Predicting The Unpredictable


’08 Was Unpredictable… 09′ Let’s Predict

2008 is about to officially be a wrap and wow what an epic year it was.  There was a lot that happened in 2008 that even the best Las Vegas odds makers could not have predicted.  Here is a list of 8 unpredictable stories for ’08:

  1. Hillary Clinton Looses & Barack Obama Wins
  2. Michael Phelps Wins 7 Gold Medals
  3. Gas went from $4.37 a gallon to $1.37 a gallon
  4. The Stock Market, Wall Street & Mainstreet Crash
  5. Starbucks closes hundreds of stores
  6. Detroit Lions go 0-16 (Not so surprising)
  7. 70% of all Twitter users joined in ’08
  8. We can’t forget Sarah Palin

Share any unpredictable ’08 stories; in addition make some ’09 unpredictable predictions…  I’ll Go First!

  • WAIT – 70% of all Twitter users joined in 2008?!?! Wow. Well, I can already see that facebook is going to become waaaay more popular than myspace.

  • did you upgrade to 2.7? this comment area is different. hey, you didn't come out to poetry night on saturday did you? we had to turn people away and i wanted to make sure you didn't get turned away so if you do come and that happens, tell them to get heady so you can speak with me.

    i'm going with facebook will be sold in 2009.

  • 9 unpredictable predictions for '09
    *Gas prices will go back up to over $2.00
    *President Obama's approval rating/popularity will drop
    *Twitter will be a household name like google
    *Twitter will be sold
    *1/4 of the current bloggers won't be blogging
    *Sam Bradford will be the 1st overall pick in NFL Draft
    *Blake Griffin will be the 1st overall pick in the NBA Draft
    *Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will be nationally known
    *There will be a new iPhone

  • Oklahoma City gets an official NBA team! hello!? can't forget that huge news!

  • Jason Maxwell

    * The BCS system shows signs of being flawed..oh wait, that is pretty much every year..
    * Sarah Palin coming out of no where to be the VP nominee
    * USA bring'n back the gold in BBall
    * The Election of Obama

    In '09
    * Oklahoma will lose a 5th straight bowl game
    * The real estate market will become a roller coaster event again
    * Oklahoma will lose again in Dallas
    * The Thunder will not get the 1st pick of the draft even though they lose 90% of their games
    * Oklahoma State will finish in the top 3 in the final Big 12 Standings in football

  • Strange stuff in 08':

    *Britney Spears takes two trips to the psychiatric ward, and still releases a number 1… "Circus"..
    *The tragic death of Heath Ledger before the release of the box office smash, "The Dark Knight"
    *The senator with the most radically liberal voting record in the senate becomes president elect.

    Predictions for 09'

    *An intensely divided nation will seek to unify on social issues and give new definitions to the post-modern buzzwords "diversity", and "tolerance", systematically blurring moral lines
    *Post-moderns, and "post " post-moderns will triple in the church culture
    *Abortions will increase by 25%
    *The rising economic, social, and global threats will increase 20%
    *A flurry of political scandals will cause the impeachment of two major political figures
    *A major archaeological discovery will shock the world…

  • nick waters

    Nine unpredictable predictions for 2009:
    1) Oklahoma wins the BCS National Championship
    2) The Colts will make another Super Bowl appearance
    3) series, “One Prayer”, will impact over 1.5 million people
    4) More American’s will attend church, online (than attend in buildings)
    5) Brett Farve will NOT retire
    6) Cellular telephones replace “home phones”, and “home computers” for more Americans
    7) Professional bodybuilding will fall under the same steroid investigation as the NFL, and MLB
    8) Movie theaters will thrive while movie stores will close
    9) Face-to-face, neighborhood conversations will begin to make a comeback in the U.S.

  • Wow these are some good predictions… How is this new comment thing working? I'm not quite sure although it has potential!

  • I predict that in '09, Chicago politics will still be corrupt, Chicago Cubs will still be out a penant & Chicago will still have the best pizza in the world! -one committed Chicago Chic 😉

  • Avery

    Hey I’m 100 percent on my predictions for 2009!

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