Kind Acts Of Randomness

random-kindness.jpgLate last night on our way home from Ardmore, OK we decided to stop at the Loves truck-stop in Pauls Valley, OK.   I don’t know what it is about truck-stops but the restrooms always seem to need a little extra attention in the cleanliness department.   I was getting a little sleepy while driving; so I had to stop to grab me a Mt. Dew Code Red and some of that really good, extra hard beef jerky that you can only get at a truck-stop.

As I was going to the counter to pay for my items there was a guy in front of me ordering a Subway sandwich and the two cashier/subway/truck-stop workers were helping him.  The guy politely said to me “Sir, I am going to take care of your items for you!”  My old response would have been, “No,  Absolutely Not, You Don’t Have To Do That…” or I would have tried to pay for his items.  That was before I had learned to just simply say “Thank You” and that’s it.  Here was our exchange:

  • Me: “Thank You Sir”
  • Him: “No problem, I see you at church.”
  • Me: “Oh you go to LifeChurch”
  • Him: “Yes”
  • Me: “What’s your name and which campus do you attend?”
  • Him: “Byron; I kinda just attend all of them, but I see you… I like what I see.”
  • Me: “What are you doing out this way, do you have family here?”
  • Him: “No, I’m just traveling through for my job!”
  • Me: “Thanks again, Byron it was good to meet you… Have a Blessed One Bro.”

I twittered my experience late last night and @moneyinmarriage replied back to me with @ScottWilliams Got to love random acts of kindness. He will be blessed tremendously.”  Hmmm, how tremendously blessed would the world be if we all just took the time to do Kind Acts of Randomness; formerly known as Random Acts of Kindness.  Let’s take it a step further, how different would the world be if we just learned to say thank you! 

Just like your momma taught you as a child…  “Be Kind and Say Thank You!”   Transcend The Isms

Thoughts?  Experiences? Chime In…

  • I love it! You can’t beat giving or kindness. Thanks for sharing Scott.

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  • The Knox family is all about this. We love to help people and we love it when people bless us. (we drive 2 free cars because people have blessed us) God is Good.

    I am proud of you for letting him buy your stuff.

  • Scott Williams

    @Heady- When is your next poetry night… the wife and I might stop by!
    @Nicole- Thank you… you guys are always being blessed!

  • Tomorrow night is the next poetry night. Stop by if you can – if you can’t – there will be plenty of others.

  • Awesome thoughts Scott. I love hearing stories like that. It would be amazing to see the outcome if everyone did one kind act of randomness each day.

  • Great story – a lesson tough to learn, and occasionally re-learn. Stay random. Or is that Stay kind? 🙂

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