Imitation is Suicide!

imitation3“Do You” It’s a Statement, Not a Question.  It’s a statement that I came up with to describe “being yourself.”  Many times we go through life and try to imitate the likes of other people.  You know what I’m talking about, you find some attributes that you admire in a boss, friend, public figure, family member, mentor… and attempt to replicate those things and literally try to become that person.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t acknowledge and learn from others strengths; I’m simply saying you need to “Do You,” in other-words find your own voice/identity in those attributes… don’t be Imitation. 

When I went into ministry with, I was surrounded by a lot of gifted leaders with some serious “skilz.”  It would have been easy for me to gravitate towards their style, way of thinking and cultural elements, that I could have lost my own identity and originality. I have intentionally not allowed that to happen, because at the end of the day that’s not who they hired me to be… that’s not who God made me to be. 

In life you must learn to embrace the values, DNA, culture, expectations, traditions… of an organization, relationship or system.  While embracing these things you must find Your Voice, “Do You” and not be an Imitation.   Leaders should encourage their staff to be themselves, find their voice, keep it real… Who wants a bunch of Mimi-Me’s running around?

“Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide.”~Marva Collins  “Imitating Christ is Life!”

Do You! Do Christ! Do Christ in You!

  • Do you find it difficult to “Do You”?   Are you loosing your identity?  Do You? “Do You!”
  • Share your thoughts & experiences!
  • I totally agree with being YOU, but I have a little problem with Marva Collin's advice. She teaches and believes that our power comes from within ourselves. And that is an opposing thought to the Truth of God's Word. The Bible even warns us to NOT trust ourselves. That our hearts can be deceitful. Our very nature is selfish.

    So, while I agree with being who God made us to be, and not trying to compare or "be" someone else, I am cautious of anything that encourages us to find our indentity in anything other than Christ.

    I know you agree, Scott. She is just one person that speaks a good sounding message, but it is so much mixture of Truth and humanism, it stirs me up a bit!

    • I made a slight addendum… I had originally thought about putting the last sentence and did not. After your comment, see the last quote I added. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • A good add 🙂 It's just that I've spent the better part of my life so far (and I'm sure the rest of it too) killing my flesh…and it's been hard work! haha With my personality I could easily be the poster child for Marva's philosophies. But, I'm learning the Truth that to die is gain…I must become less and less so He can become more and more…..and I could go on for a long time. Thanks for adding that last part! Even if it's just for me. 🙂

  • I like this post… it provoked some deep inward contemplation today…

    I have never had a problem being me… my problem is that I don't really fit into a culture that accepts me being me…
    I am bold, and blunt, but unless you know me personally, you wouldn't catch the compassion that Christ has filled my heart with… I would give you the shirt off my back, (and literally have)…try and ask me for it sometime….

    I struggle with bonding with others, and with communication because I'm too blunt…and that can turn people off…

    I think when God made me, he forgot to put in the part that cares about fitting in… I just can't see life that way(trying to fit in as opposed to just being me), and Lord knows I have tried to become more effective at become more effective at bonding with others…

    Sometimes its a blessing, and through me God helps others to break out of groupthink, and sometimes its a curse… can be lonely and isolated… I thank God for the gift of my wife and kids… I can be me, and they get me…

  • Exactly why I try to make a point of reading different blogs and books than my peers. It give me a knowledge base that none of them have and allows me to add my ideas to theirs to make all of us more creative. If I am thinking what you are thinking, then it is hard for us to be creative.

  • I agree, thanks for the comment!

  • Jim

    I've been in PR and Sales for a long time and I was good at reading people. It's hard for me not to do what you are talking about. I'm a quick study,so I have to allow for more time for me to process what God wants me to do, not just what I'm gifted to do.

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