Christians Make Me Sick

you-make-me-sickChristians Make Me Sick when they are judgmental, hypocritical, self-centered, weird and just plain stupid.  You know the ones who think it’s all about them, their style of worship, their style of music, their style of dress…   They only want to hang out with people who look like them, people who act like them and people who have the same supercilious attitude they have.  Heaven forbid them being willing interact with prostitutes, bar-hoppers, addicts, homeless, poor, prison inmates, individuals whom are of “The World…” you know, the least of these.


Do you know some Christians who make you sick?  Are you sometimes that Christian that makes yourself sick?  Personally, I am sometimes that Christian who makes myself sick; however I try to be that Christian that honors what Christ teaches, which is the antithesis of everything I have just discussed.  Here are some thoughts and questions to ponder:

  • When was the last time you had a conversation with someone who was poor, homeless, drug-addicted, incarcerrated and “Of the World?”
  • When was the last time that you or your church contributed your time, resources or money towards doing something significant for a needy part of your community?
  • When you go to church is it all about what you can get, or is it about what you can give?
  • Does the term “Seeker Church” seem weird or refer to someonelse’s ministry and not yours?
  • Have you shared your faith with someone today or this week?

It’s time to get sick and tired of sick and tired Christians; however at the end of the day we must pray that God will change their our heart.  Do Christians Make You Sick?  Share your thoughts!

  • Wow, I can actualy say yes to many of them now that I am at WABC (still working on the seeker sensitive stuff….you know how hard it is to change "tradition" in the black baptist church). Thanks Scott for the reminder of what we should be doing.

  • i am an antitheist . Nice post ,dude

  • Nice post Scott. I wish I could come up with great titles like you do! 🙂

  • I am that Christian sometimes… That last one kinda gets me… I remember about a month ago, I was on the eliptical at the gym and a guy came up and started working out alongside me. He started asking all about me (to which now I figured out was him hitting on me) I shared my faith with him and told him about, but I'd still like to share with more people about what Christ has done and is doing in my life…

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  • Good thoughts. I chatted with a guy who randomly ended up at the LC internet campus. He said he didn't go to church anymore because the people he met were hypocrites. Ouch! I wonder how many times we (I) get in the way of the work God wants completed.

    • J.C.

      Although I am not the person that you met that day, it very well could have been. I feel exactly the same way.

  • "supercilious"… now that's a ten dollar word…

    so much for two cents!

  • I love your tenacity. This type of language starts tension….and movements.

  • Tom

    This is a fantastic post! I am a Christian – but I think what you are talking about is religion, not christianity. You see Christianity is nothing more than have a relationship with Christ, it is religion which brings in all these things.

    However saying that, I was chatting with my friend last night about how Churches needed to be so much more active in the community, and not to gain anything – but just to give into the community. That is what being a Christian is.

  • @Leaonce- Thanks for visiting
    @Tom- Amen
    @Jimmy Parvane- Glad to have you back!

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  • Theresa

    I actually try to stay away from "church" people. Then I started chatting with some amazing people that live it, not just talk it. I have been blessed to be exposed to great examples of how we are suppose to treat "of the world" people. I actually don't feel worthy enough to do God's work most of the time but do it anyways. He wouldn't have put the desire in my heart and the ability in my body if I wasn't suppose to do it. Sometimes it is just hard to figure out where on the maturity scale you fall.

    I really like this post. It makes me think and gives me a push to continue on.

  • Jim

    I recently posted about people who would tape Bible tracts on the mirror in the restrooms at work. I'm sick of pat answers;complacency;ugly websites;church billboards and signs…but it starts with me. I can't ask others to change if I'm not doing it first and then leading the charge.

  • Great post! I’m multi-tasking so I need to make this short.

  • Ron

    Yes. Thank God for grace to change and be more Christ-like in our living. There’s people who come to our little church who don’t fit the “typical” church image. You know what, though? We love them and they love us, and no one is asking them to change to look like everyone else – they are accepted just like they are.

    I’ve told my people on many occasions, our church needs to be a place where everyone is welcome to be a part of who we are. We need to bring people into a relationship with Christ; we can’t do it if we think we’re better than the ones we’re witnessing to.

    Thanks for another great post.

  • Unfortunately I don’t read my Bible as often as I should. Maybe on a subconscious level it is because when I read the Bible (like reading this post) I see myself for what I am. And I don’t like what I see. It is too easy to compare ourselves with others. When we compare ourselves to Jesus it is amazing that God doesn’t kill us all. We are so unworthy of His grace. And often we don’t share that grace with those around us. We don’t have much time on this Earth. Let’s stop wasting it and start caring about the people around us. (Thanks for letting me talk to myself.)

