearances, make phone calls and fly airplanes around, I really need to take my dog to the groomer or just go by some clippers and fade him up myself, my wife and I had a great time at the Beall’s last night as we connected with the other metro campus pastors and their wives, God has really been stirring some stuff inside of me lately, I mean stirring, I am diggin’ my relationship with God and can’t wait for the next season as He is preparing me for what He has already prepared me for, It’s cold outside and I need to put my Christmas tree up and I have still not caved into the neighborhood pressure of putting lights on the house for the first year, I love my wife and my boys and basketball season starts this weekend for my boys I believe, did I say that it was cold and I am going to be doing some live video streaming this weekend from church and other places via qik; however you will have to follow my twitter to know when those are going to happen; sometimes people irritate me when they make a big deal out of things that are not a big deal; you are not that big of a big deal so don’t always try to make a big deal out of stuff, quit trying so hard to implement your systems and care about/develop the people who will in return go implement the systems, there is so much stuff going on in my head, I am trying to get it down on paper, it’s what most people call a book, this post is the most random ever, however that’s how life should be, mix it up, let it flow and watch what God does, get out of the mundane, quit sitting back waiting on life to happen and go make it happen, the future started yesterday and we’re already late. 

God Is… Rev. Scott!

What’s rambling around in your head?  Share your Rambling Run-On Sentence!

  • You just made my head spin, but I understand the need to get your thoughts out of your head sometime (lol).

  • Not so fast my friend. Spanking? I don’t think so. Bama may end up losing but it won’t be a spanking. I actually think after Bama hits the Gators in the mouth we will run all over them. Rammer Jammer Roll Tide!

  • This is the Scott I MISS! 🙂

  • Sometimes high speed ramble is the best thing in the world! I use it often but usually in emails to Robin. I can hear her laughing as she reads them. 🙂

    Go Sooners!!!

  • Scott Williams

    @Cyndi- I make my head spin! 🙂
    @Kevin- My predictions have not been very good besides the Sooners. I personally think we match up better against Bama than Florida. Looking forward to watching, it will be a good game!
    @Kyndal- I miss you back! 😉
    @Theresa- Yes it is and Robin is a great person to ramble to.

  • Go Sooners! My father is an Gator alum so I’m pulling for the Gators but Bama is going to be tuff. I’m going to have to check out qik. That could be perfect for my poetry nights (www.poetryokc.com). Don’t work too hard today Scott. Best wishes sir.

  • Ron

    Saturday was a good day for our home all around. First, we got rid of lots of stuff we acquired from my folk’s house – yard sales are good sometimes. Secondly, the pastor got to sit down and enjoy Florida win over a good ‘Bama team.

    Mind you, there were moments when I was concerned, but Florida just too much firepower. Perhaps the loss to Ole Miss was a good thing for us, as we came out of that loss firing on all cylinders. Florida has a pretty good team.

    I was wondering how I was going to get a “congratulations” to you, Pastor Scott, and you provided the means here to do so. Thanks.

    BTW, there is a place in my heart for OK, as it was in a small non-denominational, Pentecostal, Charasmatic, independent church in OK City where I met the man Jesus Christ. It was there I gave my life to Him, and have been thankful ever since. That was Easter Sunday, 1977; the memory is still real to me, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to know the Lord and serve Him.

    Be it so resolved, however, I’m pulling for the Gators!

  • You gonna do your stream from the phone?

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