  • THEY MAKE ME SO MAD! You’re wrong though. It’s not just Christians. It’s everyone. Everyone makes me sick when they are self-centered hypocritical idiots who can’t empathize with a clone. But, it is interesting because Christians do have a certain arrogant air about them. Something like “I have a future after death, and you do not”. My mother’s family is like that, and they rejected my father because he’s jewish! It makes me want to scream.

  • I’m currently on a course about the nature of the Church and Ministry here in the UK. The course is being run by the local Diocese and it’s interesting and thought provoking.

    One of the particular areas of interest is harnessing our gifts to service and ministray – perhaps that’s soemthing for us all to be focussing on.

    The service we deliver to our community and family, as well as to our Church, reflects on what sort of Christians we are.

  • Novakid

    Reading through these comments I just tune out. Christians should reconsider the exclusive language they use. You should get some “of the world” consultants to help you get over yourselves.
    1) Learn to love people not because you live God. Just because.
    2) Drop the ulterior motive, people find God in spite of you, not because of you.
    3) “Judgmental, hypocritical, self-centered, weird and just plain stupid” – welcome to people. The Christian community isn’t immune to this . . . Newsflash: neither is the rest of the world. The people that I admire and respect are aware enough of this without being fixated on this, they forgot about their broken lives long enough to help me in my circumstances.
    4) The less Christians talk, the more I see Jesus. You might not trust everything you see, but if life teaches me to trust my eyes over my ears and that actions speak louder than words – why is everything in church living in denial of that!

    Reading about Jesus inspired me to do more. If he can do it so can I. Funny thing is you can get kicked out of church for quoting Jesus!

  • Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • I love Jesus, it’s just some of His self-righteous disciples I can’t stand. No matter how friendly and sweet I act, they always end up picking at me for the way I dress (modest but a little arty), for my activist stance on social issues (bullying, etc.)even the way I talk. One said I was talking thru my noise and needed an operation! Well, bud, if that’s the biggest sin in my life, that’s too bad! The root problem is Christians love only reflections of themselves. Only by DIVORCING loveless Christian phonies from the REAL Christ of the Bible have I been able to stay true to my faith in Him.

  • I enjoy being a Christian and trying to follow what God and Jesus say.  However, do you know what I can’t stand?  What I can’t stand is that some of my brothers and sisters think that they have a right to judge me on everything I do.  If I do one thing, they say that it makes me more of a Christian, but if I do this thing over here,  then I’m less of a Christian.  How dare they say that if I do something, I’m not a Christian.  For example, If I want to watch a certain tv program or a movie such as Harry Potter and try to see the good in it,  according to them, I’m just deceiving myself and I am turning away from God.  Are you kidding me?  I’m not turning away from God, I’m just doing what I enjoy doing, that’s all.  I also find it comical that when a pastor says something such as, “We all need to turn back to God”  Everyone says Amen! as loud as they can, but if someone who isn’t of our faith says it,  they rebuke him and say that he is trying to poison it.  Um…Wrong answer!  It’s the exact same thing, I don’t care who says it.  You all just need to lighten up.  Now you may think I’m being harsh, but this is how I feel.  Also, I listen to Glenn Beck and fyi, when he says that we need to save ourselves, he isn’t talking about how we don’t need God’s help,  he is talking about how we have to try to save ourselves from our evil government.  Also, we all need to start making decisions about movies, tv shows, books, etc ourselves and not just rely on someone to tell us something that makes us want to be lazy.  I’m proud to say that I will actually get off my butt and go find something out for myself.  Also, some people may want to use tarot cards for evil, but let me tell you something, for those of us who don’t,  they are just pieces of cardboard with no power in and of themselves.  They can only acquire power if you’re foolish enough to use them to try to communicate with the dead, but if they just sit in your house and do nothing, then they are just cards, Deal with it!

  • Wattlefire

    god i can be happy  and blessed without having to worship him .christians  turn to jeuses out of fear of death .cowards i call them and i find there  peerpreasure quite hurtfull .

  • shaina

    I probably do make other christians sick but I’m struggling just as much as some other people are struggling, and more or less. I try to help as much as possible, consider everyone and everything and try to be selfless.

  • michaelsullivan

    Every “Christian” I know judges me, belittle others, and separate themselves from everyone like we’re not all basically on the same boat. Enjoy it hypocrites. Santa Claus is a more believable story. Get real and face reality like everyone else. Get OUT of that shelter and than see who you really are. Even in your own story “Jesus” stepped outside the box, ate with prostitutes and murders, and shunned the government; he even trashed their traps that still continue to plague this fine nation. We’re all doomed so RELAX-IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS WEIRDOS!!!!!

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